Thursday, 2/20: Spelling + Bee, Commas, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling (just like today), Commas (just like today), Husker Du (S/CD/CX), Vladek.

“Spelling, 2/20.” Write the correct pair. NOT THE LETTER; THE WORDS! NOT COLLABORATIVE!

  1. group/center   a) corpse/core  b) core/corpse  c) corps/corp  d) corps/core
  2. nugget/rank   a) cernel/kernel  b) colonel/kernel  c) kernel/kernal d) kernel/colonel
  3. hero/inactive   a) idole/idol  b) idel/idol  c) idle/idol  d) idol/idle
  4. Cheerios/#25489   a) serial/cereal  b) cereal/cerial  c) cerial/serial  d) cereal/serial
  5. most important/administrator   a) princapal/princaple  b) principal/principle  c) principle/principal  d) principal/principal
  6. who is/who owns    a) whose/who’s  b) who’s/whose  c) who’se/who’s  d) who’s/whos’
  7. it is/it owns   a) it’s/its  b) its’/its  c) it’s/its’
  8. belongs to them/location   a) their/they’re  b) there/their  c) their/there  d) they’re/there


Spelling Bee! How far will your class get before it makes a mistake?

  • Best ratio of correct/not correct wins! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


Correct Top Part of Commas Sheet. Make sure you have your sheet tomorrow for the test!


“Commas, 2/20.” 1-6: Choose A-I for the comma rule needed for each sentence.  I = No commas needed.  Use your pink sheet. 7-10: Choose the correct comma combo. You may write the LETTER.

  1. I asked my BFF the llama with the big ears what she wanted for lunch.
  2. This easy fun exercise will help you with your llama woes.
  3. Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.
  4. I didn’t want to wake you up until I had to.
  5. She wanted to tame the wild llama but it was too much for her.
  6. Zoltan that llama doesn’t belong there!
  7. As the llama goddess she regulated the course of the heavenly bodies and controlled the alternating seasons.  a) llama,  goddess, bodies,  b) goddess,  c) goddess, bodies,  d) goddess, regulated,  bodies,  e)  OK as is.  f) NOTA
  8. There was no question that the llama’s painting a huge colorful and ugly mural was the worst entry in the art exhibit. a) question, painting, huge, colorful,   b) painting, huge, colorful, mural,   c) huge,  colorful,  d) huge, colorful, mural,    e) OK as is.   f) NOTA
  9. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot new Camaro.  a) arrive,  b) arrive, ride,  c) arrive, hot,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  10. Because the llama missed the bus he was late for his very important appointment.  a) Because,  b) bus,  c) bus,  very,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA



Finish Vladek and Discuss:

  1. Art Spiegelman has said that the final page of Maus II really has at least three endings. With your group, discuss what stories they might be endings of. Be ready to point out which panels or images end each story.
  2. When MAUS was published, the Washington Post said, “…impossible to describe accurately, and impossible to achieve in any medium but comics.”  What do you think about that? Do you think it’s true? Could MAUS have been anything but a comic and been as powerful?  Why or why not?

Wednesday, 2/19: Spelling, Commas, SRI

“Spelling Practice, 2/19.” (7)

  1. Dally was Johnny’s _____.
  2. Do you understand the ____(s) of dividing fractions.
  3. The word ____ comes from the French word for body.
  4. Please check the ____ number on the device you are trying to get help with.
  5. (3) ____ books have been sitting ____ for a long time; I hope ____ coming back soon.

Correct Pink Sheet

“Commas, 2/19.” (10) Put ’em where they go by writing the word that comes before + the comma. Like this: sea,
Also write (A-H) which rule you followed to place the commas. Some sentences may need more than one comma for more than one reason. If no commas are needed, write NA.

  1. Lloyd the llama author of a best-selling book and renowned rocket scientist was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Poetry.
  2. The llama that she rode to the wedding looked very pretty.
  3. Please no smoking food or beverages in the classroom!
  4. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot Camaro.
  5. We’re going to learn to cut and paste kids!



Get a Chromebook. Log in. Open Chrome. Come here to


Click the blue RI icon. Follow the directions.


Here is the chart of YEAR-END Proficiency Ranges.


If you finish early, work on Pink Sheet, 600 words, or reading ahead in Vladek.

Tuesday, 2/18: Homework, Spelling, AW’s, Debrief Test #22, 600 Words, Vladek

Copy homework into planner. Prep Commas Homework Sheet.

“Spelling 2/18.”(7)

  1.  friendly : hostile :: active : _____
  2.  its, whose, ____
  3. (2)  Sacramento : ______ :: Mr. Calandro : ______
  4.  It is said that many stereotypes sometimes start with a _____ of truth.
  5. (2) _______ books are ______?  (Must get both.)

“AW’s, 2/18.”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. They say nothing is _____ except death and taxes.
  7. There is now a(n) ________ of 500 inches of snow in the Sierras.
  8. The roots of this word mean “against to say.”
  9. The roots of this word mean “out to hold.”
  10. The prefix of this word means “hand.”

Debrief Test #22. Hrrmmm. Better…



Wednesday, 2/5: Spelling, Vocab, Clauses(!?), Vladek

Interview Notes Due tomorrow!

“Spelling, 2/5.” Write the incorrectly spelled word correctly, or if they are all correct, write “all correct.” NOT COLLABORATIVE! DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR SPELLING LIST! For #6, write the answer not the letter!

  1. a) revision  b) requirement  c) believable  d) all correct
  2. a) insurance  b) security  c) seperately  d) all correct
  3. a) cooperation  b) movable  c) ignorance  d) all correct
  4. a) maturity  b) narritive  c) creative  d) all correct
  5. “_______ is bliss.”
  6. The reason we drop the last e from a word like store  before we add an ending like age  is that… a) Store ends with a consonant sound.  b) The ending age  also ends with an e.  c) The ending age  begins with a consonant  d) The ending age  makes it an adjective.  e) The ending age  begins with a vowel.

Sample SMYK’s?!

“Vocab, 2/5.”  tentative, infringe, reprieve, benign, profound, indolent, relinquish, exasperate, (in)conspicuous, (un)scrupulous, haphazard
63CA2-indolencetelephone-wires-2003528 grasshaircut

  1. _____ Cartoon of student napping in his desk .
  2. _____ A telephone pole with literally hundreds of cables connected to it. They look very tangled.
  3. _____ That guy cutting his lawn one blade at a time again.
  4. Some thought that the new law would _____ upon their right to protest, and they protested that.
  5. I  tried to be as ____ as possible as I passed the note in class, but Mr. Coward still caught me.
  6. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.
  7. It had been raining so much that we ____(ly) planned the picnic for Saturday, but we also made other plans just in case.
  8. The _____ lawyer took advantage of the old man.
  9. “Wealth is ______, but poverty hides.”
  10. After he lost the battle, the king had to ____ the throne to the winner.
  11. Which vocab word can sometimes be used like the AW dramatic?
  12. * The word cool still means good, even in ____ slang. (frivolous, exploit, contemporary, abandon, dramatic)


“Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences.”
I = Independent Clause  D = Dependent Clause.
(S) Simple Sentence (S) = One I.
(CD) Compound Sentence (CD)  = I + I, joined by a comma and one of the FANBOYS 
(CX) Complex Sentence (CX) = I + D or D + I, joined by although, since, because, while, when, if… etc.)

“S/CD/CX/Frag, 2/5.” 

  1. I like turtles   because they are cute.
  2. The llama is a quadruped   with fins for swimming.
  3. I sent the llama to the store   before the party started.
  4. Katy tried to call me  , but   my phone was dead.
  5. You would like it   if you were a llama.
  6. Herbie the llama ate some pizza  , so   he didn’t want dinner.
  7. He failed the test   after he ignored the warning.
  8. He forgot to practice  , yet   he still did well.
  9. Jenni ate the hot dog  , and   she got sick.
  10. Because Jenni ate the hot dog,   she got sick.
  11. Because the llama forgot his wallet, he couldn’t buy broccoli.
  12. As part of his occupation, his partner was a llama with a leather jacket.
  13. He didn’t want to embarrass the llama, so he didn’t act affectionate.
  14. The llama ate his doctor-recommended doughnut for breakfast this morning.
  15. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but I watched the llamas instead.
  16. We can wait here until the llama calls us.
  17. If we don’t repair the dam, the llamas will rush through.
  18. You’ll know the llama’s intentions when she gets here.
  19. The llama ate several hotdogs, went on a ride, and ate several more.
  20. Since my llama left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell.
  21. Zoltan forgot his wallet, so he couldn’t buy broccoli.
  22. If you leave money in an account at least six months.
  23. The llama passed the test even though he didn’t study.
  24. Since the llama’s voice was strong, she was the lead in the musical.
  25. The llama read a magazine about raising rabbits, but didn’t follow the instructions..
  26. Rudolpho was upset although his mom made his favorite shnitzel.
  27. Words like since, unless and because signify that a sentence is… a) Simple   b) Compound  c) Complex
  28. Before you pet a llama, you should ask permission.



  1. What is a block?
  2. What was Appel?
  3. Who helps Vladek establish and maintain contact with Anja?
  4. What was a Selektion?

Monday, 2/3: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #20, SPELLING!

Copy homework into planner. This is “Bootstrap Month”!
Bonus: What does the expression “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” mean?
Remember that Interview Notes are due on Thursday!

“AWs, 2/3.
abandon (verb) to give up; to leave behind
frivolous (adjective) not important; silly
contemporary (adjective) modern; current
dramatic (adjective) exciting; full of emotion; extreme
exploit (verb) to take advantage of
ktmyqcb gutted-5 08-01-17_money81-300x229 riverfront-amalfi-residence-1-1

  1. _____ Graph that shows a sudden, large increase
  2. _____ Pic of a destroyed building where obviously nobody has lived in awhile
  3. _____ Pic of a roll of money used as toilet paper
  4. _____ Pic of a modern house with a groovy pool
  5. There was a _____ change in his behavior after he started the medication.
  6. It is usually easy to _____ a little brother’s lack of savvy and make him do what you want.
  7. He ____(ed) the project before it was finished because he ran out of money.
  8. If we use the word _____ as a noun, it can also mean an adventure.
  9. One reason people may dislike lawyers is due to ____ lawsuits that waste everybody’s time and money.
  10. The roots of this word mean “of the present time.” _____


“Spelling, 2/3.” Bonus: What spelling rule do this week’s words follow?

  1. refusal : cooperation :: childishness : _____
  2. rewrite : revision :: story : ______ 
  3. purpose : function :: guideline : _______
  4. locker : storage :: _____ : security
  5. soldier : obedient :: artist : _____


Debrief Test #20. Really?!   S/CD/CX ALLLLLLL DAY!