Wednesday, 4/18: Vocab, Tom Sawyer

Checking SMYKs.

“Gramma Review, 4/18.  Copy and label. (10p)
(The word on is a preposition. “Doh” is extra credit. The is an article, which is technically a ____.)

Doh! Homer tripped very awkwardly and hit his fat head on the door.



“Vocab, 4/18.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. I am not exactly _____ to helping you out of this mess, since it was your own fault.
  6. It was hard for Pony to understand the ____(ing) that Socs had for greasers.
  7. The helpful student picked up the trash with _____ after being asked to help out.
  8. He was ____(ed) to do all his homework before he watched any tv.
  9. He is a rather ____ liar; he tells so many lies, you can never tell which of his stories is true.
  10. obvious : subtle :: bogus : _______
  11. Aunt Polly thought she was being very _____(ful) as she questioned Tom, trying to trick him.
  12. bold : audacious :: patronizing : ______
  13. ** People with criminal backgrounds are legally ____(ed) from working for some government agencies like the FBI.


Tom Sawyer.

Tom Sawyer Quiz, 4/18.” Write the answer.


  1. The Outsiders : Tulsa :: Tom Sawyer :_____
  2. (left) What is wrong with this illustration from the original edition?
  3. (right) Which scene does the right hand pic show? (That’s Jim with the bucket.)
  4. According to MT, what is the difference between work and play?
  5. Who is the “great and wise philosopher” mentioned on p15? (I need a NAME.)
  6. “bully” = “gay”  a) True  b) False

(Bonus) Which character in The Outsiders would agree with the philosophy of “spare the rod, spoil the child”?


Tom Sawyer: Busy at Love and War.