Monday, 4/3: Copy Homework, SAWs, Husker Du, Euphemisms, Mars?!

Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 4/3.” – abstain, capacity, distribute, method, morality      6. The Chief Elder said that Jonas had the “______ to see beyond.” 7. After Mardis Gras, you are supposed to ______ from something you like until Easter. 8. This word has to do with scruples. _______ 9. Every Monday, you copy […]

Tuesday, 3/21: Husker Du, Vocab, Giver + Project + Movie

“Husker Du, 3/21.” First Period, Test #6. My mom said my argument was not ______(ly) ______…  a) impact/valid  b) potential/sufficient  c) demonstrate/considerable  d) sufficient/valid  e) sufficient/skimpy …and I did not ______ the need for a new game system, so I was denied.  a) considerable  b) demonstrate  c) valid  d) sufficient  e) NOTA Months may pass […]

Monday, 3/20: Copy Homework, SAWs, Wheel of Doom, Debrief Test 27, Giver

Copy homework into planner. I will have Giver Project handouts tomorrow. “SAWs, 3/20.”  Each word twice; once for a picture and once for a sentence. formulate, criteria, assess, standardized, correspond      6. The root of this word means to judge.  _______ 7. After a lot of thinking, he _____(ed) a plan. 8. After her friend […]