Tuesday, 11/14: Transitions, Vocab, Sneetches

Checking: KBAR Summary and Vocab Definitions. “Transitions, 11/14.”  Directions:  Use a transition only once. Read each sentence carefully so that you can choose an appropriate transition. You won’t use them all. for example, finally, but, so, still, beyond, nevertheless, to the left, inside, secondly, until, as a result, in fact I would like to see you […]

Wednesday, 12/21: SAWs, Sneetches, The OG

Tomorrow’s “Test”: SAWs Review – 25 Questions! “Warm Up, 12/21 – SAWs.” (impact, transfer, feature, design, potential) The city council studied the _____ _____ of the new shopping center on the local neighborhood… …before asking the developer to ______ a more pedestrian-friendly environment. (element, culture, complexity, tradition, resourceful) _________ people reuse everything they can. In American […]

Monday, 12/19: Homework? SAWs, Debrief Test 16, Dr. Seuss!

Copy “homework” into planner. All SAWs are active for review quiz on Thursday. Check the Monday Warm Ups to practice on your own. Intro 120 Seconds: It starts after we get back.   “Warm Up, 12/19 – SAWs.” a) accumulation  b) contradict  c) exhibit d) inevitable  e) manipulate    _____  2. _____  3. _____ 4. […]