Monday, 4/10: SAWs, Husker Du, Mars!

Here’s a link to Friday’s Test if you missed it.

Guest Teacher Behavior!? Really?!

“SAWs, 4/10.” – guarantee, contrast, parallel, industry, logical
6. At first Pony only saw the ______(s) between his life and Cherry’s…
7. …but soon he realized there were many ______, and they weren’t as different as they seemed.
8. This word also means the habit of working hard. ______
9. His argument wasn’t very ______, so he lost the debate.
10. There’s an old saw that says there isn’t anything in life that is ______(ed) except death and taxes.

Correct Test #29. Collect back.

“Parts of Speech Revue and Review.” There will be a Madlib Grammar Quiz this week.


“Grammar Review, 4/10.”  Copy the sentence and label each word with its part of speech.
( The word on is a preposition. Ignore the word the.  10p)

Homer tripped very awkwardly and hit his fat head on the door.


The Martian Chronicles!

“The Taxpayer” and “The Third Expedition”

Why does the taxpayer want to go to Mars?


Mars Facts and Pics

    • Average temperature on Mars is about  -67, Martian surface temperatures range widely from as little as -207 at the winter pole to almost 80 on the day side during summer.
    • A Martian year is  686.98 days.
    • The pressure is only 1% of Earth’s. Almost no atmosphere.
    • Mars has permanent ice caps at both poles composed mostly of solid carbon dioxide (“dry ice”).
    • Pics and facts courtesy of