Friday, 12/9: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test 15, MoMS!

Prep sheet for Test #15:
Vocabulary Practices:  12/7: ____/12  12/6: ____/15
Vocab H/W: ___/20
Other Extra Credit: Period 3 gets +3 for Vocab Relay, Period 6 gets +1. Also: Cerro San Luis +1, phenomena +1, 1941 +1.

Mental Floss.

  1. Wacky Wordy: What phrase is represented by the following?look kool XtXhXeXsXtXrXeXeXtX
  2. What musical instruments are represented below?
    a)  P O     b)  BA BA    c)  ECLART     d)  @ # $ %
  3. Add together each of the defined words to get a whole new word. Example: to shout + what you say when you feel pain = yellow.
    a) A light brown color + to leave = ____  b) Vehicle + an animal pal = _____   c) A store’s announcement + a type of women’s clothing  = ______
  4. These groups of three definitions describe three words that are spelled the same, except for one letter. (Example: king, ring, wing.) What are they?
    a) finished, to sleep lightly, a measured quantity     b) sneaky, to secretly observe, an enclosure for pigs

Test #15.

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
You have just crossed over into… The Twilight Zone!


Thursday, 12/8: Vocab Relay, Research, Monsters!

Tomorrow’s (Short) Test: Vocab, MoMS, Husker Du.

NextGen VOCABULARY RELAY! The class that gets around the room fastest with the fewest mistakes wins! If you are one of the people that gets a rerun, you’d better be ready! Count off, remember your number, and preview your question before we get to you.

  1. True/False? Referring to a judge as “Your Honor,” is an example of a colloquialism.
  2. True/False? Always eating chicken before a baseball game is a good example of an idiosyncrasy.
  3. True/False?  In the word insomnia, the prefix in- means into.
  4. True/False?  Shaving your head is an example of a metamorphosis.
  5. True/False? Mr. Coward uses many colloquialisms.
  6. True/False? The word scapegoat is based on actual goats.
  7. True/False? In the word instill, the prefix in– means not.
  8. True/False? The word scapegoat can be used as a verb.
  9. True/False? In the word transfixed, the prefix trans– means nailed.
  10. True/False?To be called a phenomenon, it has to be inexplicable.
  11. True/False? At the end of The Midwife’s Apprentice, Alyce is optimistic.
  12. True/False?  Dally was a pessimistic person.
  13. True/False?  The sun coming up every morning is a phenomenon.
  14. True/False?  The sun coming up every morning is inexplicable.


“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Act II.
(Video tomorrow.)

Let’s preview a few MoMS test questions.


Anti-Plagiarism Example.

You should have:

Works Cited.

  1. Source #1
  2. Source #2
  3. etc.
What is a SWAT officer?What training…?Etc.
SWAT Officers
(rough draft)Officer Jim Dandy
listened to the voice in his
earphone as he slowly
approached the building…

Wednesday, 12/7: Vocabulary, Research, Monsters!

You Better Know: What infamous event in history occurred on this day? In what year?

“Vocabulary 12/7.”

  1. (2) _____ and ______
  2. _____
  3. “Quick, Bartlett! ______ them with hope!”
  4. “It’s times like these we really need to roll up our sleeves, rally together, and find a _____.”
  5. Everybody has _______(s) that other people might find weird.
  6. Patience with the ways of nature had been ____(ed) in her by her father.
  7. The root of this word means sleep: _____
  8. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____
  9. (2) The prefix of these words means not: _____ (Not instill; that one means “into.”)
  10. *** This word literally means “across to send.” _____


“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” p246.

Discuss in your group:

  • What is the purpose of fear?  (Why do we get scared?)
  • Why do we like it sometimes? (Don’t say, “It’s fun.” Duh.)
  • What are (most) humans scared of?
  • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (Meaning? Bonus: Who said that famous quote?)