Wednesday, 3/28: District Assessment Day 2

District Assessment Day Two of Three.

Please click the following link for the directions:  ELA Research Common Assessment.

If, by some divine miracle, you finish early (hrrrrmmm):

  1. Proofread, share, and print your argumentative essay.
  2. Finish, proofread, share, and print your Giver Book v Movie essay.
  3. Take the middle school quiz at the ETC Portal. Highest scores are entered in a drawing to win a Kindle Fire tablet.
  4. Get started on the next vocab list.
  5. Quietly amuse yourself.

Thursday, 3/22: HD, V + R, Giver + Essay

Tomorrow’s Test: HD (all warmups are fair game), Vocab, Giver (B + M)

“SAWs, 3/22.”  disperse, catalyst, segregate, injustice, reform
1. Rosa Parks’s act of civil disobedience was a ______ for the new Civil Rights movement.
2. The birds who ate the seeds helped ______ them to new locations.
3. The people protesting the _______ of 4.________(ion) were forced to 5. _______ by police.


“Vocabulary, 3/22. All 11 vocab words + noun form of one SAW.

I had a 1.____ in my judgement and got caught because I didn’t have anyone to help me with a(n)  2._____,  so my mom’s  3._____  escalated into being 4.______(ed). I 5.____(ed) out on my bed in my room, tried to find some  6.______(ity) and sighed. I felt the buzz of my phone in my pocket, but when I reached for it, it turned out to be a 7._____. Then I remembered Mom had taken my phone, and I felt another 8._____ of 9._____(ment) come over me. But as I lay there, I began to assess the situation more calmly, and I saw a 10._____ of hope. Maybe this incident was just the 11.____ I needed to change my ways.  But then I turned on the tv and watched some stupid comedy 12.____ for the rest of the afternoon.





Dah Givah.

DUE NEXT FRIDAY 3/30:  Pick one. 600 + words. PROOFREAD! Use examples from book/movie. anticipate and refute counterarguments. Please share a GDoc AND print.

    • “Three Reasons Why The Giver Book/Movie is Better Than the Movie/Book.”
    • “Despite the Changes, The Giver Movie Does a Good Job Respecting the Book.”

Tuesday, 3/20: Husker Du, Vocab

SAWs Note: We will be using the noun catalyst  this week, rather than the verb form catalyze.

“Husker Du, 3/20.” Period One – Test #1.

  1. Her outlook on life was very _____ after the accident. a) sage  b) rueful  c) infer  d) conform  e) bleak  f) NOTA
  2. Jimmy nodded his head ____(ly), and said, “It would have been wiser to have someone pick you up.”   a) sage  b) rueful  c) infer  d) bleak  e) fathom  f) NOTA
  3. The expression “Mind your own business” is a motto.  a) True  b) False
  4. you:  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  5. she: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person


“Husker Du, 3/20.” Period Two – Test #23.  a) fastidious  b) insinuate  c) improvise  d) shrewd  e) allegory  f) absolution  g) consign  h) agitate  i) sanction

  1. He fooled his pursuers with a _____ trick…
  2. …that he ______(ed) on the spot.
  3. Until I ate that doughnut I didn’t know happiness.  (commas)
  4. The wild llama is in fact a vicious predator.  (commas)
  5. What was Appel?  a) When prisoners went before Dr. Mengele to be chosen or not to die.  b) Another name for the block kapo.  c) A group of workers chosen to do “Black Work.”  d) When prisoners lined up to be counted.  e) The work crew that went to Birkenau.  f) The prisoners’ exercise period.  g) NOTA


“Husker Du, 3/20.” Period Three – Test #6. a) smolder  b) circumvent  c) reminisce  d) sullen  e) siege  f) defunct  g) exploit  h) delirious  i) premonition  j) cease

  1. The adventurer’s ____(s) made for a great novel.
  2. “Johnnycake made a kind of a gasp and his eyes were ______(ing) with rage.”
  3. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year.
  4. obey : ignore :: predict : ______
  5. mature : juvenile :: clear-headed : _______


“Husker Du, 3/20.” Period Five – Test 19.

  1. A clause is a group of words that contains a _____ and a _____.  a) noun/conjunction  b) subject/noun  c) predicate/verb  d) subject/verb  e) NOTA
  2. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  3. We climbed slowly up the very steep hill. a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  4. After I ate a doughnut, I felt rapturous.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  5. There are some things in life that we’ll never know a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause



“Vocabulary, 3/20.” One word twice. All the rest once. One SAW.
evening angif-go-through-the-roof-def2 atlantic-city-under-water-2

5. “For the first time, Jonas saw a little ____ of hope.”
6. Many amputees say they still feel pain and itching in the missing limbs from time to time. This is called _____ pain.
7. Since he was at the movies with his friend at the time of the crime, he had a(n) _____, so he was released.
8. Much to the store owner’s _____, his political beliefs made customers avoid his place.
9. The drama class put on a _____ with a ’70s theme, complete with great costumes and skits.
10. The lifeguard’s (previous vocab word -ance)  ______(ed) for just a couple minutes, and a kid was hurt.
11. Jonas became _____(ful) of the burden he had to bear, and just wanted his childhood back.
12. As more people moved to the city, it began to ______ out into the nearby farmland.
* 13. The attack on Pearl Harbor (on what date?) was the event that was the _____ for the US finally entering WW2.


The Giver.

Major changes so far? Arguments for and against?

Monday, 3/19: Homework, SAWs, WoD, Debrief Test #27, Givah

Copy homework into planner. Remember: Giver projects are due Friday!

“SAWs, 3/19.” 
disperse (verb): to spread out; to scatter or send in different directions
catalyze (verb): to cause or make happen more quickly  (catalyst = noun)
segregation (noun): separation based on a certain quality, especially race  (segregate = verb)
reform (noun): change to improve something
injustice (noun): unfairness, especially involving people’s rights



Wheel of Doom.

“Husker Du, 3/19.”

Period One – Test #1: 5,7,14,18,21

Period Two – Test #23: 3,5,6,11,14

Period Three – Test #6: 6,8,12,13,18

Period Five –  Test #19: 3,7,13,19,20


Go over Test #27. Hmmmm.


Dah Givah.

How does movie version of the sledding scene change the story, if at all?

Thursday, 3/15: Husker Du, Vocab + (New) Relay, Dah Givah

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du for your class, Vocab + SAWs, Giver.

“Husker Du, 3/15.”

Period One – Test #13.  a) nevertheless b) instead  c) because  d) furthermore  e) consequently   f) in fact
A vegetarian can be defined as someone who does not eat meat, fish, or other animal products, such as eggs or cheese; 1) _____, he or she eats vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. 2) _____ this diet consists of non-meat food sources, a vegetarian typically consumes less fat and cholesterol than an individual who consumes meat. 3) _____, raising animals for food uses valuable land, water, and energy. 4) _____, adopting a vegetarian diet helps conserve the valuable resources that our future depends on.

5) “It’s a tree-lined, quiet residential American street…”  a) exposition  b) inciting action  c) resolution  d) rising action  e) theme

6) Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.  a) haphazard  b) relinquish  c) scrupulous  d) benign  e) profound  f) conspicuous  g) inconspicuous

7) His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.  a) augment  b) escalate  c) impede  d) suppress  e) wry  f) lethargic  g) fleeting

Period Two – Test #21

  1. Srodula.  a) The concentration camp where Vladek is eventually taken.  b) One of the Gemeinder.  c) The Jewish police.  d) The Jewish ghetto where Vladek went into hiding.  e) NOTA
  2. kombinator  a) a crook  b) someone who works in the black market  c) a type of bunker  d) one of the Jews who worked with the Nazis  e) NOTA
  3. Rudolpho was upset because his mom ate the last of the cheeselog.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  4. Joe waited for the llama to arrive, but she was late. a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  5. If we don’t repair the dam, the water will rush through.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  6. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.  a) haphazard  b) relinquish  c) scrupulous  d) benign  e) profound  f) conspicuous  g) inconspicuous
  7. His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.  a) augment  b) escalate  c) impede  d) suppress  e) wry  f) lethargic  g) fleeting

Period Three – Test #15.

  1. The teacher’s crabby ____ sort of brought the whole class down.  a) aptitude  b) chastise  c) nurture  d) distinguish  e) disquieting  f) disposition
  2. The medication seems effective. _____, more research must be done to see if it’s safe.   a) And  b) Whereas c) Nevertheless  d) So  e) Meanwhile   f) NOTA
  3. _____, it’s best to avoid it.  a) Although  b) However  c) Unless  d) Until then  e) Whereas
  4. In the word metamorphosis, the root morph means change.   a) True  b) False
  5. You would talk colloquially to a judge in a courtroom.  a) True  b) False
  6. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.  a) haphazard  b) relinquish  c) scrupulous  d) benign  e) profound  f) conspicuous  g) inconspicuous
  7. His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.  a) augment  b) escalate  c) impede  d) suppress  e) wry  f) lethargic  g) fleeting

Period Five – Test #11

  1. What inspired Alyce to go see Edward at the manor?  a) When she heard he got eaten by a goat.  b) When she watched the cow snuggle her new calf.  c) When Magister Reese asked her whether she had any family.  d) When Will Russet told her about Alyce Little.  e) It just came out of the nowhere.  f) NOTA
  2. When the author says that the cook had “words pouring forth from her mouth with none to listen,” what does she mean?  a) The cook is crazy.  b) Nobody listens to the cook.  c) Everything the cook says is a lie.  d) The cook is talking to herself.  e) NOTA
  3. Our main conflict in The Midwife’s Apprentice is Alyce vs ______.  a) the world  b) the village  c) herself  d) the midwife  e) NOTA
  4. Every time Mr. Coward played the beat, he _____(ed) a response from the class, who thought someone was coming through the door.  a) illicit  b) hysterical  c) elicit  d) acquit  e) wince  f) patronize  g) NOTA
  5.  Many of the satellite photos we see on tv and on the ‘net are provided by the NOAA. What does that abbreviation stand for?  a) Northern Overhead Air Association  b) National Outdoor Air Administration  c) National Outdoor Atmosphere Administration  d) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  e) National Ocean and Air Association  f) NOTA
  6. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.  a) haphazard  b) relinquish  c) scrupulous  d) benign  e) profound  f) conspicuous  g) inconspicuous
  7. His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.  a) augment  b) escalate  c) impede  d) suppress  e) wry  f) lethargic  g) fleeting


“Vocabulary, 3/15.”  Used properly or not? Write Yes if the word is used properly in the sentence. Write No if it is not. Bonus: Rewrite the Nots, so the word is used correctly.

  1. The band was so crescendo I couldn’t hear my friend talking.
  2. She yearned for a better life.
  3. The buckle bridge was very old and ready to fall.
  4. frazzled my homework last night because it was so hard and took so long.
  5. She drank a magnitude of soda and burped all night.
  6. The police were vigilant, watching the house 24/7.
  7. First period acted so regress yesterday; they were just like kindergartners.
  8. He made a feeble attempt at studying, decided he was too feeble-minded, and gave up.
  9. The ghost manifested itself at the end of the hall and scared the bejabbers out of me.
  10. The elephant’s trunk sinuoused out of the enclosure and took the peanut.
  11. He didn’t understand the peril of his situation and thought he was safe.
  12. The drug treated the symptoms of the disease, but it didn’t fix the underlying cause.
  13. The magnitude of Jeff Bezos’s fortune is mind-blowing. (About $52 million per day, over $2 million per hour, and $36,000 a minute.)
  14. Lack of sleep for an extended period can result in a regression of your IQ.
  15. The manifest teacher turned out to be an alien!


Pictionary Relay!


The Giver. What is up with that ending?

Here’s what Lois Lowry says about it:

Those of you who hoped that I would stand here tonight and reveal the
“true” ending, the “right” interpretation of the ending, will be disappointed.
There isn’t one. There’s a right one for each of us, and it depends on our own
beliefs, our own hopes.

Let me tell you a few endings which are the “right” endings for a few
children out of the many who have written to me.
From a sixth grader: “I think that when they were traveling they were
traveling in a circle. When they came to “Elsewhere” it was their old
community, but they had accepted the memories and all the feelings that go
along with it…”

From another: “…Jonas was kind of like Jesus because he took the pain
for everyone else in the community so they wouldn’t have to suffer. And, at the
very end of the book, when Jonas and Gabe reached the place that they knew
as Elsewhere, you described Elsewhere as if it were heaven.”

And one more: “A lot of people I know would hate that ending, but not
me. I loved it. Mainly because I got to make the book happy. I decided they
made it. They made it to the past. I decided the past was our world, and the
future was their world. It was parallel worlds.”

Finally, from one seventh grade boy: “I was really surprised that they
just died at the end. That was a bummer. You could of made them stay alive, I

Very few find it a bummer. Most of the young readers who have written to
me have perceived the magic of the circular journey. The truth that we go out
and come back, and that what we come back to is changed, and so are we.
Perhaps I have been traveling in a circle too. Things come together and
become complete





The Giver





In your notebook, set aside 3 or 4 pages for a chart that looks like this:

Book. Movie. Why the change? Better/Worse and Why.

Please keep it out the whole time and add to it as we watch. You will use this later on.

Wednesday, 3/14: Husker Du, Vocab, Bye Bye Little Guy!

Checking: Vocab definitions and SMYKs.

Bonus: What recent vocab word?

Giver Project.

Correct yesterday’s shtuff.


“Husker Du, 3/14.” Write the answer not the letter.

Period One – Test #13.

  1. “In this brief fraction of a moment, they take the first step toward performing a _____ that changes people from a group into a mob.”
  2. The root of this word means shape or form: _____  a) instill  b) colloquial  c) metamorphosis  d) insomnia  e) NOTA
  3. Who are the real “monsters” on Maple Street?   a) Figure One and Figure Two  b) The people of the Twilight Zone.  c) The people of Maple Street.  d) Whoever sent the ship.  e) NOTA.
  4. How can we connect the meanings of The Outsiders and MoMS?  a) They both show that we often judge people by insignificant things.  b) They both show that money doesn’t equal good.  c) They both show death is bad.  d) They are both very pessimistic about people.  e) There’s no connection at all.
  5. “There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices…”  a) climax  b) theme  c) conflict  d) irony  e) point of view

Period Two – Test #21a) succumb  b) subsist  c) presumptuous  d) reproach  e) cathartic  f) frugal  g) cobble  h) futile  i) dissemble  j) ambivalent

  1. She tried to stay awake during math, but it was ________ …
  2. … and she finally _______(ed) to the boredom and nodded off.
  3.  During the TV marathon, we _____(ed) for two days on chips and pizza.
  4. The root of this word means “to clean out.” _____
  5. The cheese is on the table with little toothpicks in it, and the napkins are beside the forks.

Period Three – Test #15. a) paradigm   b) comprise  c) gender  d) adapt  e) conduct

  1. Tomorrow’s test will ____ three sections: vocabulary, SAWs, and Husker Du.
  2. The current ____ for education is more about collaboration than it used to be.
  3. Please ______ yourself respectfully in the museum.
  4. Creatures that can’t _____ as their environment changes will not survive.
  5. The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on what date?  a) December 7, 1979  b) December 8, 1941  c) December 7, 1949  d) December 7, 1941  e) December 6, 1949  f) NOTA

Period Five – Test #11

  1. The Socs are the ____ social class in 1967 Tulsa.  a) rueful  b) illicit  c) vain  d) elite  e) asset  f) bleak  g) NOTA
  2. I was _____ that my dad blamed me for the broken lamp when it was my brother who did it!   a) contemptuous  b) dogged  c) conducive  d) gorge  e) reluctant  f) indignant  g) NOTA
  3. For Esteban, the word dropout had the ______ of a delinquent breaking out windows.  a) incredulous  b) exploit  c) defunct  d) premonition  e) connotation  f) savvy  g) NOTA
  4. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world.  a) savvy  b) assets  c) facade  d) connotation  e) leery  f) reminisce  g) NOTA
  5. My parents were a little _____ about the crowd I was hanging out with.  a) nonchalant  b) gingerly  c) leery  d) wistful  e) defunct  f) patronize  g) NOTA


“Vocab, 3/14.” Once each.

  1. The elephant reached out with its ____trunk.
  2. Jonas said that the main feeling in his Stirrings dream was the ______(ing).
  3. One of these days your knees will ____ under the weight of your giant backpacks.
  4. The chatter in the class reached a ______, and then Mr. Coward yelled, “Quiet!”
  5. He didn’t realize the _____ of his mistake until much later when it all came back to haunt him.
  6. Lack of sleep _____(s) itself in many ways, such as an actual drop in intelligence.
  7. The test supervisor was not very ____, and many students cheated on the test.
  8. (2) Sometimes when a guest teacher is a little _____ in the discipline department, classes will _____ to being kindergartners again.
  9. (2) The guest teacher had better not be _____(ed) by your class, or you will be in great _____ when Mr. Coward returns.


Dah Givah. “Bye-bye, little guy.”

Dah Givah, 17-20.”  Write the letter AND enough of the answer to distinguish it from the others.

  1. (quote) Find a quote on p136 that looks like foreshadowing.
  2. What is the inciting incident of our book? ( “The inciting incident was…”  Be careful!)
  3. Starting with chapter 20, we are now entering  the _____ of the story. a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action  e) resolution  f) NOTA
  4. As Jonas watches the release of the twin, what other memory comes to him?  a) The broken leg on the sled  b) Gabriel’s smiling face.  c) The wounded kid in the war scene.  d) Hunger.  e) NOTA
  5. How long has Jonas been in training with the Giver?  a) a few weeks  b) a few months  c) about a year  d) a couple of years  e) There’s no way to tell.
  6. The Giver tells Jonas that the worst part of holding the memories is…  a) the pain  b) having feelings  c) it’s really hard  d) the loneliness   e) NOTA
  7. What was the Giver’s first sign that he had the power to receive memories like Jonas?  a) He saw colors like Jonas.  b) He was able to feel pain even with medication.  c) He was able to hear music.  d) He was able to feel emotions even with the pills.  e) NOTA
  8. What plan do The Giver and Jonas make?  a) They will both escape the community together.  b) Jonas will break the rules three times so he has to be Released.  c) Jonas will start releasing memories to people in the Community to show them what they’re missing. d) Nothing; they will continue on as normal because there’s nothing they can do.  e) They fake Jonas drowning in the river.   f) NOTA
  9. The Giver makes Jonas understand that _____ is the meaning of everything.  a) joy   b) survival of the community c) deep feelings  d) caring about others  e) NOTA
  10. What’s the Giver’s plan when his and Jonas’s plan is finished?  a) To go Elsewhere like Jonas.  b) To hide so the Community doesn’t punish him.  c) To become leader of the Community  d) To die.  e) NOTA
  11. Whom does Rosemary turn out to have been?  a) Jonas’s “sister”  b) the Giver’s spouse  c) the Giver’s sister  d) an outsider  e) NOTA



Tuesday, 3/13: IAB (SBAC practice), Husker Du, Vocab, Giver

IAB = Interim Assessment Block.  What the heck does that mean?

Chromie Up! Leave your definitions open on your desk.

Follow the directions below.

  • Do NOT log-in.
  • Make sure the speakers are not muted and volume toggle is where you want it to be.
  • Click Apps (lower left corner) Air Secure Test.
  • Follow steps on the screen to log-in.
  • Session #
    • Period One:
    • Period Two:
    • Period Three:
    • Period Six:

I will grant you access to the test.

If/When you finish early:

  • Do the Husker Du exercise below.
  • Do the vocab exercise below.
  • Read on in Giver.


“Husker Du, 3/13.”

Period One – Test #13.
a) insomnia   b) metamorphosis   c) transfixed   d) scapegoat  e) inexplicable  f) idiosyncrasy  g) instill   h) optimistic  i) pessimistic  j) colloquial

  1. Mr. Calandro is trying to _____ a sense of kindness in the students of Laguna.
  2. In professional sports, the coach is often the _______for a team’s bad performance, even if it isn’t always his fault.
  3. The hill with the M on it is known _____(ly) as Madonna Mountain, but its real name is Cerro San Luis.
  4. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____
  5. quirk : idiosyncrasy :: transformation : _____

Period Two – Test #21a) succumb  b) subsist  c) presumptuous  d) reproach  e) cathartic  f) frugal  g) cobble  h) futile  i) dissemble  j) ambivalent

  1. It would be ______ of a dishwasher to tell the master chef  how to do things.
  2. All her emotions were released in a ______ moment on the stage as 20,000 people cheered.
  3. MacGyver could _____ together almost anything from a bomb to a hang-glider from bits of trash he found lying around.
  4. Though he came from a very religious family, he was still ______ about organized religion.
  5. Why is Anja’s tail showing whenever they wear their pig masks?  a) Her disguise isn’t as good as Vladek’s.  b) It’s a printing mistake.  c) It shows how scared she is.  d) It shows that she can’t pass for a non-Jew like Vladek.  e) NOTA

Period Three – Test #15. a) distraught  b) keen  c) aptitude  d) chastise  e) nurture  f) distinguish  g) disquieting  h) disposition,  i) empathy  j) civics

  1. The waiter was _____(ed) for forgetting the customer’s order.
  2. “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” _______
  3. ____ concerns things like government and civil rights
  4. The competition at the state level was very ______.
  5. The mom was ___ when she couldn’t find her toddler in the crowd.

Period Five – Test #11.

  1. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane at the last minute, and then it crashed.  a) True   b) False
  2. S. E. Hinton says that she didn’t have the ____ to be a teacher.  The kids’ problems wore her out.  a) premonition  b) savvy  c) connotation  d) dogged   e) reminisce  f) stamina  g) NOTA
  3. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane at the last minute, and then it crashed.  a) True   b) False
  4. Why won’t Alyce talk to Magister Reese at first?  a) She thinks she won’t understand what he says.  b) She thinks she’s unworthy.  c) She doesn’t like him.  d) He won’t talk to her.  e) He seems mean.  f) NOTA
  5. Why was Magister Reese watching Alyce at first?  a) Because she was pretty.  b) Because he wondered why she was so gloomy.  c) Because of the way the cat hung around her.  d) He’s just weird.  e) NOTA


“Vocab, 3/13.” Each one once.
4525002048_2a409b678f_b  cat-1059803_960_720 pfeiffer bridge 24
Transfagarasan "OK, now you've gone back too far."  loud-knob-import-16102730290_afd86417b7_b
weak-man-clipart-1  vectordestiny-american-progress-2