Tuesday, 4/11: Gramma, Vocab, Mars


Grammar Revue.

“Grammar Review, 4/11.” Copy and label with the part of speech.
Bonus: What type of sentence is this? CD, CX, or Simple?

He was a very scary bear, and we beat a hasty retreat from his lair.


“Vocabulary 4/11.” One SAW.
1. _____ (Not peevish.)  2._____  3._____  4._____
5. Even though we had had arguments in the past, he was very ____ when we saw each other, asking after my family and my health.
6. His annoying behavior was making the teacher quite ______.
7. Apparently, second period was under the ______ that it was OK to interrupt the teacher.
8. He was a very _____(ous) lad who started his first company when he was ten.
9. One of the crimes Joan of Arc was burned for was _____ against the church.
10. He ate his hamburger with great _____, savoring every bite.
11. She scraped her knee ____(ing) around on the blacktop.
12. The rumor seemed to _____ itself all over the school, until everyone had heard it.
13. The Scooby-Doo kids are always investigating some _____ or other.



Here are some pictures of the actual Mars.

“The Third Expedition.”