Wednesday, 10/18: Sentence Scramble, KoS, Vocab, TMA

“Sentence Scramble, 10/18.”

  • for the warm rotting
  • for she hoped for nothing
  • tonight she settled
  • and expected nothing
  • of a dung heap
  • where she dreamed of nothing

(page 2)


declarative (D) sentence makes a statement. It ends with a period.
An interrogative (INT) sentence asks a question. It ends with a question mark.
An imperative (IMP) sentence tells or asks someone to do something. It usually ends with a period.
An exclamatory (E) sentence shows STRONG feeling. It always ends with an exclamation point.

“Warm Up, 10/18. KoS.” For 1-7 write D, IMP, INT, or E.

  1. Do you know what Limburger is
  2. Please tell me what Limburger is    (Bonus: Do it.)
  3. Will you please tell me what Limburger is
  4. It is soooo unfair that you won’t tell me what Limburger is
  5. I know what Limburger is
  6. Oh how easy it is now to make Limburger
  7. Think about how you might use Limburger in your life

  8. Rearrange the words to turn #1 into a different kind of sentence. Do not add or subtract words. Write the sentence.


“Vocabulary, 10/18.” Write the word. You will use words more than once.

  1. (2) In the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare,” the tortoise is ______ and the hare is ______.
    "Nothing but junk mail and a death certificate."accurate-problem-definition-is-critical-to-effective-problem-solvingrichiie_rich
  2. “Nothing in the mail but junk mail and a death certificate.”
  3. “Election years are the best time to land–they never notice us in all the _____.”
  4. ______
  5. ______
  6. After he forgot his wife’s birthday, he had to _____ for several days before she forgave him.
  7. He practiced the skate trick ______(ly) until he got it right.
  8. My mom didn’t find my reasons for “needing” an X-Box8 very _____, so I was denied.
  9. He was so hungry that he ate the food, ____ of the mold around the edges.
  10. The warnings about the storm were ____. It was clear you needed to take cover.
  11. compelling : boring  ::  cordial :  ____
  12. *_____   13.*(un)_____



“The Midwife’s Apprentice, 10/18.”  Bonus if you answer with a quote from the book.

  1. Why do the boys bully and taunt Brat/Beetle?
  2. Why does she put up with it?

Chapter 2: The Cat

Chapter 3: The Midwife

For each chapter: 1,1,1 in your notebook. One summary sentence. One reaction. One Question.


Wednesday, 10/11: Apostrophes, Vocab, Outsiders

“Sentence Scramble, 10/11.”  Unscramble into a smooth sentence. You must use all the pieces intact, but there is more than one way to arrange them. Write the completed and punctuated sentence in your notebook. (+1 each for extras.)

  • her creamed corn
  • yelling
  • at the baby sitter
  • onto the floor
  • Jennifer flipped



“Apostrophes, 10/11.” Pluralize and/or possessify. 

  1. She’s sure ____ going to be all right. (it)
  2. My friend _____ goal is to become an astronaut. (Maria)
  3. _____ bright idea was this?  (who)
  4. It was every single _____ nightmare. (student)
  5. The llama wagged ____ tail. (it)
  6. All the ____ clothing is on the second floor. (more than one man)
  7. All the _____ uniforms were new. (player)
  8. The best era for music was the ____. (70)


“Vocab, 10/11.”
Mona-Lisa-2Signpost with the words Help, Support, Advice, Guidance and Assistance on the direction arrows, against a bright blue cloudy sky.blankface

  1. What a(n) ______(ing) smile!
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. “I’m not paranoid! I’m _____ about being apprehended!”
  5. While Mr. Buffy was in training, he took several different vitamin ______(s). (You’ll have to change the form of the word.)
  6. The principal had to ____ through all the conflicting stories to get at the truth.
  7. The fan ____(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  8. I was ____ when I saw the 5/10 rating from the guest teacher! (Not apprehensive.)
  9. People get cosmetic surgery because they think it will _____ their appearance.
  10. Cigarette smoking has ___(ed) since 1967 to its lowest rate ever.
  11. As a rule, grandparents respond to _____(ing) more than parents do.
  12. *It is supposed to be a _____(ic) moment when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


Outsiders, 9-10. Place the events below on Plot Mountain. More than one event can be in the same place.
exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution

  1. the fire in the church ______
  2. the greasers win the rumble ______
  3. Pony wakes up with a concussion ______
  4. Johnny and Dally die ______
  5. Johnny kills Bob ______
  6. the boys hide out in the church ______
  7. Dally, Johnny, and Pony go to the movies ______

Big Questions so far:

Did Dally die gallant?  What makes you think so/not? Why was his death sadder than Johnny’s?

Outsiders, chapter 11.

How long has passed up to now since the beginning of the book?

Wednesday, 9/27: Vocab, Sentence Combining, FROs, Outsiders

“Vocab, 9/27.” You will use words more than once.
1. ____  2. ____ 3._____ 4.____
5.  flashback : reveals :: ____ : foreshadows
6. He was a bit ____ after he got hit in the head during the rumble.
7. Two-Bit told Pony about one of his ____(s) while Pony did the dishes.
8. The company that made that toy is now ______, so you can’t buy it any more.
9. mature : juvenile :: clear-headed : _______
10. The thief ____(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels.
11. It is sometimes fun to ___ a little brother or sister’s lack of savvy.

12. * Draw a picture that represents one of the SAWs for this week. No WORDS!!! Each person in the group has to pick a different word to draw. You may suggest pictures for each other to draw. I will choose notebook to display to see if we can ID your pic.


“Sentence Combining, 9/27.”

1a. The teacher said something.  1b. She said to get in our seats.  1c. One student did something else.  1d. That student ran around the room.  1e. The running was delirious.
Hint: comma + but. Also: -ly  

2a. Cell phones are banned.  2b. They are banned in most schools.  2c. Cell phones cause distractions.  2d. The distractions are to learning.  2e. Cell phones are sometimes used for cheating.
Hint: because. Also: comma + and.


“FROs, 9/27.” CS, F, RO?

  1. Five times in a row the boys rode the roller coaster.
  2. The curtain opened the show began.
  3. For example, the introduction of llamas into the classroom.
  4. May groan, spit, or kick.
  5. A young llama, while a bit awkward, is still a scary opponent.
  6. What a fragment is.
  7. Up one side and down the other went the llama.
  8. This restaurant discriminates against llamas let’s boycott it!
  9. Joey and the llama went hiking and fishing in the country.



Questions for the Homie Groups:
What was the inciting incident of the Pony vs Darry conflict? What was the climax?


Read aloud.

Tuesday, 9/26: Vocab, FROs, Sentence Combining, Outsiders

“Vocab, 9/26.” (15)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. At the family reunion, we sat around ___(ing) about the last reunion.
  7. The world traveler’s _____(s) made for an exciting book.
  8. The quarterback ____(ed) every weakness in the defense, and threw for 5 touchdowns.
  9. “Johnnycake made a kind of a gasp and his eyes were ______(ing)” with rage.”
  10. Ponyboy has a ______ when they first arrive at the church that something bad might happen. (Bonus: What’s the literary version of this?)
  11. reminisce : predict :: obey : _____
  12. * (4) The billionaire started a ______  _____ to try to ______ the goal of ____(ing) the human lifespan. (Only crucial not used.)


“Sentence Combining, 9/26.” AS A GROUP, come up with the smoothest sounding sentence you can for each group. EVERYBODY must have the sentence combo written down before you move to the next one. Be sure to read the sentence aloud to yourself before you decide it’s OK. When I call on your group, you must all read the sentence out loud together.

1a. The table is littered with garbage.   1b. The garbage belongs to the “other guy.”
HINT: Use an apostrophe!

2a. Dishes are stacked in a clutter.   2b. Cups are stacked in a clutter.   2c. Yogurt cartons are stacked in a clutter.   2d. The clutter is disgusting.
HINT: Commas + and!

3a. Off to one side is a hamburger.   3b. The hamburger is half-eaten.   3c. Flies swarm about there.   3d. The swarming is hungry.
HINT: Hungrily.


FROs. Trade and Grade p28. +1 for 11/13, +2 for 12/13, +3 for 13/13. -5 for not done.


“The Outsiders, Chapter 6 Reading Check, 9/26.” Write the answer.

  1. (“Quote.”) What is one of the reasons Dally gave Johnny for not turning himself in? (p89-90)
  2. What do we learn about Dally when he talks to Johnny about jail? (p89-90)
  3. When does Pony say was the first time he ever saw Johnny without that “defeated, suspicious look” on his face?  (p92)
  4. True/False? It was ironic that Pony mentioned that he wanted to take off Dally’s jacket in the church because it was too hot.
  5. True/False?  It is ironic when Jerry says, “…Or are you just professional heroes or something?”
  6. How/when does Pony finally realize that Darry really does care about him? (p98)

Thursday, 9/21: Vocab + Relay, Sentence Combining, FROs, Outsiders

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, FROs, Outsiders, Husker Du, maybe Sentence Combining.

“Vocab, 9/21.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. humble : vain :: nonchalant : _____
  5. Life is made up of thousands of ____ decisions every day, but some are more important than others.
  6. If you ____ (ed) CPK last night, it benefited the band program.
  7. I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions.
  8. Buck Merrill sometimes sold _____ alcohol.  (It was called bootlegging.)
  9. A spy must use ____(ion) and not go blabbing secrets around.
  10. I finally had to poke him to ____ any response at all!
  11. Johnny and Two-Bit were _____ by what Pony said about Darry being mean.



“Sentence Combining, 9/21.” — Combine each group of short, choppy sentences into one smooth-sounding sentence. You may add, subtract, or change words, but make sure to keep the meaning of all the parts.  You will have to punctuate as appropriate. (Bonus: Write more than one combination!)

  1. a) Then a voice freezes his behavior.   b) The voice is stern.   c) The behavior is disturbing.
  2. a) His teacher appears unamused.   b) His teacher is a woman.   c) She is very quiet.   d) She has karate experience.


“FROs 9/21.” Fix the wrong ones for bonus.

  1. Hide in burrows and beneath rocks.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  2. As I wandered too close to the fire.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  3. With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  4. Herds of fiendish llamas called dooms roam the empty countryside.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  5. Is this a fragment?  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  6. The strange life of the llama.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  7. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on
  8. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.  a) correct sentence  b) fragment  c) run on


Outsiders and Plot. Bonus Lightning Round.  Aloud.

After we are introduced to the characters and their situations in the 1)______, we get to the 2)______, which sets our story in motion. The 3)______ is usually the longest part of the story and full of ups and downs. This is where we build up the anticipation for the 4)_____ of the story, which is the highest point of the action in the story and steers us toward our 5) ______ and finally to the “and they all lived happily ever after” of the 6) ______.