Monday, 1/6: Homework, AW’s, NEWS, Maus

Copy homework into planner.

“AW’s, 1/6.”
advocate (noun/verb) supporter
contrary (adjective) opposite; opposing
prohibit (verb) to not allow; to forbid
release (verb) to let go; to set free
reverse (verb) to change back; to overturn
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  1. _____ (2)
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. The root of this word means “voice.” _____
  5. His conviction was ______(ed) after the appeal. –>Bonus opportunity: Use a previous vocab word to fill in the next blank–This means he was now _____(ed).
  6. ______ to popular belief, one human year does not equal seven “dog years.”
  7. “_____ the hounds,” is what Mr. Burns says when he wants his dogs to get rid of someone.
  8. Cell phones are _____(ed) in this class, unless otherwise specified by Mr. Coward.
  9. Your lawyer is supposed to be your _____ in court and speak for you.
  10. The word ______ is sometimes used to mean death.


NEWSELA ARTICLES! Reading Skillz Check #1.

  1. Go to On the left side you will see a line that says, “Student? Enter Class Code.”
  2. Here are the class codes to enter:
    • 1st Period: YFZN8H
    • 2nd Period: B4HZGN
    • 5th Period: TZGSU6
    • 6th Period: NSKS6T
  3. Enter the code, click join, and then LOG IN with GOOGLE!
  4. Once you are logged in…
  5. Pick any one of the nine articles, read it carefully, and then do the 8-question quiz. Don’t take forever to decide; we are on short periods today.
  6. You are encouraged to look back and forth from questions to article to help you answer them.
  7. If you finish early, start work on your vocab homework.

Monday, 12/9: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #15, Prep for 120, Vladek?

Copy homework into planner. 120 Seconds starts TOMORROW!!!!

“AW’s, 12/9.”
diversity (noun) variety; range
enhance (verb) to improve
migration (noun) movement from one place to another
presume (verb) to suppose; to guess; to assume
reveal (verb) to uncover; to show; to expose
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. This word comes from roots that mean “to take before.”
  5. This word’s root means “to turn in opposite directions.”
  6. This word’s root means “to uncover.”
  7. “movement from one place to another to live or work”
  8. This word’s roots meant “to make higher.”
  9. In this country, the legal system is supposed to _____ that you are innocent until they can prove you are guilty.
  10. Usually _______ follows the job market. People go where there are jobs.

Debrief Test #15. Listen and study, and you will do well!

Prep 120 Seconds Intro. You need about 200 words. Practice reading it to your homies or to me.

  1. Start with a little hook:
    • Imagine yourself…
    • Throughout history mankind has…
    • It was a dark and stormy night…
    • What do you call a… (joke)
    • Once upon a time…
    • Have you ever wondered…
    • What if…
    • Jimmy was a boy who…
    • Scary, gripping, and difficult to put down… Scary, like when… Gripping: Describe more. Difficult to put down: I read 2 hours straight until I had to pee…
    • Etc.
  2. Give us the required info:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Genre (Not just fiction/non; we want something like romance, sci fi, horror, mystery, fantasy, comedy, historical fiction, etc.)
  3. Time for the 5 W’s for the BOOK:
    • This is the story of…
    • This book is about…
    • Set in the future…
    • Not too much detail; you have less than a minute.
  4. Now to set up the PASSAGE:
    • This is the part of the book where…
    • This is the scene when…
    • _____ is about to _____

Volunteers for tomorrow?



Monday, 10/28: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #10, TMA

Copy homework into planner.

“AW’s, 10/28.”
attribute (verb) to attach, to associate
attribute (noun) a quality or feature
(in someone’s) interest (idiom) helpful to someone; for the benefit of someone (adjective)
relocate (verb) to move to a new place
project (verb) to predict; to estimate a future amount or direction
statistics (noun) numerical information
atrimarket2017 phishy

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. After her dad got a new job, the family had to ______ to Texas.
  5. It’s ______ to study for the test because it’s your grade not mine.
  6. He has many fine _____(s) such as diligence and kindness.
  7. San Luis Coastal district has _____(ed) that they will lose money when Diablo closes.
  8. People use ____ to try to prove many things, but numbers can sometimes lie.
  9. The successful woman ___(ed) her success to listening to her middle school English teacher.


Debrief Test #10. Ooooh Boy Howdy! PROOFREADING!

TMA. Our plot begins! The Inn.

Monday, 9/30: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #6, Outsiders

Copy homework into planner.

“AWs, 9/30.” Each word gets used twice!
design (noun/verb) a plan; a blueprint; a drawing
feature (noun) quality, trait, characteristic
sufficient (adjective) enough; adequate
valid (adjective) defensible; true
transfer (verb) to move from one place to another

  1. NOT _____ logic.
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. Although he tried hard, his performance was not ____ to make the team
  5. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____.
  6. (2) A ______  ______ of many phones is the lack of a physical home button.
  7. (2) My mom said my reasoning was not ____(ly) _____, so I lost the argument.
  8. The new car had many optional ___(s) you could add for extra money.


Debrief Test #6.