Friday, 2/19 (Periods 1,2,3) – Monday, 2/22 (Periods 5,6)

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Check in in Chat. Vladek Mini Quiz. PRIVATE! Name the character.

  1. p77, 1st panel, the one talking on the left.
  2. p77, 1st panel, the one getting his book taken away.
  3. p77, panel 3, the one talking.
  4. p77, last panel, the one holding the kid.

It’s Monday; you should have sent me your chart a couple of days ago.
Issues/Questions about interviews? Note are due in a week!
Don’t forget: Tomorrow, 2/23 you should have a new 600 words since 2/16.

SGI: Everyone for SMYK’s.  Tip:  Start typing your SMYK’s into your 600 doc for double credit. . And really expaaaaand those sentences for max 600 credit!

“Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences.”
I = Independent Clause  D = Dependent Clause.
(S) Simple Sentence (S) = One I.
(CD) Compound Sentence (CD)  = I + I, joined by a comma and one of the FANBOYS 
(CX) Complex Sentence (CX) = I + D or D + I, joined by although, since, because, while, when, if… etc.)

“S/CD/CX/Frag, 2/19 (2/22).” 

  1. I like turtles   because they are cute.
  2. The llama is a quadruped   with fins for swimming.
  3. I sent the llama to the store   before the party started.
  4. Katy tried to call me  , but   my phone was dead.
  5. You would like it   if you were a llama.
  6. Herbie the llama ate some pizza  , so   he didn’t want dinner.
  7. He failed the test   after he ignored the warning.
  8. He forgot to practice  , yet   he still did well.
  9. Jenni ate the hot dog  , and   she got sick.
  10. Because Jenni ate the hot dog.

“Vocab, 2/19 (2/22).”

you futile441proverbs26_24_twofaced

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. There used to be a TV show called The ____ Gourmet which showed you how to eat well without spending a lot of money.
  6. Art Spiegelman once published magazines of ____ comics like “The Prisoner on the Hell Planet.”
  7. We rushed to ______ together a project before the upcoming deadline.
  8. Horror movies are sort of _______ for many people.
  9. “I never knew a person more _____ than myself. The fact that I say that shows what I say is true.”
  10. The athlete was ___ about the use of steroids. He knew they were harmful, but they helped his performance.
  11. (2) She tried to stay awake during math, but it was ______, and she finally ______(ed) to the sleepiness and nodded off.


Wednesday, 2/17 (Periods 1,2,3) – Thursday, 2/18 (Periods 5,6)

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Check in in Chat. Copy/Paste your interview questions PUBLICLY into the chat.


SGI TODAY: Issues? Interview Problems? Zeros? Overall grade < 60%? I’ll see you there.

Interview next steps. Do the interview and Take Notes. Notes are due March 1 (Periods 1,2,3) and March 2 (Periods 5,6)!

  • Start a new Google Doc for your interview notes. Title it appropriately and share it with me. All interview notes go here.
  • Each question should be “followed up” with another question based on the previous answer.
  • Write down answers to questions. (direct quotes, summaries, notes on attitude, etc.)
  • Note the setting of the interview. (place, time, surroundings, what you’re doing, what they’re doing…)
  • Describe the interviewee. (physical, voice, relationship to you, why you chose this person, attitude, background, hobbies…)
    • Looks. (Details.)
    • Voice and choice of words. Delivery.
    • Personality. (Bitter? Enthusiastic? Happy? Lost in memories? Crabby?  What?)

Be sure to write down everything about how the interview goes down! Notes are due March 1 (Periods 1,2,3) and March 2 (Periods 5,6)!

This is not the final product! You will bring your notes and then we will write the essay!

If you can, ask if you can record it, so you can review it for your notes.

Here are a couple of examples of finished products. Notice the details they include. You need good notes to do this!

The Wise Words of Nana
98 Years of Memories


Notes are due March 1 (Periods 1,2,3) and March 2 (Periods 5,6)!

Debrief Test #11.  S/CD/CX!! Vocab! 4th person?! Really??!?!!

Simple: 1 subject and 1 verb
Compound: comma + FANBOY (1 subject and 1 verb connected to another subject and verb)
Complex: although, because, since, while…  (1 subject and 1 verb connected to another subject and verb)

“Vocab, 2/17 (2/18).”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. It would be ___ of a dishwasher to tell the master chef  how to do things.
  6. All her emotions were released in a ___ moment on the stage as 20,000 people cheered.
  7. During the TV marathon, we _____(ed) for two days on chips, pizza, and Dr. Pepper.
  8. MacGyver could ____ together almost anything from a bomb to a hang-glider from bits of trash he found lying around.
  9. After the long siege, the city knew it was ____ to resist any longer…
  10. …and they finally _____(ed) to the stronger army.
  11. She blamed him for the incident and always looked at him with _____ afterwards.
  12. Though he came from a very religious family, he was still _____ about organized religion; he wasn’t sure what to think.


Friday, 2/12 (Periods 1,2,3) – Tuesday, 2/16 (Periods 5,6)

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Scores in Chat: Word Count: ___, Vocab: ___/10,  ___/12,  ___/12

New Vocab! Check the HOMEWORK PAGE.
KBARR should be finished and sent! (3x) Only 3x again this week.
SGI  Today (TUESDAY, 2/16): Test Retakes (<19/28), Extra Credit Vocab (put it in your 600 words!), and Zero Clearing!
Interview questions due Wednesday (1,2,3)/Thursday (5,6)

Mental Floss in Chat (PRIVATE!!!! PRIVATE!!!! PRIVATE!!!!)

  1. Which one of the following does not belong with the others? Why? (Not a trick. Must get the reason correct.)
    binoculars, eyeglasses, goggles, handlebars, jeans, pliers, scissors, shoes, tweezers
  2. Where can you finish reading several books before you finish even one sentence?
  3. How many sides does a circle have? Explain.
  4. I have three of the same digit. Put together they make twelve. The digit is not 4. What digit is it?
  5. Their are for mestakes in this teaser. Name all the errors.
  6. What is the English word that can be formed using all these letters? PNLLEEEESSSSS.

SGI for RETAKES for scores <19/28.

Test #11 – Period 1

Test #11 – Period 2

Test #11 – Period 3

Test #11 – Period 5

Test #11 – Period 6


Finished Early? You may leave and go work on work.

Wednesday, 2/10 (Periods 1,2,3) – Thursday, 2/11 (Periods5,6)

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Check-in In Chat PRIVATE! PRIVATE! Vladek Quiz.

  1. Why did Vladek’s father always try to keep him and his brothers out of the army?
  2. How many battles did Vladek fight in as a soldier?
  3. How does the German officer know that Vladek isn’t used to physical labor?
  4. Which quote explains why Vladek volunteered for the work camp?  (You may use the letter.)  A) “I’ll be clean, and I’ll feel warm by comparison.”  B) “I want to be treated like a human being.”  C) “My commander made me…”  D) “If we have to die here, let’s die here.”  E) NOTA
  5. What kind of work does Vladek do for the Germans in the work camp?

SGI Thursday: Zero Clearing. Maus book Issues.
Remember: You only need 3 KBARRS this week!
NEW 600 Words is Due BY Tuesday, 2/16.
Test #11 is Friday, 2/12 for Periods 1,2,3 and Tuesday, 2/16 for Periods 5,6. Here is the Preview: Test11-Preview.
EC VOCAB COUNTS for 6o0 words IF it is dated and titled properly

“Vocab 2/10 (2/11).” Each word used  EXACTLY ONCE!!!!

  1. The root of this word was Latin for not in sequence. _____
  2. The root of this word was Latin for agreeable. ______
  3. The root of this word was Latin for needle. _____
  4. The root of this word was Old French for hair. _____
  5. The root of this word was Latin for influence. _____
  6. *The root of this word was Latin for trickery or illusion. _______
  7. The root of this word was Latin for form or pattern. _____
  8. Covid is so ______ now that everyone knows someone who’s had it.
  9. In “Old Glory” the SOS law _____(ed) people of their right to a fair trial. (Bonus what number Amendment to the Constitution is this?)
  10. The Tampa Bay fans were ______ in their support for their team and celebrated crazily after the win.

INTERVIEW Intro!  Preliminary  interview2021 Questions due Wednesday, 2/17 for periods 1,2,3 and Thursday, 2/18 for periods 5,6. COUNTS for 600 words.


Friday, 2/5 (Periods 1,2,3) – Tuesday, 2/9 (Periods 5,6)

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Check-in In Chat: PRIVATE. PRIVATE. (5p – 5min.)

  1. How many words are in your 600 doc right now?
  2. Why did Anja and Vladek go to the sanitarium?
  3. What is a pogrom? (p35)
  4. What did Anja and Richieu do when Vladek was drafted into the army?
  5. (2) Name the two people in panel 1 on p40.

Last week’s KBARR charts are overdue!

New forum is up. You only need 3 KBARRS this week!

SGI 2/9: EVERYONE come back to Show Me You Know. NO, they don’t count for 600.

Open your 600 Words Doc for Sentence SCRAMBLE.
This time do not add or subtract, just rearrange and punctuate. Yes, there are multiple ways. (25 words per)

  • is difficult
  • to work
  • it can be done
  • but
  • if
  • at 12 years of age
  • getting a paying job
  • you are willing
  • for practically nothing

“Vocab, 2/5 (2/9).” (12p)

  1. Give the antonym for this guy’s look. ______
  2. (2) Figure #2 shows the effects of sleep _____(ation) which is very ____ in today’s society.
  3. _____ (Not non sequitur.)
  4. During the Nazi occupation of Poland there was a(n) ______ shortage of food and other necessities in the Jewish community. (Not prevalent.)
  5. The Nuremberg laws _____(ed) the Jews of the right to vote and be citizens.
  6. The roots of this word meant form or pattern. _____
  7. In The Outsiders, the Socs had both wealth and social _______.
  8. Fifth period seems to like to interrupt the class with various ______(s) and random questions.
  9. The con man _____(ly) convinced the old lady that he was in love with her in order to steal her money.
  10. (2) The transfer of the 1936 Olympics to another country would have damaged Germany’s _____, so they enforced their racist laws less _____(ly) during that time.





Live Vladek! (screen share)