Thursday, 9/8: Spelling/SAWs, Outsiders, Voibs!

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling, SAWs (all), Outsiders, Husker Du?
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Double-Feature Preview: “Verb!” and “Mr. Morton”

“Warm Up, 9/8.” (17!) Write the answer only. Spelling or SAW (all 10).
maturity, narrative, creative, believable, cooperation, movable,
ignorance, requirement, revision, security, insurance, separately

  1. a) revision  b) requirement  c) beleivable  d) all correct

  2. young : mature :: stationary : _____
  3. (2) His instructions were so ______ that everyone _______(ed) them differently.
  4. His loss in the race was _____ a pulled hamstring muscle.
  5. “_____ is bliss.”
  6. option : requirement :: conflict : _______
  7. (2) A first -person _______ is sometimes more _______ because we usually trust the narrator to tell his own story.

    List all the adjectives you find in each sentence.

  8. My pink llama swam smoothly across the calm seas to his hidden lair.
  9. I climbed Mt. Cheese only to find that the view was disappointing.

    List the verbs you find in each sentence.

  10. “I am wet!” she cried, with a frown on her face.
  11. Millie felt scared as she peeked around the corner.


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The Outsiders!