Thursday, 12/6: Vocab + Relay, 120, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: 2V!

“Vocab, 12/6.” Each word is used once. Yup, you have to do some thinking on this one.
prestige, deprive, disheveled, suave, affectation, non sequitur, acute, prevalent, ideology, zealous

  1. The root of this word was Latin for influence. _____
  2. The root of this word was Latin for having greater power _____
  3. The root of this word was Latin for not in sequence. _____
  4. The root of this word was Latin for jealous. _____
  5. The root of this word was Latin for agreeable. ______
  6. The root of this word was Latin for needle. _____
  7. The root of this word was Old French for hair. _____
  8. The root of this word was Latin for trickery or illusion. _______
  9. The root of this word was Latin for form or pattern. _____
  10. The roots of this word were Latin for completely away from public life. _____


Vocab Relay! Only 10 words! How fast can you go?

120 Seconds Continues.

Vladek Continues. Artie very often shows Vladek telling his story as he pedals his exercise bike. What is this a good metaphor for?

Questions from tomorrow’s test:

  • Since Vladek and Anja’s family is not getting enough food coupons to eat, how are they getting enough food?
  • Why is Vladek’s brother-in-law, Wolfe, not too worried about the way things are for them now?
  • How does Vladek make money after he loses his factory after coming home from the POW camp?
  • How does Vladek’s father-in-law (Anja’s dad) help him after his first close call on the street?
  •  Who “survived me my life,” according Vladek, when he hid Vladek in his apartment during a roundup.
  • What does Vladek suggest that Anja refuses?


Wednesday, 12/5: Vocab, 120, Vladek

Checking SMYK’s.

“Vocab, 12/5.”

  1. Give the antonym for this guy’s look. ______
  2. (2) Figure #2 shows the effects of sleep _____(ation) which is very ____ in today’s society.
  3. _____ (He’s pretty ____ about coloring.)
  4. _____ (Not non sequitur.)
  5. During the Nazi occupation of Poland there was a(n) ______ shortage of food and other necessities in the Jewish community. (Not prevalent.)
  6. In The Outsiders, the Socs had both wealth and social _______.
  7. Fifth period seems to like to interrupt the class with various ______(s) and random questions.
  8. The con man _____(ly) convinced the old lady that he was in love with her in order to steal her money.
  9. During the period between Mardis Gras and Easter, you are supposed to _____ yourself of something you like. It’s supposed to be a difficult thing to do.  (Bonus: What is this period of time called? Bonus 2: What does Mardis Gras mean?)
  10. (2) The transfer of the 1936 Olympics to another country would have damaged Germany’s _____, so they enforced their racist laws less _____(ly) during that time.
  11. * Near the end of The Midwife’s Apprentice, Alyce is ______ about what path to take with her life.

120 Seconds Continues…

Vladek’s Story Continues…

Tuesday, 12/4: SAWs, Debrief Test #14 (Yay), Vocab, 120 Seconds, Maus

Correct yesterday’s SAWs. +2 for 10/10, +1 for 8 or 9/10.

“Vocab, 12/4.”

  1. ____. (Bonus: Who is this?)
  2. ____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The Nuremberg laws _____(ed) the Jews of the right to vote and be citizens.
  6. The Nazi _____ included racial purity.
  7. A heart attack is a(n) ____ sign of an ongoing disease.
  8. His accent was a(n) ____; he wasn’t really from France.
  9. (see #8) He just thought it made him sound _______.
  10. The camp counselors were too ____ in enforcing the rules, so it wasn’t much fun.
  11. I like turtles” is funny because the line is such a(n) _____.
  12. The Queen of England has ____ but no real power.
  13. * The roots of this word mean “beneath stand thing.”

Go over Test #14. Nice!

120 Seconds!



Monday, 12/3: Homework, SAWs, SRI

Copy homework into planner. 120 Seconds begins tomorrow! We will go over the test tomorrow.

“SAWs, 12/3.”
fundamental (adjective) central; essential; basic
alter (verb) to change
conflicted (adjective) undecided; having feelings that clash
substitute (verb) to replace
compound (noun) mixture
change shutterstock_55013197   

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____(the picture on the right)
  6. Your excuse does not ____ the fact that you are guilty.
  7. At Laguna, ______ teachers are called guest teachers.
  8. Ponyboy was ______ about being a greaser.
  9. There used to be PSA commercials on tv that said “Reading is ____,” with the emphasis on the first three letters. Get it? It’s important and basic, and it’s enjoyable.
  10. A ____ sentence is made up of two or more sentences, properly connected.


SRI – Round II.

Get a Chromebook. Log in. Open Chrome. Come here to


Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 9/4. You should have written your number down back then. Compare!

Here is the chart of YEAR-END Proficiency Ranges.

If you finish early, start your vocab definitions. Link to

Friday, 11/30: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #14

Friday already?!

Prep sheet for Test #14:
KBARR: ___/40      Maus Quizzes: ___/12  ___/3   ___/7
Vocabulary h/w: ___/20     Vocabulary Practices: ___/14  ___/13  ___/14
Other Extra Credit:
+2 for 8/8 on SAWs, +1 for 7/8.
Periods 2 and 5 get +3 for Vocab Relay, Periods 1 and 6 get +1.


Mental Floss.

  1. Wacky Wordies. The colors are not part of the clues.
    a)    b) 
    c)  d) 
  2. Figure out what the three things in each set have in common. Each answer is a six-letter word ending in -s.
    • a) trombone, playground, microscope
    • b) railroad, muddy shoes, music cd
  3. What living creature has fur, four legs, and a tail, eats cat food, meows, and sees equally well from both ends of its body?
  4. Name an English word (there are actually two) of more than two letters that both begins and ends with the letters -he in that order. “Hehe” is not an acceptable answer.


Test #14.

#25: NOT the sleeping one.
#26: The one talking.
#27: The one with glasses.


Thursday, 11/29: Vocab + Relay, Vladek All Day!

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab (inc. SAWs), Vladek, Husker Du.

New Vocab Word: anthropomorphic. Example: Art Spiegelman uses anthropomorphic cats and mice to represent the Nazis and the Jews.

“Vocab, 11/29.” (14)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. You may _______ to someday be as cool as Mr. Coward. (Good luck with that.)
  6. Doing your homework every day before playing video games is a ____ strategy for success.
  7. It was hard to believe that such a huge voice emanated from such a ____ girl.
  8. Even after I apologized and cleaned my room, my mom was not _____(ed); I was still grounded.
  9. (2) Mr. Scrooge (“Bah, Humbug”) is the ____  _____.
  10. * (4) Even after all the ____(cations) and _____(ments) we made, we still had to closely _____ the android’s ______to humanhood.

Vocabulary Relay!






“Maus Quiz, 11/29.” Character ID. ID by name or description or both (for bonus).

  1. p30, panel 1, the only person in the frame.
  2. p30, panel 3, the seated person.
  3. p31, panel 7, the person with the cigarette.
  4. p33, panel 4, the closeup.
  5. p39: the pig
  6. p40, panel 2, the person reading the letter.
  7. p48, panel 4, the person with the beard.


Vladek Aloud.

Wednesday, 11/28: Vocab, Maus

“Vocab, 11/28.”


  1. *____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. Abby is a _____ form of Abigail.
  6. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are _____ figures in American history.
  7. She faced a _____ about turning in her friend for cheating.
  8. The villagers sacrificed a >_____< to try to _____ their angry god. (>___< = Previous vocab word.)
  9. The amount of work required in an Honors class can be quite _____.
  10. The dream was so ____ that I fell out of bed trying to fly.
  11. inspiring : daunting :: stable : ______
  12. skinflint : benevolent :: ______ : easy
  13. Give an example of a saw that is different from the one you used for your SMYK.


Review 120 Seconds. This example is really well prepared and good, but too long!


“Maus Quick Quiz, 11/28.”

  1. Why does Anja want to break her engagement with Vladek before they married?
  2. (quote) What promise to his father does Artie break?
  3. Why does Vladek threaten to end the engagement with Anja?


Maus Aloud!