Wednesday, 10/16: Transitions/Sentence Scramble, Vocab, TMA

“S and T, 10/16.” Try to punctuate correctly!

  1. –however  –many books  –I would like  –I don’t have  –to read  –enough time
  2. –nevertheless  –seems effective  –more research  –to see  –the medication  –must be done  — if it’s safe
  3. –in fact  — at all  –a beast  –a gentle giant  –is not  –that llama  –he is


“Vocabulary, 10/16.” Checking SMYK’s.

  1.  (Lawyer’s Office) “This is the letter A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet. So much for the initial consultation. Further advice requires $1000.” ______
  2. (Giant wave and huge storm.)_____
  3. (Mickey being pulled along by the aroma of a cake.) _____
  4. (Pic of willow tree bark and bottle of aspirin.) _____
  5. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____ (Bonus: Add -ing to another vocab word, and it becomes a 2nd correct answer!)
  6. I cannot ____ someone who cheats. He or she will face consequences.
  7. Winning the lottery is not always the _____ people think it will be.
  8. Some people think it’s a good idea to build a giant fence to try to _____ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  9. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will _____ in the hallways.
  10. He bought his computer from a(n) ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck. (Not sham.)
  11. We must all ____ by the same rules.
  12. The word midwife is a ______ of the Middle English words meaning “with woman.”
  13. * Many of the the company’s factory workers have been ____(ed) by industrial robots.


“TMA Quick Quiz, 10/16.”  (5)

  1. Why does Jane make Beetle wait outside while she works?
  2. Why do the villagers not like the midwife?  She’s ______.
  3. Why do the other villagers taunt and tease and abuse Beetle?
  4. What event prompted Beetle to start watching through the windows and learning from Jane?
  5. What seems to be Beetle’s main emotion so far?

Tuesday, 10/8: Apostrophes (Again), Vocab, Outsiders

“Sentence Practice, 10/8.” You don’t even need a comma if you do it correctly!

  • that the doctor
  • if we didn’t
  • we stayed with you
  • told us
  • in the hospital ourselves
  • we were going to
  • get some sleep
  • end up
  • so much


“Apostophes and Plurals, 10/8.”

  1. Spend as long washing ____ hands… (you)
  2. …as it takes to say the _____. (ABC)
  3. We had four ______ in class. (Jake)
  4. The____ clothes are on the second floor (more than 1 child)
  5. Five ____ parents will be guests of honor.  (student)
  6. ______ hair is pretty cool.  (Elvis)
  7. I think that llama is _____.   (they)
  8. The ______ live down the street from us.  (Jones)
  9. I think ____ OK. (they)
  10. Is the title spelled correctly?


Checking Definitions.


“Vocab, 10/8.” * = AW. (13)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. boring : compelling :: aloof : ____
  7. The “consequences” for misbehavior in schools in the old days were sometimes pretty ______. I remember getting hit by a ruler more than once.
  8. His brother’s sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family.
  9. Even though there is actually a(n) _____(ce) of  food being grown in the world, most of it doesn’t get to the people who need it.
  10. (3) Choose the vocab adjective that describes each character.
    – Johnny is _____.
    – According to Cherry, Dally is _____.
    – According to Darry, Pony is _____.
  11. * _____


The Outsiders.  Let’s finish it off.

After: Reread the middle paragraph on p179/p155. It’s the one that begins, “Tell Dally.” What is Pony’s purpose in writing this all down? Respond in your notebook. Do not quote; explain! Make sure your answer has at least one of the following words in it:  because, although, since, even though.

Project Examples.


Thursday, 10/3: SC, Apostrophe, Vocab + Relay, Outsiders

Tomorrow’s Test: Apostrophes, Vocab, Husker Du, Sentence Scramble, Outsiders.

“Sentence Scramble, 10/3.”
Unscramble into one smooth sentence. Do not add or subtract any words. Punctuate!
–the electrical outlet   –grabbing   –Crazy Cathy   –the cat’s tail   –headed for


“Apostrophe’s +, 10/3.”

  1. _____ llama was selected for the fair.  Charles
  2. I got all ____ on my report card.  A
  3. The _____ lounge is usually off-limits to students. more than one teacher
  4. _____ llama is that?  who
  5. I think that llama is _____.   they
  6. The ____ softball team mascot is a llama.  more than one woman
  7. I think ____ going to be OK.  they
  8. All the ____ haircuts looked dorky.  more than one llama
  9. Is the title above spelled correctly?
  10. Is AW’s in the title below spelled correctly?

“Vocabulary, 10/3.” Each word used once. No AW’s.

  1. One of the themes of The Outsiders is that what you _____ is not necessarily what the reality is.
  2. The amount of crime _____(ed) when police started patrolling the neighborhood more often.
  3. I would like to _____ these rumors by explaining what the facts are.
  4. The 5 hour Advanced Placement exam was very _______.
  5. She has a great _____ for companies that mistreat their workers and refuses to buy their products. (Bonus: What recent, previous vocab word is she demonstrating?)
  6. The root origins of this word meant “curse and proclamation.” _____ (Hint: Who would make a proclamation?)
  7. The root origin of this word meant “cheerful.” _____
  8. The root origin of this word meant ” in large letters.” _____
  9. The root origin of this word meant “turned against.” _____
  10. The root origin of this word meant “digestion.” _____
  11. The root origin of this word meant”balanced and straight and true.” ______





  • Five (5) minutes to finish ch 9 Quiz.
  • Trade and Grade Quiz.
  • Continue reading ch 10.
  • Faster Readers: Keep your mouths shut.
  • When you finish chapter 10: Go see Mr. Coward for the Chapter 10 big question. Return to your desk and thoughtfully answer the question in your notebook under the title: “Why?”
  • Then get a ch10 Quiz from the stack (white) and write the ANSWERS (not the letters) in your notebook. Do not write on the question sheet!
  • If you have finished all of the above, work on Extra Credit Vocab Sentences.

Wednesday, 10/2: Apostrophes, Vocab, Outsiders

“Sentence Scramble, 10/2.”  Unscramble into a smooth sentence. You must use all the pieces intact, but there is more than one way to arrange them. Write the completed and punctuated sentence in your notebook. (+1 each for extras.)

  • her creamed corn
  • yelling
  • at the baby sitter
  • onto the floor
  • Jennifer flipped


“Apostrophes, 10/2.” COPY the boldfaced, underlined parts. Pluralize and/or possessify. REMEMBER: You get ONE “S”!

  1. She’s sure ____  all right. (it)
  2. My friend _____ goal is to become an astronaut. (Maria)
  3. _____ bright idea was this?  (who)
  4. It was every single _____ nightmare. (student)
  5. The llama wagged ____ tail. (it)
  6. All the ____ clothing is on the second floor. (more than one man)
  7. All the _____ uniforms were new. (player)
  8. The best era for music was the ____. (70)


“Vocab, 10/2.” More than one possible on some.  *13. = AW.

  1. confused : savvy :: bored : ______(ed)
  2. His feeling of accomplishment was ______(ed) when he found out that EVERYONE received an A on the test.
  3. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This means that whoever is doing the _____(ing) is the one who judges how beautiful something is.
  4. She speaks both French and German with equal ______. She’s very smooth.
  5. His political ____(s) tried to prevent him from winning the election.
  6. Which word best captures the Soc’s attitude  (attitude!toward the greasers? ____
  7. He was ___(ed) to his room until his homework was finished.
  8. As the snowfall ____(ed), we were finally able to see the road.
  9. _____
  10. _____
  11. _____
  12. _____
  13. * There was a flaw in the ____ of the new Boeing 737 MAX which made it difficult to fly.



  • Finish ch. 9 silently.
  • Open your notebook, and title it, “Outsiders, Ch. 9.”
  • Choose ONE of the quotes below, copy the underlined part, and respond with at least a paragraph. What does the person mean? Why is this important? Use at least one example from the book to back up whatever you say.
    1. Dally: “…Crazy for wanting Johnny to stay outta trouble, for not wantin’ him to get hard.  If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess.  If he’d got smart like me he’d never have run into that church.  That’s what you get for helpin’ people.  Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble… You’d better wise up, Pony… you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt.  You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…”  (pssst: irony.)
    2. Johnny: “Stay gold.”
    3. BONUS: Connect the two quotes!
  • Go get a Chapter 9 Quiz from the stack (BUFF Color). Under the title “Chapter 9 Quiz,” write the ANSWER, not the letter to each question. DO NOT WRITE ON THE HANDOUT! Return it to the pile when you are finished.
  • Close your notebook and continue reading ch 10.
  • Faster Readers: Keep your mouths shut.
  • If you finish chapter 10: Go see Mr. Coward for the Chapter 10 big question. Return to your desk and thoughtfully answer the question in your notebook under the title: “Why?”
  • Then  get a ch10 Quiz from the stack (white) and write the ANSWERS (not the letters) in your notebook. Do not write on the question sheet!

Thursday, 9/26: Vocab, FRO’s, Sentence Scramble, Outsiders

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, FROs, Outsiders, Sentence Scramble (or Combining).

“Vocab, 9/26.”
michael-maslin-hey-don-t-blame-me-i-don-t-make-the-laws-i-just-circumvent-them-new-yorker-cartoonpremonitionIt was ugs discovery...but it would be exploited by others.   'Finding work may not make YOU happy but it would make me delirious!'

1.”Don’t blame me! I don’t make the laws, I just _____them!”
2. “What’s a _____, Joey?” “I knew you were going to say that!”
3. It was Ug’s discovery, but it would be____(ed) by others.
4. “Finding work may not make you happy, but it would make me _____(ly) happy.”
5. I was _____ and bored when Mom made me go to my sister’s ballet recital.
6. Dally’s [_____] ______(s) have landed him in jail more than once.   [  ] = one of last week’s vocab words = extra credit.
7. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year.
8. Grandpa Simpson likes to ____ about his days as a young man when things were “better.”
9. The greasers and the Socs have agreed to a sort of _____-fire before the rumble. They have agreed not to fight until the big one.
10. The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.


Clicker UP!

“FROs, 9/26.” Can you prove you deserve to be exempt? You must fly SOLO on this one
a) Fragment  b) Run On  c) Correct Sentence

  1. While my llama gently weeps.
  2. Up one side and down the other went the llama.
  3. While the llama is a quadruped, he also has fins for swimming.
  4. In the beginning, there was nothing but llamas.
  5. That time the llama trained to be a ninja.
  6. You can beat the llama’s score you will be part of the elite llama squad.
  7. The llama won the race although he had a broken leg.
  8. The llama couldn’t call his agent his cell phone was dead.
  9. Across the frozen wasteland, chasing the wild llama.
  10. Up, up, and away flew my beautiful llama balloon.


“Sentence SCRAMBLE, 9/26.”  Use every word. Do not break up the pieces any more. Rearrange the chunks until you get the right-sounding sentence. Write it down.

  • and as contemptuously
  • I hated them
  • as Dally Winston hated
  • as bitterly
  • almost on tiptoe
  • of the hospital
  • we went in
  • because the quietness
  • scared us
  • as we roared
  • Dally cussed
  • and nearly tore out
  • out of the Dairy Queen
  • under his breath
  • the transmission of the T-bird


The Outsiders!