Tuesday, 2/21: Copy Homework, Commas(!), Debrief Test 23, Art Spiegelman

Copy homework into assignment book. INTERVIEWS ARE DUE THURSDAY! Do Part A on pink sheet. Use the caret symbol to show where the commas go. Debrief Test #23.  Hrrrrrmmmm. Listening Exercise: Art Spiegelman interview excerpt. (1:30-3:07) Questions to listen for answers for. What do you think the opening quote about the 5000 pound mouse means? […]

Tuesday, 2/14: Copy Homework, Commas, Debrief Test #22, Vladek

Copy homework into planner. Commas Pink Sheet p193. Letter each of the rules A-H. As you do the sentences 1-9, write which rule you used to insert the proper commas. Debrief Test #22. Muuuuuch Better! Vladek. Find/Think of examples that demonstrate various aspects of Vladek’s personality. Stubbornness Persistence Skinflintiness Resourcefulness Loyalty Pride Skillfulness Selfishness Selflessness […]

Monday, 2/6: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #21, Vladek

Late Start/Extended Homies Schedule. Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 2/6.  (9p) financial, compensation, fund, sum, recover   _____ (Not financial.) _____ _____ The roots of this word means “together hang thing.” (4) After his accident, he received almost no ______  ______, and he couldn’t work while he _____(ed), so they set up a _____ to […]

Monday, 1/30: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #20, Vladek

Late Start Schedule. Copy homework into assignment book (AKA planner). “SAWs, 1/30.” (10p) convince, enormous, integrity, persistent, reluctant (2) While not antonyms (they’re not even the same part of speech), ____ and ____ are often found together when two people have different opinions about doing something. In the fable of the tortoise and the hare, […]

Monday, January 9: Copy Homework, 120 Seconds?! Comics?!

Copy homework into planner. “Warm Up, 1/9 – SAWs.” isolation, confinement, system, mental, solitary The modern prison 1.______ does not take into account the 2.______ and emotional effects of total 3.______ in 4._______  5._______.   Reintro  120 Seconds. Handouts tomorrow.   Comics. How far back in history do you think comics go? (Examples: .) “Tell […]