Tuesday, 12/3: Scramble, Vocab, Maus

“Daily Scramble, 12/3.” There are a couple of ways to do this one. One is pretty sophisticated!

  • because
  • but
  • to wash his llama
  • the llama looked worse
  • he did not
  • Mr. Johnson hired me
  • a second time
  • than it did before
  • hire me


Reminder: New Vocab Word: anthropomorphic – human shaped.
Example: Art Spiegelman uses anthropomorphic cats and mice to represent the Nazis and the Jews.
Variation: anthropomorphism the tendency to give human traits to other animals.

“Vocab, 12/3.”

  1. ____
  2. ____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The Nazi _____ included racial purity.
  6. A heart attack is a(n) ____ sign of an ongoing disease.
  7. His accent was a(n) ____; he wasn’t really from France.
  8. (see #7) He just thought it made him sound _______.
  9. The camp counselors were too ____ in enforcing the rules, so it wasn’t much fun.
  10. I like turtles” is funny because the line is such a(n) _____.
  11. The Queen of England has ____ but no real power.
  12. During the period between Mardis Gras and Easter, you are supposed to _____ yourself of something you like. It’s supposed to be a difficult thing to do.  (Bonus: What is this period of time called? Bonus 2: What does Mardis Gras mean?)
  13. * The roots of this word mean “beneath stand thing.”


120 Seconds II.

Tips: Practice! Write out your intro! Practice!

Here’s a video of a pretty good example.



  1. (2) What things does Artie say have “taken their toll” on his father?
  2. What physical sign does Vladek still have from the concentration camps?


  • Art, aka Artie, aka Art Spiegelman: The author, Vladek’s son
  • Mala: Vladek’s current wife. Also a survivor like Vladek. She married Vladek after Anja died.
  • Anja (Zybelberg) Spiegelman: Artie’s mom, Vladek’s first wife and true love. Survived the war like Vladek, but committed suicide when Artie was 20 something.
  • Lucia Greenberg: An old girlfriend of Vladek’s from before the war.
  • The Zybelbergs: Anja’s parents. Rich before the war.

Tuesday, 11/19: Scramble, Vocab, Monsters!


“Daily Scramble, 11/19.” Two sentences or one with a semicolon. No commas!

  • the compsognathus
  • than a chicken
  • in fact
  • some very small dinosaurs
  • was only
  • there were also
  • slightly larger



“Vocab, 11/19.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. forgettable : iconic :: emotional : _______
  6. She has high ______(ations). She wants to rule the world.
  7. huge : diminutive :: inspiring : ______
  8. The root of this word means “life.” _____
  9. Reading Shakespeare for the first time can be rather ______.
  10. (2) They tried to ______ the angry and _____ mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.
  11. “Dig and be dug in return” is Langston Hughes’s version of the old ____ about treating others how you want to be treated.
  12. Fifth Period tried to ____ Mr. Coward’s anger with cookies.


“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” p246.

“Sometimes I ain’t so sho who’s got him a right to say a man is crazy and when he ain’t. Sometimes I think there ain’t none of us pure crazy and ain’t none of us pure sane until the balance of us talks him that-a-way. It’s like it ain’t so much what a fellow does, but it’s the way the majority of folks is looking at him when he does it.”   (From As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner)

“Translate.” (Sum up the above in 20 words or less.)
Is he right? What makes you think so/not?



  • What is the purpose of fear? In other words, why do we get scared?
  • What fears might be called “universal”; shared by most almost all humans?
  • Why do we like it sometimes? (Don’t say, “It’s fun.” Duh.)
  • How does fear affect the decisions you make?
  • In general, what are (most) humans scared of?
  • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Meaning?  (Bonus: Who said that famous quote?)
  • Why do people act so dumb in a group? (What if they’re scared too?)

Read intro on p245.

Basic script vocabulary: pan, zoom, voiceover, etc.

Assign roles.

Let’s “act.”



Wednesday, 11/13: SS, Vocab Review, RBC, ASoT, Time and Punishment…

“Daily Scramble, 11/13.”

  • I forgot
  • it boiled over
  • I was concentrating
  • and
  • because
  • on my homework
  • about the soup


“Vocab Review, 11/13.”
a) begrudge   b) metamorphosis   c) transfixed   d) scapegoat  e) surfeit  f) attribute  g) instill   h) optimistic  i) pessimistic  j) colloquial

  1. The hill with the M on it is known _____(ly) as Madonna Mountain, but its real name is Cerro San Luis.
  2. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____
  3. Some people in this class have such a _____ of points that they could skip a test, take a zero, and still have an A.
    a) intrigue  b) benevolent c) apprehensive  d) wheedle  e) sift  f) transgression g) aghast  h) ebb i) nondescript  j) enhance
  4. The fan _____(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  5. The new landscaping in front of the house really ________(ed) its value.
  6. The spy novel was full of mystery and ______.
    a) derivative  b) disreputable  c) tumultuous  d) tantalize  e) stanch  f) boon  g) sham  h) abide  i) taunt  j) incompetent
  7. It looks like the train wreck was the result of a(n) ______ engineer driving the train.
  8. Is high-technology a _____ for mankind…
  9. …or is it a _____ and just another way for companies to sell more stuff?
    a) diligent  b) compelling  c) convene  d) turmoil  e) heedless  f) cordial  g) diffident   h) abundant  i) dire  j) grovel
  10. The clown _____(tion) filled the parking lot with tiny cars.
  11. gossipy : discreet :: safe : ______
  12. His brother’s sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family.
    a) adversary  b) aplomb  c) banish  d) grueling  e) perceive  f) disdain  g) dispel   h) engross   i) diminish  j) exhilarate
  13. The amount of crime _____(ed) when police started patrolling the neighborhood more often.
  14. The root origin of this word meant “turned against.”  ________
  15. The root origin of this word meant”balanced and straight and true.” ______


Check RBC Directions: All or Nothing!

“RBC, Directions, 11/13.”

  1. What is the label of the key you would press first to make the Setup menu appear on the screen? a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  2. Once you’re at the Setup menu, what is the label for the key you would press to get to the other menus, such as Timer Setup? (Use the diagram!) a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  3. What key would you press to get back to watching The Simpsons when you’re done setting the timer? (Use the diagram.) a) TIMER b) MENU c) SELECT d) ENTER e) TV
  4. Which is the answer to #4 on p 372? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) NOTA
  5. The warning says that the timer will only work if you have already set the TV clock. a) True b) False
  6. Which of these words should you NOT have circled in response to #1 on p372? a) Quit. b) Press c) Select d) Repeat e) You should have circled all of them.
  7. Which of these numbers had multiple steps? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 5 e) They all had multiple steps.

“A Sound of Thunder”

What three things could the phrase “a sound of thunder” represent?
What is the real theme of the story?

Time and Punishment”??!



Time? (LOL) “The Flying Machine”

What do you think this expression means: “The end justifies the means”?
The word MEANS means HOW to get to a goal; that is WHAT you DO to achieve your END, which is your goal.

So… Does it?

Wednesday, 10/16: Transitions/Sentence Scramble, Vocab, TMA

“S and T, 10/16.” Try to punctuate correctly!

  1. –however  –many books  –I would like  –I don’t have  –to read  –enough time
  2. –nevertheless  –seems effective  –more research  –to see  –the medication  –must be done  — if it’s safe
  3. –in fact  — at all  –a beast  –a gentle giant  –is not  –that llama  –he is


“Vocabulary, 10/16.” Checking SMYK’s.

  1.  (Lawyer’s Office) “This is the letter A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet. So much for the initial consultation. Further advice requires $1000.” ______
  2. (Giant wave and huge storm.)_____
  3. (Mickey being pulled along by the aroma of a cake.) _____
  4. (Pic of willow tree bark and bottle of aspirin.) _____
  5. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____ (Bonus: Add -ing to another vocab word, and it becomes a 2nd correct answer!)
  6. I cannot ____ someone who cheats. He or she will face consequences.
  7. Winning the lottery is not always the _____ people think it will be.
  8. Some people think it’s a good idea to build a giant fence to try to _____ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  9. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will _____ in the hallways.
  10. He bought his computer from a(n) ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck. (Not sham.)
  11. We must all ____ by the same rules.
  12. The word midwife is a ______ of the Middle English words meaning “with woman.”
  13. * Many of the the company’s factory workers have been ____(ed) by industrial robots.


“TMA Quick Quiz, 10/16.”  (5)

  1. Why does Jane make Beetle wait outside while she works?
  2. Why do the villagers not like the midwife?  She’s ______.
  3. Why do the other villagers taunt and tease and abuse Beetle?
  4. What event prompted Beetle to start watching through the windows and learning from Jane?
  5. What seems to be Beetle’s main emotion so far?

Tuesday, 10/8: Apostrophes (Again), Vocab, Outsiders

“Sentence Practice, 10/8.” You don’t even need a comma if you do it correctly!

  • that the doctor
  • if we didn’t
  • we stayed with you
  • told us
  • in the hospital ourselves
  • we were going to
  • get some sleep
  • end up
  • so much


“Apostophes and Plurals, 10/8.”

  1. Spend as long washing ____ hands… (you)
  2. …as it takes to say the _____. (ABC)
  3. We had four ______ in class. (Jake)
  4. The____ clothes are on the second floor (more than 1 child)
  5. Five ____ parents will be guests of honor.  (student)
  6. ______ hair is pretty cool.  (Elvis)
  7. I think that llama is _____.   (they)
  8. The ______ live down the street from us.  (Jones)
  9. I think ____ OK. (they)
  10. Is the title spelled correctly?


Checking Definitions.


“Vocab, 10/8.” * = AW. (13)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. boring : compelling :: aloof : ____
  7. The “consequences” for misbehavior in schools in the old days were sometimes pretty ______. I remember getting hit by a ruler more than once.
  8. His brother’s sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family.
  9. Even though there is actually a(n) _____(ce) of  food being grown in the world, most of it doesn’t get to the people who need it.
  10. (3) Choose the vocab adjective that describes each character.
    – Johnny is _____.
    – According to Cherry, Dally is _____.
    – According to Darry, Pony is _____.
  11. * _____


The Outsiders.  Let’s finish it off.

After: Reread the middle paragraph on p179/p155. It’s the one that begins, “Tell Dally.” What is Pony’s purpose in writing this all down? Respond in your notebook. Do not quote; explain! Make sure your answer has at least one of the following words in it:  because, although, since, even though.

Project Examples.