Tomorrow’s Test: See the above title. Also remember that extra credit vocab sentences are due tomorrow! Grammar Revue. “Grammar Review, 4/12.” Copy and label them all. (11) Beetle somewhat bravely endured their anger and cruel taunts in silence.   “Vocabulary 4/12.” (13)     _____ _____ _____ (Fill in the blank on the poster.) Change the form… Read More

Wow! Grammar Revue. “Grammar Review, 4/11.” Copy and label with the part of speech. Bonus: What type of sentence is this? CD, CX, or Simple? He was a very scary bear, and we beat a hasty retreat from his lair.   “Vocabulary 4/11.” One SAW.     1. _____ (Not peevish.)  2._____  3._____  4._____ 5. Even… Read More

Here’s a link to Friday’s Test if you missed it. Guest Teacher Behavior!? Really?! “SAWs, 4/10.” – guarantee, contrast, parallel, industry, logical      6. At first Pony only saw the ______(s) between his life and Cherry’s… 7. …but soon he realized there were many ______, and they weren’t as different as they seemed. 8. This word… Read More