Music Assembly Schedule (6th Period) Prep sheet for “Test” #16: Vocabulary Practices: ___/14 ___/13 ___/11 Vocabulary h/w: ___/20 Other Extra Credit: ? (Pending outcomes of Vocab Relays in 3rd and 5th.)   Mental Floss. How far can you walk into the woods? What do you get when you add 1 and 11 four times? Which… Read More

Prep sheet for “Test” #15: Outsiders Project: ___/60  OR ___/75 (Go look!) Vocabulary Practices: ___/13  ___/16  ___/14       Vocabulary h/w: ___/20     Other Extra Credit:   Mental Floss. Wacky Wordy: What phrase is represented by the following?look kool XtXhXeXsXtXrXeXeXtX What musical instruments are represented below? a)  P O     b)  BA BA    c)  ECLART     d)  @ #… Read More

Prep sheet for Test #14: Plagiarism (9)  + Warm Ups: (5 and 5): ___/19   Vocabulary Hw: ___/20 Vocabulary Practice:  ___/12   ___/12   ___/12      KBARR:___/40 Mental Floss. Wacky Wordies. The colors are not part of the clues. a)    b)  c)  d)  Figure out what the three things in each set have in common. Each answer is a six-letter… Read More

(Very) Short Periods (38 min.) for Talent Show Assembly!  Have a great Thanksgiving week off! Prep sheet for Test #13: Transitions: ___/10 (6 + 4)   Vocabulary Practices: ___/15  ___/15  ___/10    Vocab H/W: ___/20 KBARR: ___/40       Mental Floss. Which one of the following does not belong with the others? Why? (Not a trick.… Read More

Have a great 3-day weekend! Prep sheet for Test #12: RBC Public Notice: ___/15 (stamp for h/w = 5)    RBC Web Page: ___/12 (stamp for h/w = 5) Transitions: ___/6  ___/9       Vocabulary:  ___/14  ___/12 PLEASE ADD: KBAR: ___/30 Other Extra Credit:   Mental Floss. From what can you take away the whole, and still have… Read More