Tuesday, 3/27: District Writing Assessment, Day One of Three

Please be prepared to take notes, either using a GDoc or old school paper.

Please remember you will have three class periods to read and take notes on the sources and write the essay. You will write the essay in a GDoc AND print it when you are finished.


Suggested Timeline:

  1. Day One: Read the sources carefully, decide on a thesis, take notes to support your thesis.
  2. Day Two: Review your notes and make sure you have enough evidence to write the essay. Maybe make a basic outline:
    • Intro w/ thesis
    • argument + evidence
    • argument + evidence
    • conterargument + shutdown with evidence
    • Conclusion
  3. Day Two: Write your rough draft.
  4. Day Three: Finish rough draft, proofread, proofread, share and print.



Remember that the reason/argument is different from the example/evidence:

Reason/argument: Too much homework takes time away from my family.
Evidence/example: That time I missed my brother’s birthday party because I was doing all that homework Mr. Coward assigns.



  • “according to (author)…”
  • “…(author) argues that…”  (says, makes the claim, etc.)
  • “quote” (Source)


Please click the following link for the directions:  ELA Research Common Assessment.