Thursday, 12/19: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #17

Prep sheet for Test #17. Reload to get the latest version.
KBAR: ___/15 Vocab H/W: ____/20 Vocab Practices: ___/14 ___/14
Other Extra Credit: Periods 1 and 5 get +3 for vocab relay, Periods 2 and 6 get +2. +2 for 10/10 on AW’s Monday.

Mental Floss.

  1. A word I know, six letters it contains.
    Subtract just one, and twelve is what remains.
    What word is it?
  2. Wacky Wordy: TTTT RRRRRRRRR
  3. Wacky Wordy: Must get here. Must get here. Must get here.
  4. Wacky Wordy: history history history history
  5. When the day after tomorrow is yesterday, this day will be as far from Friday as this day was from Friday when the day before yesterday was tomorrow. What day is it?
  6. The moon is about 250,000 miles from Earth. Sound travels at about 650 miles per hour. If a meteor hit the moon, about how long would it take for the sound to reach Earth?

Test #17.

Doodle Theme: Bunker. Where you gonna hide?

Friday, 12/13: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #16

Prep sheet for Test #16:
KBAR: ___/20 Vocab H/w: ___/20 Vocab Practices: ___/15 ___/15 ___/14
Other Extra Credit: Per 2 gets +3 for vocab relay. Per 1, 6 get +1. +2 for 10/10 on AW’s.


Mental Floss.

  1. How far can you walk into the woods?
  2. What do you get when you add 1 and 11 four times?
  3. Which three numbers give the same result when they are multiplied as when they are added? (Alert: math)
  4. The more you take away the bigger it gets; the more you add, the smaller it becomes. What is it?
  5. Wacky Wordies:







Test #16. Doodle Theme. Design a groovy, new piece of clothing!

Monday, 12/9: Homework, AW’s, Debrief Test #15, Prep for 120, Vladek?

Copy homework into planner. 120 Seconds starts TOMORROW!!!!

“AW’s, 12/9.”
diversity (noun) variety; range
enhance (verb) to improve
migration (noun) movement from one place to another
presume (verb) to suppose; to guess; to assume
reveal (verb) to uncover; to show; to expose
dropcam_proomparison-100057323-large clipart635890905480736327-1659071497_image

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. This word comes from roots that mean “to take before.”
  5. This word’s root means “to turn in opposite directions.”
  6. This word’s root means “to uncover.”
  7. “movement from one place to another to live or work”
  8. This word’s roots meant “to make higher.”
  9. In this country, the legal system is supposed to _____ that you are innocent until they can prove you are guilty.
  10. Usually _______ follows the job market. People go where there are jobs.

Debrief Test #15. Listen and study, and you will do well!

Prep 120 Seconds Intro. You need about 200 words. Practice reading it to your homies or to me.

  1. Start with a little hook:
    • Imagine yourself…
    • Throughout history mankind has…
    • It was a dark and stormy night…
    • What do you call a… (joke)
    • Once upon a time…
    • Have you ever wondered…
    • What if…
    • Jimmy was a boy who…
    • Scary, gripping, and difficult to put down… Scary, like when… Gripping: Describe more. Difficult to put down: I read 2 hours straight until I had to pee…
    • Etc.
  2. Give us the required info:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Genre (Not just fiction/non; we want something like romance, sci fi, horror, mystery, fantasy, comedy, historical fiction, etc.)
  3. Time for the 5 W’s for the BOOK:
    • This is the story of…
    • This book is about…
    • Set in the future…
    • Not too much detail; you have less than a minute.
  4. Now to set up the PASSAGE:
    • This is the part of the book where…
    • This is the scene when…
    • _____ is about to _____

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