Monday, 10/28: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #10, TMA

Copy homework into planner.

“AW’s, 10/28.”
attribute (verb) to attach, to associate
attribute (noun) a quality or feature
(in someone’s) interest (idiom) helpful to someone; for the benefit of someone (adjective)
relocate (verb) to move to a new place
project (verb) to predict; to estimate a future amount or direction
statistics (noun) numerical information
atrimarket2017 phishy

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. After her dad got a new job, the family had to ______ to Texas.
  5. It’s ______ to study for the test because it’s your grade not mine.
  6. He has many fine _____(s) such as diligence and kindness.
  7. San Luis Coastal district has _____(ed) that they will lose money when Diablo closes.
  8. People use ____ to try to prove many things, but numbers can sometimes lie.
  9. The successful woman ___(ed) her success to listening to her middle school English teacher.


Debrief Test #10. Ooooh Boy Howdy! PROOFREADING!

TMA. Our plot begins! The Inn.

Monday, 9/30: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #6, Outsiders

Copy homework into planner.

“AWs, 9/30.” Each word gets used twice!
design (noun/verb) a plan; a blueprint; a drawing
feature (noun) quality, trait, characteristic
sufficient (adjective) enough; adequate
valid (adjective) defensible; true
transfer (verb) to move from one place to another

  1. NOT _____ logic.
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. Although he tried hard, his performance was not ____ to make the team
  5. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____.
  6. (2) A ______  ______ of many phones is the lack of a physical home button.
  7. (2) My mom said my reasoning was not ____(ly) _____, so I lost the argument.
  8. The new car had many optional ___(s) you could add for extra money.


Debrief Test #6.



Monday, 9/16: Homework, Sentence Combo, Debrief Test #4, Outsiders

Copy homework into planner.

 “Sentence Combining, 9/16.” — Combine each group of short, choppy sentences into one smooth-sounding sentence. You may add, subtract, or change words, but make sure to keep the meaning of all the parts.  You will have to punctuate as appropriate. (Bonus: Write more than one combination!)
1. a) Chuckie bounces wildly in his desk.   b) He is the class clown.   c) He clucks like a chicken.

2. a) His fingers make sounds.   b) The sounds are scratching.   c) They claw the desktop.   d) The desktop is battered.

3. a) Then a voice freezes his behavior.   b) The voice is stern.   c) The behavior is disturbing. (Hint: stern and disturbing are just adjectives.)


Debrief “Test #4.” Getting Better!

The Outsiders.  “Nothing Gold Can Stay” ?

Monday, 9/9: Homework, AWs, Debrief Test #3, Outsiders

Homies Lesson on motivation.

Copy homework into planner.

“AWs, 9/9.” Copy the words. Then each word is used once for the pics and once for the blanks.
inspiration, enthusiasm, purpose, incentive, desires

6. One of the things they look for in game show contestants is a lot of energy and  ________.
7. Mr. Coward offers a(n) ______ of extra credit to do vocab sentences.
8. He was having trouble with his essay until he had a(n) _______. Once he had an idea, it was easy.
9. Without a ______, life can seem meaningless.
10. Sometimes you have to put off satisfying your ______, and work toward something more meaningful and important.


Debrief Test #3.


The Outsiders...

Tuesday, 9/3: Homework, Academic Vocab, SRI

Short Week!

Copy homework into planner.

This week’s vocab is different due to the short week.
During short weeks, we will have Academic Vocabulary. Fewer words and no definitions needed, just Show Me You Knows.

Show Me You Knows for this week’s Academic Vocab due TOMORROW, in notebook. Copy now. Take notes if you don’t already know the word.

  • The Socs’ social status
  • Mom’s answer was ambiguous
  • He had the potential
  • He was not yet mature
  • The impact of his actions…
  • Please follow the guidelines




We will debrief Test #2 tomorrow.

Get a Chromebook. Log in. Open Chrome. Come here to


Click the blue RI icon. Follow the directions.


Here is the chart of YEAR-END Proficiency Ranges.

(Optional) You can print this chart and keep it for the year to track your reading progress!

If you finish early, start your homework.