Wednesday, 10/11: Apostrophes, Vocab, Outsiders

“Sentence Scramble, 10/11.”  Unscramble into a smooth sentence. You must use all the pieces intact, but there is more than one way to arrange them. Write the completed and punctuated sentence in your notebook. (+1 each for extras.) her creamed corn yelling at the baby sitter onto the floor Jennifer flipped     “Apostrophes, 10/11.” […]

Tuesday, 10/10: Apostrophes, Vocab, Outsiders

Question: What are the three uses for apostrophes? “Apostrophes, 10/10.” Copy only the bold-faced, underlined part. Write the correct form of the word for each blank. You might have to pluralize and/or possessify. YOU get ONE S. The  _____ car is equipped with laser cannons. (spy) _____ going to the store for llama cheese. (they) _____ going with them? […]

Monday, 10/9: Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #7, Outsiders!

Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 10/9.”  wiretap(ping), patriot, eliminate, suspicious, source        Go over Test #7.   “Apostrophes, 10/9.” COPY the underlined parts and fill in the blank with the correct answer. Spend as long washing ____ hands…  a) you’re b) your  c) your’e    d) Something else: write it. …as it takes to say the _____.   […]

Friday, 10/6: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #7

Prep sheet for Test #7: KBAR: ___/40 Vocabulary Homework: ____/20   Vocab Practices: 10/3: ____/12    10/4: ____/13 Other Extra Credit:   +3 for Periods 2 AND 3 for Vocab Relay. +1 for extra SC sentence.   Mental Floss. Supply the missing four words to make a famous expression. (No, you don’t get to ask any questions.) […]

Tuesday, 10/3: Vocab, Sentence Combo, Tell Me a Story, Outsiders

New Seating Chart. Checking: Definitions. “Vocab, 10/3.” ALL PICTURES! “Sentence Combining, 10/3.” The water came from it.  The water was like liquid ice.  The water tasted funny.  It was water. (Use the word but.) (p69) I realized something.  These three people appealed to me.  These three people were like heroes.  The heroes were in novels. […]