Friday, 4/12: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #28

Prep Sheet for Test #28. Reload the test to get the latest version.
Interview: ___/100   TS KBARR: ___/20     TS Quizzes: ___/7 ___/5  ___/2
Vocab h/w: ___/20   Vocab Practice: ___/12  ___/12 ___/10
Other Extra Credit: Gramma: +___ Period 1 gets +3 for Gramma Relay (add to your Gramma EC), Periods 2 and 5 get +1 for Gramma Relay. +2 or +1 for 10/10 or 8,9/10 on SAWs.


Mental Floss.

  1. What is the next thing in this sequence. 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ____. Fill in the blank correctly.
  2. What North American state is round on both sides and high in the middle? (haha)
  3. Following are groups of three words. Can you figure out the common link within each group? Example: hurricane, potato, needle. (Answer: eyes)
    a) computer, onion dip, poker game
    b) bowling alley, dress-maker, wrestling match
    c) dentist, oil field, basketball practice
    d) April, locker room, brides-to-be
    e) pelican, legislature, person in debt
  4. Make the matchstick dawg face the other way by moving only 2 matchesHis tail must still point up!





Test #28. Doodle Theme: Dog Party.

Friday, 3/22: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #27

It could have been yours!

Slightly shorter periods for Assembly Schedule (4th period).

Prep sheet for Test #27. (Reload test to get the latest version.)
Husker Du: ___/5 ___/5  KBARR: ___/40
The Earth Men: ___/7  TYM Quiz: ___15
Vocab Homework: ___/20  Vocab Practice: ___/12 ___/12 ___/15
Other Extra Credit: Period Two gets +3 for vocab Relay, all others +1. +1 for Martian’s. +1 for biathlon.


Mental Floss.

  1. For each pair of words, move one letter from one word to the other to make a pair of synonyms.  Example: boast — hip.  Move the S and you get boat — ship. The movement could go either way.
    a) open — cop      b) cave — curt       c) cares — pest
  2. What book can an author never really finish writing?
  3. George Washington’s wife was sweeping when George Washington’s wife slipped and got wet.  How many w’s in all?
  4. When is 30 plus 30 equal to 1?
  5. Change the position of just one of the words below so that all the words are in an alphabetical sequence:
    llama, phoenix, hyena, alligator, beaver, elephant, tortoise, antelope

Test #27. Doodle Theme: Five years from now.

Friday, 3/15: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #26

Prep sheet for Test #26:
Husker Du: ___/5 ___/5   KBARR: ___/40
Vocab Homework: ___/20 Vocab Practice: ___/:13 ___/11 ___/10
Other Extra Credit:
Period 2, +3 for vocab relay, all others +1.
+2 for 10/10 on SAWs, +1 for 8 or 9/10.


Mental Floss.

  1. Add, subtract, and then rearrange, to find the name of an animal:    MARMALADE + OIL – MAE = ________
  2.  You will be given clues for the two words. The second word is the first word with the first letter removed.
    a)  area between mountains –>   narrow passage between buildings
    b) spew out –>  leave out
    c) a shape –>  a number
  3. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme.  Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat
    a) unadorned necklace   b) Funny/Smart Cat   c) Unusual Rabbit   d) Wedding Limo (2)  e) Untamed Minor
  4. (Palindromes) a) He drank a bottle of __  __  __ as he tied the __  __  __ around the neck of the little __  __  __ so she wouldn’t spill her drink on her dress.
    b)  The pitcher tore the __ __ __ __ __ __  __ cuff in his shoulder, and won’t be able to play for at least two months.

Test #26. Doodle Theme: Spring. (All meanings!)

Friday, 3/8: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #25

Prep sheet for Test #25. (Reload the test to get the latest version.)

Husker Du: ___/6  ___/6  ___/5    Giver Quizzes: ___/5  ___/7
Vocab Homework: ___/20   Vocab Practices: ___/12  ___/10  ___/11
Other Extra Credit: Period 6 +3 for Vocab Relay, Period 1 +2.

Mental Floss.

  1. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme. Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat. a) nondescript crustacean  b) old story  c) big boat  d) timid gnat  e) kiss dog
  2. Wacky Wordy:  EILN  PU
  3. Wacky Wordy: Long
  4. What word could GHOTI be an alternative spelling for?
    (Big Hint: RouGH wOmen loTIon.)
  5. James said that he was born on February 29, 1900. What birthday did he celebrate in the year 2000?
  6. If a daddy bull weighs 1,200 pounds and eats twelve bales of hay each day, and a baby bull, who weighs 300 pounds, eats three bales of hay each day, how much hay, then, should a mommy bull eat if she weighs 800 pounds?

Test #25 . Doodle Theme: Movie Idea!

Friday, 3/1: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #24

Prep sheet for Test #24. Reload the test for the latest version
1-1-1’s: ___/15   Vocab Homework: ___/20   Vocab Practice: ___/10  ___/10  ___/15
Husker Du: ___/5  ___/5   ___/5    Giver Quizzes: ___/10  ___/10   ___/8
Other Extra Credit: Period 2: +3 for vocab relay, all other classes +1.

Mental Floss.

  1. In what month do Americans eat the least amount of food?
  2. Wacky Wordy:   Cheddar >
  3. Starting with an empty barrel, put in order. (Not a trick.)
    *2/3 full   *1/4 empty   *1/2 full   *3/4 empty
  4. Can you figure out these common, polite expressions?
    • a) The second letter of the alphabet + the opposite of more + a female sheep
    • b) The 16th letter of the alphabet + to rent
    • c)  Former + sticks used for pool + not you
  5. Fill in the blanks below with a word that means the same as the word on the left when read normally, and fits the definition on the right when read backwards.
    • a) Friends ______ hit sharply.  
    • b) Rinds of fruit _______ What we do with over one third of our lives.  
    • c) Wicked _______ Exist


Test #24. Doodle Theme: A new vehicle.

Friday, 2/22: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #23

Prep sheet for Test #23. (Reload the test to test the latest version.)
1-1-1’s: ___/30   Husker Du: ___/10  ___/10   ___/10
Giver Quizzes: ___/9  ___/10
Other Extra Credit: ?


Mental Floss.

  1. Serena needed to go to the store to buy some ingredients to cook with. She started writing them down: butter, milk, eggs, duct tape, cashews, toilet paper, oranges, vinegar, lemon juice…     What was Serena making?
  2. Why can’t a man marry his brother’s wife’s mother-in-law? (Assume she’s not dead.)
  3. How many numbers between 1 and 799 can be divided by 2? (Alert: Math!)
  4. What color is represented by this “word”  BRLEUDE
  5. Wacky Wordy:   CLOU__ __
  6. An infinite number of mathematicians are standing behind a counter. The first asks the man for half a pint of root beer, the second for a quarter pint, the third an eighth, and so on. How many pints of root beer will the man need to fulfill all mathematicians’ orders? (Alert: math.)


Test #23. Doodle Theme: A PERFECT Life.

For PAPERBACK BOOKS, use the following page numbers for #29: a) p113  b) p113  c) p119  d) p121  e) p117

Friday, 2/15: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #22, Interviews

Prep sheet for Test #22. (Reload test to get latest version.)
Vocab H/w:___/20     Vocab Practices: ___/10  ___/11
Giver Quizzes: ___/5  ___/5    1-1-1’s: ___10
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

  1. Try to figure out the noun or adjective that is common to all the items each group.
    • a) person, clock, cliff
    • b) feather,  torch,  low-calorie
    • c) fishing rod, actor, checkout counter
  2. The following not only describes a famous monument, but is an anagram for its name. What is it?   Built to Stay Free.
  3. Cross out six letters and you’ll find an easy word. What is the word?  SBAIXNLETATNERSAS
  4. A donkey behind another donkey,
    I’m behind that second donkey,
    But there is a whole nation behind me.
    It is a murder you can describe in a word: ______
  5. For each, find a three-letter word that ends the first word and begins the second word.
    a) birth _ _ _ light       b) knock _ _ _ line


Test #22.

No doodle unless you’re finished with your interview paper.