Tuesday, 9/19: Vocab, FROs, Outsiders

Checking SMYKs.

Bonus: Homophones:
Spell all three correctly for +3!


“Vocab, 9/19.” * = current SAW.


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. buy : sell :: boycott : ____
  5. legitimate : illicit :: combined : ____
  6. The teacher tried to ____ the correct response from the students by giving hints.
  7. This word literally means “discovered speechless.” ______
  8. I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions.
  9. I was _____ to tell the teacher about the cheating I saw, because the person was my friend.
  10. * (3) Could you please ____ the source where you found the _____ that you used for your _____?


FROs! Fragments and Run Ons.

What’s wrong with this?

Why is this ironic and funny?

What does a sentence have to have?
What is a sentence fragment? How could we fix it?
What is a run-on? How could we fix it?

“FRO Practice I, 9/21.”  (7p) Write CS, F, or RO for each word group. How could we fix the FROs?

  1. Laughing at the comedian’s act.
  2. Chief Wiggum, the doughnut-eater and chief cop.
  3. Up the mountain we hiked.
  4. The wagon was loaded with food it was pulled by two teams of horses.
  5. There are shells all over the beach let’s collect some!
  6. On his back, the bug wriggled his little legs.
  7. Into the hole fell he.
  8. I love that story; I have read it three times.




  1. Write a sentence about “Richard Cory” that begins with the word although.
  2. On p34-35, Cherry said something to Pony that relates well to the meaning of the poem “Richard Cory.” What did she say to Pony? (Two quotes possible.)

“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

  • What “gold” has Ponyboy lost? Soda?  Darry?


Outsiders aloud.