Day One! ZOOM Link! Fun!

Well, Here we go. Please click the Zoom link below 5 minutes before your class starts.

I. Welcome and Roll

II. Mr. Coward’s Website and how we roll. Have this web page open with your Zoom Window!

Get a notebook! Get an Independent Reading book!

III. Homework for the “Week.”

Each “week” is really two weeks since we meet only every other day.

IV. Vocabulary Homework.

V. Analogies. Practice for Vocab.
x : y :: a : b.
Translation: is related to y in the same way that a is related to b.
Example –> ice : melt :: garbage : rot.

In Notebook: “Warm Up, 8/24/2020.”  Copy!

  1. tobacco : cigarette : : meat : _____
  2. boxer : athlete :: chair : ______
  3. Which is correct: “18 plus 19 is 36,” or “18 plus 19 are 36″?

VI. Afternoon Minutes. 10 people/period/day at first, until I have talked to everyone, and then we’ll talk about how we’re gonna use that time.



Time? AMA!