Wednesday, 11/13: SS, Vocab Review, RBC, ASoT, Time and Punishment…

“Daily Scramble, 11/13.”

  • I forgot
  • it boiled over
  • I was concentrating
  • and
  • because
  • on my homework
  • about the soup


“Vocab Review, 11/13.”
a) begrudge   b) metamorphosis   c) transfixed   d) scapegoat  e) surfeit  f) attribute  g) instill   h) optimistic  i) pessimistic  j) colloquial

  1. The hill with the M on it is known _____(ly) as Madonna Mountain, but its real name is Cerro San Luis.
  2. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____
  3. Some people in this class have such a _____ of points that they could skip a test, take a zero, and still have an A.
    a) intrigue  b) benevolent c) apprehensive  d) wheedle  e) sift  f) transgression g) aghast  h) ebb i) nondescript  j) enhance
  4. The fan _____(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  5. The new landscaping in front of the house really ________(ed) its value.
  6. The spy novel was full of mystery and ______.
    a) derivative  b) disreputable  c) tumultuous  d) tantalize  e) stanch  f) boon  g) sham  h) abide  i) taunt  j) incompetent
  7. It looks like the train wreck was the result of a(n) ______ engineer driving the train.
  8. Is high-technology a _____ for mankind…
  9. …or is it a _____ and just another way for companies to sell more stuff?
    a) diligent  b) compelling  c) convene  d) turmoil  e) heedless  f) cordial  g) diffident   h) abundant  i) dire  j) grovel
  10. The clown _____(tion) filled the parking lot with tiny cars.
  11. gossipy : discreet :: safe : ______
  12. His brother’s sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family.
    a) adversary  b) aplomb  c) banish  d) grueling  e) perceive  f) disdain  g) dispel   h) engross   i) diminish  j) exhilarate
  13. The amount of crime _____(ed) when police started patrolling the neighborhood more often.
  14. The root origin of this word meant “turned against.”  ________
  15. The root origin of this word meant”balanced and straight and true.” ______


Check RBC Directions: All or Nothing!

“RBC, Directions, 11/13.”

  1. What is the label of the key you would press first to make the Setup menu appear on the screen? a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  2. Once you’re at the Setup menu, what is the label for the key you would press to get to the other menus, such as Timer Setup? (Use the diagram!) a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  3. What key would you press to get back to watching The Simpsons when you’re done setting the timer? (Use the diagram.) a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  4. Which is the answer to #4 on p 372? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) NOTA
  5. The warning says that the timer will only work if you have already set the TV clock. a) True b) False
  6. Which of these words should you NOT have circled in response to #1 on p372? a) Quit. b) Press c) Select d) Repeat e) You should have circled all of them.
  7. Which of these numbers had multiple steps? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 5 e) They all had multiple steps.

“A Sound of Thunder”

What three things could the phrase “a sound of thunder” represent?
What is the real theme of the story?

Time and Punishment”??!



Time? (LOL) “The Flying Machine”

What do you think this expression means: “The end justifies the means”?
The word MEANS means HOW to get to a goal; that is WHAT you DO to achieve your END, which is your goal.

So… Does it?

Thursday, 4/12: Husker Du, Vocab + Relay, E-Men

Why might this be bad?


Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du (Test #8), Vocab, Poem #435, E-Men.

“Husker Du, 4/12.”
a) intrigue  b) benevolent  c) apprehensive  d) wheedle  e) sift  f) transgression  g) aghast   h) ebb

  1. “Why don’t you get a job?”   asked Steve.  “What?” Two-Bit was ___ “And ruin my rep?”
  2. I found your story _______(ing), but finally unbelievable.
  3. The fan _____(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  4. The candidate’s popularity ______(ed) as scandal after scandal about him was uncovered.
  5. _____ llama was selected for the fair.  a) Charles’  b) Charles’s  c) Charle’s   d) NOTA
  6. The deaths of Johnny and Dally.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) climax  e) falling action  f) resolution
  7. When we find out that the book is Ponyboy’s essay.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) climax  e) falling action  f) resolution


“Vocab, 4/12.”  Each word is used once. #2 is not disposition. #6 is not conglomeration.



Vocabulary Relay!


“The Earth Men.” Test Preview Questions.

  1. Emily Dickinson felt that “the Majority” always prevailed on the question of…
  2. What does the captain say that finally makes Mr. Aaa stop and listen to him?
  3. What is it the Earth men want from the Martians?
  4. Even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, Ray Bradbury spends time describing a mechanical spider toy that the little girl plays with. What’s the point?
  5. It turns out that the line of work a Martian needs to be in to welcome Earth men is…
  6. What is our climax?
  7. What is our falling action?
  8. What is our resolution? Why does the story end with a weather report?


Wednesday, 4/11: Husker Du, Vocab, Poem

“Husker Du, 4/11.”

  1. We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.)
  2. Please make sure you cross all the ____ in your essay.  (T)
  3. The sign said “_____ Greetings.”  (Season)
  4. I saw at least five _____ in Las Vegas.  (Elvis)
  5. Jack fell down and broke his crown, Jill came tumbling after.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  6. The upstairs library is a great place for quiet study.  Adjectives?  a) upstairs  b) great, quiet  c) upstairs, great, quiet  d) upstairs, great  e) NOTA


“Vocab, 4/11.”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. _____
  7. He seemed smart, even though most of the facts he knew were rather _____.
  8. Why do we have to go through all this ___ just to add on to our house?
  9. somber : jovial :: humility : _______
  10. “He pinched her arm, a little bit with _____(ity), and a little bit with meanness, to get her to pay attention.”


Convince me you’re not crazy!

Poem #435    by Emily Dickinson

Much Madness is divinest Sense–
To a discerning Eye–
Much Sense–the starkest Madness–
‘Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail–
Assent–and you are sane–
Demur–you’re straightway dangerous–
And handled with a Chain–
divinest = most perfect
discerning eye = one that looks closely and carefully
starkest = most obvious
prevail = win, rule,
assent = say yes, agree
demur = say no, disagree

Together with your group, “translate” the poem. Yes, rewrite it in your own words. You should end up with 5 sentences.

  1. Use the vocab guide to help you.
  2. Pay special attention to the line:  “‘Tis the Majority In this as ALL, prevail…”
  3. What is the message of the poem? Is she correct?


“The Earth Men”