Monday, 9/11: Planners, SAWs, Correct Test #3, Outsiders

Copy homework into planners. Note: Periods 2,3,5 can take tonight off from KBARR reading as a reward for their behavior with the guest teacher. “SAWs, 9/11.” — controversy, justify, perspective, bias, debate Each word ONCE!     1. _____  2._____  3._____  4._____  5._____ Each word ONCE again. (Copy the bold-faced part.) 6. The root of this […]

Tuesday, 9/5: Copy Homework, Academic Vocab, SRI

Short Week! Copy homework into planner. This week’s vocab is different due to the short week. During short weeks, we will have Academic Vocabulary. Fewer words and no definitions needed, just Show Me You Knows. Show Me You Knows for this week’s Academic Vocab due TOMORROW, in notebook. Copy now. The Socs’ social status… Mom’s answer was ambiguous… […]

Monday, 8/21: Welcome to Seventh Grade English!

Welcome to Seventh Grade English! (Short classes today due to the Tour Schedule.) Seating Charts/Schedules/Name Pronunciation, etc. Web Page: or or–>Mr. Coward Know it. Use it. Love it. I. Copy homework into assignment book (AKA: planner). This is the first thing we do every week. The homework for the entire week goes up Monday (or the first day of […]