Thursday, 10/19: Sentence Scramble, KoS, Vocab + Relay, TMA

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, KoS, Husker Du, TMA, Sentence Scramble.

“Sentence Scramble, 10/19.”

  • the soggy sack
  • to the bag
  • and found
  • tangled in
  • she crept up
  • the scrawny, scruffy, orange cat


“KoS, 10/19”

  1. Will you tell me what a llama looks like  a) Declarative  b) Interrogative  c) Imperative   d) Exclamatory
  2. The llama is a quadruped   a) Declarative  b) Interrogative  c) Imperative   d) Exclamatory
  3. Please Google the word llama for me   a) Declarative  b) Interrogative  c) Imperative   d) Exclamatory
  4. A sentence like you might find in an encyclopedia entry would be called a(n) ____ sentence.   a) Declarative  b) Interrogative  c) Imperative   d) Exclamatory
  5. The subject of an imperative sentence is always the word ____.    a) they  b) I  c) somebody  d) it  e) NOTA
  6. Rearrange #1 into a different kind of sentence. Do not add or subtract words.
  7. Rearrange #2 into a different kind of sentence. Do not add or subtract words.


“Vocab, 10/19.”
blog-content bunny 

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______ (Not dire.)
  4. The boy ______(ly) rode his bike into the busy street.
  5. The lawyer’s argument was so _____ the jury acquitted his client.
  6. The clown _____(tion) filled the parking lot with tiny cars.
  7. compelling : boring :: rare: _____
  8. “Now, now, don’t be ______. Speak up!”
  9. Most stores these days don’t ____ over the price.
  10. His _____ facade hid a very dangerous person.
  11. gossipy : discreet :: safe : ______
  12. The only noun on the list: ______


TMA. Practice for tomorrow’s test. With your homies, find the answers to and take notes on the following questions from chapters 1-3.

  1. (ch 1) Sleeping in the dung heap, what did Brat dream of?
  2. (ch 1 or 2) Why did the midwife take Brat in?
  3. (ch 2) How does Beetle react to the boys’ bullying?
  4. (ch 2) Why does she react this way?
  5. (ch 2) Why does Beetle curse at the cat instead of soothing it?
  6. (ch 3) Why does Jane make Beetle wait outside while she works?
  7. (ch 3) Why do the villagers not like the midwife?
  8. (ch 3) Why do the other villagers taunt and tease and abuse Beetle now?
  9. (ch 3) What event prompted Beetle to start watching through the windows and learning from Jane?
  10. (All 3.) What seems to be Beetle’s main emotion so far?


The Midwife’s Apprentice

Mmmmm, Snail Jelly

Let’s look up a few of her remedies.