Wednesday, 8/31: Adjectives, Vocab, Outsiders

 I will be checking Show-Me-You-Knows and KBARR while you are warming up.

“Adjectives, 8/31.” (5p) Write “adj.” or “not” for the underlined word in the sentence. (Bonus Opportunity: If it’s not an adjective, say what it is!)

  1. With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.
  2. With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.
  3. I wonder how Vivian can afford to wear the very latest styles.
  4. Two-Bit nodded wisely. “Nice cut, too. Makes you look like a tough guy.”
  5. The llama is a quadruped with fins for swimming. (Bonus: What does quadruped mean?)

“Vocabulary, 8/31.” (12p) All blanks are vocabulary words or SAWs except for the very last one.
Serena Williams shows disgust and contemptirony-guide-dogs-blind-read-wytch-demotivational-posters-1314762209543253ddcff76.image

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. The Socs are the _____ social class in 1967 Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  5. Maybe his cold unfeeling exterior is simply a _____ that hides his true feelings.
  6. Pony _____(ed) at the thought of his brother being a drop-out.
  7. mask : facade :: resource : _____
  8. “Guess what I’ve been in jail for?” asked Dally, grinning ____(ly).
  9. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane, and then the plane crashed.  True / False
  10. (3) In English, we _______(ed) the _______ of a story and found that every story has to have a  __(not a vocab word)_.


(FIRST PERIOD ONLY) The Outsiders, 8/30. (6p)
Which character…

  1. “…gets drunk on just plain living”?
  2. …thinks Ponyboy is a “tag-a-long and a kid”?
  3. “…doesn’t understand anything that isn’t plain, hard fact”?
  4. …kept them “laughing at themselves”?
  5. …has a “hatred of the whole world.”
  6. …likes to “lone it anyway”?

  7.  (Bonus) What does every story require in order to actually be a story?


The Outsiders, 8/31. (6) Write the ANSWER, not the letter.

  1. “The shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood wasn’t present in _____.”
  2. “If it weren’t for the gang, _______ would never have known what love and affection are.”
  3. Soda’ s best buddy. ______
  4. Dally : the world :: Johnny : ___   a) Dally  b) his parents  c) the world  d) Steve  e) All of these.
  5. “…still a junior at 18 1/2.” _____
  6. This is ironic. True/False

Remember the scene in biology, where Pony pulled out his switchblade? What does Pony’s reaction tell us about how he feels about being a greaser?
What is the difference between an internal and external conflict?

Has our story actually started yet? What is this part of the book called?

Read aloud.