Wednesday, 3/4: Husker Du, Vocab, Giver

“Husker Du, 3/4.” Period One. (Test #19)
a) enhance  b) migration  c) conflicted  d) fundamental  e) attribute  f) despite  g) integrate  h) justify  i) valid 

  • 6. Ponyboy was _____ about being a greaser.
  • 7. Always _____ your KBARR predictions with reasons from the book.
  • 10. Since my llama left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell.  a) I  b) D  c) I + D  d) D + I
  • 11. Because Zoltan forgot his wallet, he couldn’t buy broccoli.  a) I  b) D  c) I + D  d) D + I
  • 30. Read this paragraph from the article.
    By the spring of 1945, German leadership was dissolving amid internal conflict. Several Nazi leaders were trying to distance themselves from Hitler and take power. In his last will and political testament, dictated in a German bunker on April 29, Hitler blamed the war on “international Jewry and its helpers.” The following day, he committed suicide. Germany’s formal surrender in World War II came barely a week later, on May 8, 1945.
    What can be inferred from this paragraph?  a) Hitler’s death was the primary reason for Germany’s eventual surrender and the end of World War II.  b) Hitler continued to believe in his cruel and hateful ideas despite evidence that he had lost the support of others.  c) Nazi leaders believed that Hitler would have continued to lead them to victory if he had not committed suicide.  d) Nazi leaders had planned to take power from Hitler since the beginning of the war but were unable to do so.

“Husker Du, 3/4.” Period Two. (Test #13)

  • 4. My mom didn’t find my reasons for “needing” an X-Box8 very _____, and I was denied.  a) benevolent  b) diligent  c) compelling  d) enhance  e) disreputable  f) NOTA
  • 5. Darry thought Ponyboy was _____ and didn’t use common sense.  a) heedless  b) disreputable  c) dire  d) exhilarating  e) diligent  f) NOTA
  • 6. gossipy : discreet :: outgoing : ______  a) grueling  b) cordial  c) compelling  d) abundant  e) diffident  f) NOTA
  • 10. Dally obviously has great _____ for the law and tries to circumvent it as often as he can.  a) transgression  b) disdain  c) aghast  d) heedless  e) disreputable  f) NOTA
  • 20. The Emperor is really afraid of… a) inventiveness.  b) the future.  c) the Flying One.  d) flying machines.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/4.” Period Five. (Test #17)
a) quarantine  b) hypochondria  c) pandemonium  d) defray  e) subjugate  f) resolute  g) intercede  h) disgruntled   i) wallow   j) pauper

  • 7. There was _____ in the streets of Philadelphia after the Super Bowl win.
  • 8. Though Vladek is rich, he lives like a _______.
  • 12. If you want to meet her, you’re going to have to take the _____and introduce yourself.  a) incidence  b) initiative  c) incorporate  d) acknowledge  e) transport
  • 13. The roots of this word literally mean across to carry. _____  a) incidence  b) initiative  c) incorporate  d) acknowledge  e) transport
  • 23. ID: The Gemeinde.  a) One of the Nazi death camps.  b) A Jewish ghetto.  c) The Jewish community organization dealing with the Nazis.  d) Wolfe’s family name.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/4.” Period Six. (Test #14) Answer, not letter.
a) vivid  b) saw  c) aspire  d) pacify  e) daunting  f) diminutive  g) pragmatic  h) volatile  i) dilemma  j) iconic 

  • 6. She faced a _____ about turning in her friend for cheating.
  • 7. The root of this word means “life.” _____
  • 10. They tried to ______ the angry mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.
  • 11. “Dig and be dug in return” is Langston Hughes’s version of the old ____ about treating others how you want to be treated.
  • 17. “Get Steve–Get Charlie–They’re working together!!” a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax   e) falling action  f) resolution  g) theme  h) irony


Checking SMYK’s.

“Vocab, 3/4.” If the word is used correctly, write Yes. If it is used incorrectly, write No.

  1. The bad call which cost them the game incensed the home team.
  2. The team surged from behind at the last minute and pulled out a win.
  3. I was so resent about Mr. Coward assigning a last minute essay.
  4. The city was so sprawl, it took forever to get anywhere.
  5. He had a lapse in judgment and cheated on the test.
  6. I was full of incense after my mom took my phone away.
  7. The sun was so glimmer I had to use sunglasses.
  8. The serene at the beach was so nice after all the noise of the city.
  9. My low grades dismayed my mom.
  10. The idyllic I saw on the Travel Channel is where I want to go on vacation.
  11. The jury didn’t believe his alibi.
  12. People claim to have seen a phantom ship floating on the lake late at night.
  13. For the first time, Jonas felt a glimmer of hope.
  14. Jonas is going to resent having his childhood taken away.
  15. I liked the serenity of the idyllic little village. (Both Yes or both No.)
  16. The ghost phantomed at the top of the stairs.
  17. He was sprawled on the floor after the earthquake.
  18. His attention lapsed, and he got caught by surprise.


“Dah Givah, 7-9.” (10)

  1. Why did the Chief Elder make a joke about chastising Asher’s old Instructor of Threes?
  2. What attribute does the Chief Elder say Jonas does not yet possess, but will?
  3. (Quote) What attribute is the Chief Elder unable to describe because she does not understand it?
  4. Why is the Chief Elder unable to prepare Jonas for the pain he will experience?
  5. What makes Jonas feel a “tiny sliver of sureness for the first time”?
  6. What happened to the previous selection for the new Receiver?
  7. (3) Jonas’s sheet only had eight instructions. All but three of them disturbed him. Which three were the least disturbing to him?  (p65/p86-87)
  8. (quote) Why does the final rule unnerve Jonas so much?


Dah Givah aloud.