Wednesday, 12/20: SAWs Review, 120 Seconds Redux, Euphemisms, “The Pedestrian”

Review 120 Seconds.
We start when we get back. Here’s another (slightly too long) demo.





“SAWs, 12/20.”
whereas, capable, ongoing, compatible, notion
1. _____  2. _____  3. _____  4. _____  5. _____
Jimmy was a  6)______ worker and his friendly personality made him  7)______ with the team,  8)_____ Joey had the 9)_____ that he was too good for the job and had  10)______ problems until he was fired.
consequence, undernourished, extract, modify.
11. _____  12. _____  13. _____  14. _____

15. _____  16. _____  17. _____  18. _____


“Euphemisms II.” Translate each euphemism.
Bonus: Euthanasia is a euphemism for…
Bonus II: The prefix eu means… ________

  1. intentionally inaccurate statement
  2. monthly housing accommodation payment
  3. governmental revenue ($) enhancement
  4. encore telecast
  5. chronologically challenged (chron = time after the Greek god, Chronos.)


“The Pedestrian”  and  “The Forecast”  p196.

Bonus: What does the prefix ped- mean?

“OG/Ped Quiz, 12/20.” Write the answer, not the letter.

  1. Why did Gran-Da try to burn the flag?
  2. Why did Donald turn him in?
  3. “Old Glory” was written in… a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  4. The main conflict in “The Pedestrian” is…
  5. “The Pedestrian”  is written in… a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  6. “The Forecast” is written in…  a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  7. Which of the following is closest in its theme to “The Forecast”?    a) The Midwife’s Apprentice  b) “The Pedestrian”  c) “Old Glory”  d) The Outsiders  e) “Nothing Gold Can Stay”  f) “Motto”
  8. The word forecast in the poem refers to the weatherman’s forecast, but it also adds another meaning for the poem. What else is the poem forecasting?
  9. (2) Which character doesn’t belong with the others?  Why? a) Pony  b) Alyce  c) Gran-Da  d) Donald  e) Mr. Mead


If you haven’t yet printed your research, do it now.


Monday, 4/3: Copy Homework, SAWs, Husker Du, Euphemisms, Mars?!

Copy homework into planner.

“SAWs, 4/3.” – abstain, capacity, distribute, method, morality

6. The Chief Elder said that Jonas had the “______ to see beyond.”
7. After Mardis Gras, you are supposed to ______ from something you like until Easter.
8. This word has to do with scruples. _______
9. Every Monday, you copy the homework into your planner, and Mr. Coward ______(s) the vocab sheet.
10. “There’s a _____ to his madness” means that even though it might look crazy, there is a plan to it all.



“Husker Du, 4/3.” Everybody has Test #8.

  1. She’s sure ________ going to be all right. (it)
  2. My friend _________ goal is to become an astronaut. (Maria)
  3. _________ bright idea was this?  (who)
  4. It was every single _________ nightmare. (student)
  5. All the _________ clothing is on the second floor. (more than one woman)



Euphemism (n – U FEM ISM):
A “nice” way of saying something  unpleasant.

Examples: passed on = died, sanitation engineer = garbage man, waitress in the sky = flight attendant

  1. visually disabled =
  2. solid waste =
  3. landfill =
  4. economically disadvantaged =
  5. undocumented transborder migrant =
  6. vertically challenged =
  7. involuntary servitude (the institution, not the person)  =

Try making up your own euphemisms for…

  • detention
  • a test
  • talking too much
  • getting an F



“The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury.

How might this story connect to The Giver and “Old Glory”?

Pssssst. Act!