Monday, 4/10: SAWs, Husker Du, Mars!

Here’s a link to Friday’s Test if you missed it. Guest Teacher Behavior!? Really?! “SAWs, 4/10.” – guarantee, contrast, parallel, industry, logical      6. At first Pony only saw the ______(s) between his life and Cherry’s… 7. …but soon he realized there were many ______, and they weren’t as different as they seemed. 8. This word […]

Wednesday, 4/5

Wednesday, 4/5/17 — Welcome Guest Teacher! “Apostrophes, 4/5.” (2) Do you know _____ _____?  (you, ABC) We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.) Please make sure you cross all the ____ in your essay.  (T) The sign said “_____ Greetings.”  (Season) (2) ____ very important to give the llama […]

Tuesday, 4/4: Apostrophes, Vocab, Flying Machine, Mars!

“Apostrophe’s Review, 4/4.” Our family has a hard time keeping up with the _____. (Jones) ______ are not allowed… (Student) …in the ______ lounge.   (more than one teacher) We have three _____ in our class.  (Johnny) _____ responsible for this mess?  (Who) Find the mistake above.   “Vocab, 4/4.” _____ _____ _____ _____ We spent […]

Monday, 4/3: Copy Homework, SAWs, Husker Du, Euphemisms, Mars?!

Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 4/3.” – abstain, capacity, distribute, method, morality      6. The Chief Elder said that Jonas had the “______ to see beyond.” 7. After Mardis Gras, you are supposed to ______ from something you like until Easter. 8. This word has to do with scruples. _______ 9. Every Monday, you copy […]

Friday, 3/31: SRI, Work, Madlibs

Giver Projects due! Chromies! SRI. Click: Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 12/5. With any luck, we should have improved. Right? Finished? Work on your Giver Book v Movie blog post which is due Tuesday. Do […]