Wednesday, 5/24:

Bessie Smith, bop, Bach. OK, let’s talk about this… “Go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you— Then, it will be true.” Hmmm. What does that mean? “I guess I’m what  I feel and see and hear” What do you FEEL and see and hear? YEE Three!   […]

Tuesday, 5/23 (11): English B, Yee#2, Finish SBAC

“English B, 5/23.” The word theme, as it is used here, means… The word “true” in line #5 most likely means… “I am the only colored student in my class. …sit down and write this page”   He makes a big deal about how he gets home to do this paper because… (quote) Which line in […]

Tuesday, 5/16: SBAC Testing

SBAC TESTING SCHEDULE. Announcements– 8:15-8:25  1st Period– 8:25-10:13  BREAK– 10:13-10:33  3rd Period– 10:38-12:26  LUNCH– 12:26-1:06  5th Period– 1:11-2:59 

Monday, 5/15 (17): SRI, Debrief Test #33.

No homework this week. SBAC starts tomorrow. Bring your headphones! 2017 SBAC Daily Block Testing Schedules SRI. Click: Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 3/31. With any luck, we should have improved. Right? If you have […]