“Sentence Scramble, 10/11.”  Unscramble into a smooth sentence. You must use all the pieces intact, but there is more than one way to arrange them. Write the completed and punctuated sentence in your notebook. (+1 each for extras.) her creamed corn yelling at the baby sitter onto the floor Jennifer flipped     “Apostrophes, 10/11.”… Read More

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du Apostrophes, Vocabulary, Sentence Combo, TMA. Also: NOTEBOOK AUDIT! “Warm Up, 10/27. Apostrophes.” (7p) (2) Do you know _____ _____?  (you, ABC) We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.) Please make sure you cross all the ____ in your essay.  (T) The sign said “_____ Greetings.”… Read More

“Warm up, 10/26. Apostrophes.” The first digital music players appeared in the ____. (90) The _____ house has the best garden gnome. (Castillo) _____ idea was it to invite him?  (Who) _____ dog looks like a buffalo.  (Alexis) (2) The _____ volleyball team has _____ last home game today. (girl, they) Checking Show-Me-You-Knows. “Vocabulary, 10/26.”… Read More

“Warm Up, 10/25. Apostrophe’s Review.” Our family has a hard time keeping up with the _____. (Jones) ______ are not allowed… (Student) …in the ______ lounge.   (more than one teacher) We have three _____ in our class.  (Johnny) _____ responsible for this mess?  (Who) Find the mistake above. Checking vocab definitions. “Vocabulary Practice, 10/25.” Write the… Read More

Tomorrow’s Test: Apostrophes, Vocabulary, Outsiders ch 8 and 9, Husker Du. “Warm Up, 10/13.” No peekee @ the Pink Sheet! Do not copy. Write the correct form of the word for each blank. You might have to pluralize and/or possessify. She’s sure ____ going to be all right. (it) My friend _____ goal is to become… Read More