Welcome to Seventh Grade English — Fall 2019

flashingdogWelcome back to Mr. Coward’s Seventh Grade page!
It’s the 23rd year for the webpage, and my 27th year at Laguna!
Here are a few tips if you’re new here or if you’ve “forgotten.”headbeanie

  • Whenever you are absent, use the calendar (“What We Did That Day” or “Previously On”) and click the dates you were gone. You can also simply scroll down to the dates you were gone. Do what we did in class that day as best you can (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) and show everything to me (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) when you return. Be prepared with questions about whatever you didn’t understand.
  • Send emails to mcoward@slcusd.org.
  • You can also use the comments to ask PERTINENT questions about that day’s work.
  • All homework is assigned on Monday (or the first day of the week). Check the homework page for the latest.
  • There’s no need to be this guy: