Thursday, 3/2: Husker Du, Vocab, Dah Givah, Interviews

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du for your class, Vocab including (the easy) SAWs, Giver. Due Tomorrow: Final Draft of Interview, printed and posted to your blog.   Husker Du, 3/2.” First Period. Test 18. We climbed slowly up the very steep hill. a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause After I ate a doughnut, I felt rapturous.  a) […]

Wednesday, 3/1: Husker Du, Vocab, Dah Givah, Interviews

“Husker Du, 3/1.” First Period. Test 18. Jack was much quicker than the llama was.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause Joe ate the hot dog even though the llama told him not to.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause We learn words best in context with other words rather […]

Monday, 2/27: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #24, Interviews, Wheel of Doom!

Copy homework into assignment book. Book assignments. “SAWs, 2/27.” ONCE Each! candidate, campaign, ethics, issue, display       Spin the Wheel of Doom to see from whence this week’s warm ups will come. “Warm Up, 2/27.” Period 1. Test 18. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) […]

Thursday, 2/23: Commas, Vocab + Relay, INTERVIEWS!

Tomorrow’s Test: Commas, Vocab, Vladek, Husker Du. Finish Vladek’s story. “Vocab, 2/23.”     _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ After he missed the tying field goal, the kicker was _____. When the little girl gets tired, she gets ____, and pouts about everything. (Not dejected.) Mr. Coward’s student assistant is not happy about Jhonny’s less […]