Monday, January 9: Copy Homework, 120 Seconds?! Comics?!

Copy homework into planner.

“Warm Up, 1/9 – SAWs.”
isolation, confinement, system, mental, solitarychildcell

The modern prison 1.______ does not take into account the 2.______ and emotional effects of total 3.______ in 4._______  5._______.


Reintro  120 Seconds. Handouts tomorrow.



How far back in history do you think comics go? (Examples: .)

“Tell me a Story.”

Authors make careful choices about what to show/tell or not show/tell. Change, twist, accelerate the story by subtracting panels. List the panels you would leave. Bring me your modified story by Thursday


“Maus” intro.

What does the word anthropomorphic mean?
Why do you think most comics people don’t look like real people?


Maus by Art Spiegelman. Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1992. It took him 13 years.

“Maus Log I – 1/9/17”
a) Read the first two pages:

    • Translate his father’s last sentence into a normal English sentence.
    • What does he mean?

b) What is your first impression of Vladek?


Aloud. Chapter One. Drama style with parts.