Tomorrow’s Test: Commas, Vocab, Vladek, Husker Du. Finish Vladek’s story. “Vocab, 2/23.”     _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ After he missed the tying field goal, the kicker was _____. When the little girl gets tired, she gets ____, and pouts about everything. (Not dejected.) Mr. Coward’s student assistant is not happy about Jhonny’s less… Read More

“Commas, 2/22!” If you don’t already know today we’re going to learn to cut and paste kids! Lloyd the llama author of a best-selling book and renowned rocket scientist was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Poetry. The llama that she rode to the wedding looked very pretty. The llama jerky was soft but satisfying. Because the… Read More

Copy homework into assignment book. INTERVIEWS ARE DUE THURSDAY! Do Part A on pink sheet. Use the caret symbol to show where the commas go. Debrief Test #23.  Hrrrrrmmmm. Listening Exercise: Art Spiegelman interview excerpt. (1:30-3:07) Questions to listen for answers for. What do you think the opening quote about the 5000 pound mouse means?… Read More

Tomorrow’s Test: (Already?) Commas, Vocab, Husker Du, Vladek. “Commas, 2/16.” Insert commas, give reasons. Some need more than one comma for more than one reason. The wild llama in fact is a vicious predator. She wanted to tame the wild llama but it was too much for her. There was a very ancient ancestor to… Read More

“Commas +, 2/15.” Place commas in each sentence that needs them and give the reason/rule from the list. Some might need more than one comma for more than one reason. For #9: Combine into one smooth sentence with proper punctuation. We waited in a long line to climb to the top of the giant wheel of… Read More