Wednesday, 5/1: Spelling + Bee, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

“Spelling, 5/1.” (7)

  1. (3) He saluted the _____, who had been in the Marine _____ for 25 years, and who was the ______ reason behind he himself becoming a Marine.
  2.  (2) it is : ___ :: who owns : ___
  3. antagonist : protagonist :: villain : _____
  4. John murdered the Cheerios and then he offed the Captain Crunch and then he snuffed out the Wheaties. John is a _______ killer. Get it? This is a joke on which pair of words? (Bonus: What kind of joke is it?)

Spelling Bee! How far will your class get before it makes a mistake?

  • All 19 words spelled correctly = +3, 18 = + 2, 17 = +1.  Every 5 past 19 = +1.
  • If no class reaches 17, the class with the highest number gets +2.
  • You have 3 minutes to study up.

“Vocabulary, 5/1.” Once each. One SAW.

  1. “Two roads ____(ed) in a yellow wood…” I took the one less traveled by.
  2. During the period before Easter, you are supposed to ____ from something you enjoy.
  3. The A he received on the first test was a(n) _______ beginning to the quarter.
  4. The morning after Doc Robinson’s murder, the entire town ____(ed) on the scene of the crime.
  5. After he started studying for the tests, he saw a _____ increase in his grade.
  6. His fake nose and mustache combo was a pathetic attempt to go ______.
  7. Since they believed Injun Joe had sold his soul to Satan, they thought it would be ______ to mess with him.
  8. (2) It was a little____ to watch the _____ practice the same basic move over and over.
  9. (2) As Examination Day approached, Mr. Dobbins grew more and more _____, and was ______ about punishing any wrong answer. (The order matters.)
  10. *In the interview, he _____(ed) all his success to listening to his 7th grade English teacher.

Tom Sawyer. (5p)

  1. In the third paragraph of chapter 17, what does it mean when it says Becky “soliloquized”?
  2. Which of these is the caption that was under this illustration in the original edition?  a) “It’s a Miracle!”  b) “Poor Huck”  c) “The Dead Boys”  d) “Tom’s Proudest Moment”  e) “Trouble is Coming”
  3. (2) “Well, Tom Sawyer, he licked me once.” (p 118b, 109w) Why did this person say this? Why was no one impressed?
  4. In the second-to-last paragraph of ch. 17, what does Mark Twain mean by the word “sold”?



Tom Sawyer: I saw it all in a dream! Becky and Tom break up AGAIN! Chapter 18-19.

Tuesday, 4/30 (26): Vocabulary, Husker Du, Tom Sawyer, Spelling Pretest?!

Bonus Homophones:
Spell all three correctly for +3!
Bonus #2: (2) The roots of the word homophone mean _____  _____.

“Spelling Pretest, 4/30.” (9)

  • Number your paper 1-9. Listen and spell each word correctly. Trade and grade.

“Spelling Practice, 4/30.” (7)

  1. Dally was Johnny’s _____.
  2. Do you understand the ____(s) of dividing fractions.
  3. The word ____ comes from the French word for body.
  4. Please check the ____ number on the device you are trying to get help with.
  5. (3) ____ books have been sitting ____ for a long time; I hope ____ coming back soon.

“Vocabulary, 4/30.”  Once each including diverge/converge. The last one is a SAW.

Tom Sawyer Quiz.

  1. (2) The boys had two reasons to be thankful after the big storm. What were they? (Not “they weren’t dead.”)
  2. What made it an “extremely satisfactory day” playing Indians?
  3. (2) “Two of the savages almost wished they had remained pirates.”
  4. How did Tom keep the the boys from leaving the island when they got homesick?

Chapter 17: Pirates at their own funeral!

Monday, 4/29 (27): Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #30, Spelling, Tom Sawyer

Copy homework into planner.

“Spelling 4/29.”(7)

  1.  friendly : hostile :: active : _____
  2.  its, whose, ____
  3. (2)  Sacramento : ______ :: Mr. Calandro : ______
  4.  It is said that many stereotypes sometimes start with a _____ of truth.
  5. (2) _______ books are ______?  (Must get both.)


SAWs, 4/29.
economic (adjective): financial, related to money
multicultural (adjective): related to more than one culture
attribute (noun): skill, feature
attribute (verb): give credit for
facilitate (verb): to make a process easy or possible
distinct (adjective): different or noticeable

Each twice. Attribute 3x; 2 for the noun def. and 1 for the verb def. 11/11= +3, 10/11 = +2, 9/11 = +1.



Debrief Test #30.

Tom Sawyer, Chapter 16: The Plan. Also, Smoking.

Friday, 4/26: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #30

Prep Sheet for Test #30. Reload test to get latest changes.
Spelling Warm Ups: ___/5  ___/5  ___/6   ___/8     Spelling 3x: ___/10     TS Quizzes: ___/7  ___/12  ___/5
Vocab h/w: ___20    Vocab Practice: ___/13  ___/15   ___/15    Giver Project:  ___/60  or  ___/75
Other Extra Credit:



Mental Floss.

  1. What word is missing? begin, inch, chapel, elastic, ___  ___  ___, cellar, arisen, end
  2. Wacky Wordy:
    NO NO NO
  3. Wacky Wordy: GWETORUSTD (Hint: $)
  4. The cost of making only the maker knows,
    Valueless if bought, but sometimes traded.
    A poor man may give one as easily as a king.
    When one is broken, pain and deceit are assured.
    What am I?
  5. The following clues make a pun on words that start with mis-.
    Example: This young woman could lead the orchestra. (bad behavior) Answer: Misconduct.

    • a) This young woman is in great shape. (an outsider)
    • b) This young woman is very generous at Christmas. (a doubt you might have)
    • c) This young woman showed me where to go. (lied to me)
    • d) This young woman knew exactly what I meant. (she didn’t really)


Test #30. Doodle Theme: A NEW kind of amusement park.

Thursday, 4/25: Spelling + Gramma, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling (like today’s warm up), Vocabulary (duh), Husker Du (study last Friday’s Grammar section), and Tom Sawyer (look up the answers tonight).

“S and G, 4/25.”

  1. a) revision  b) requirement  c) believable  d) all correct
  2. a) insurance  b) security  c) seperately  d) all correct
  3. a) cooperation  b) movable  c) ignorance  d) all correct
  4. a) maturity  b) narritive  c) creative  d) all correct
  5. What is the rule that this week’s spelling words follow?
  6. The running motor wasted electricity.  N, V, A?
  7. She is a big fan of running. N, V, A?
  8. I hate running in PE.  N, V, A?


“Vocab, 4/25.” (15)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. The class discussion was not very lively; the students were rather _______ about the topic.
  5. The boys _____(ed) matter inwardly, thinking about all the possibilities.
  6. doctor : prescribe :: law : ______
  7. Huck’s lifestyle seemed very _______ to the other boys of St. Petersburg.
  8. By definition, a ghost would NOT be ______.
  9. proscribed : allowed :: apathetic : ______
  10. “The stirring event was well ______(ed)” by the townspeople the next day.
  11. (2) A true sports fan is NOT _____ or ______.
  12. * (3) If you are not passing the tests, you should probably ____ your ____ to studying or perhaps _____ some help.

Tom Sawyer Quiz. (5p)

  • Show me your answers to Study Questions #3 and #4

No oral reading today! We are going to see how you do tomorrow on your own! D’Oh!

Here’s a tip: The study questions are the same as the test questions!

Here’s the “read to you” link:

Wednesday, 4/24: Spelling, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

Bonus: What are a pirate’s favorite letters?

Checking SMYKs and diagrams from last night!

“Spelling, 4/24.” Write the answer. NOT COLLABORATIVE!

  1. young : mature :: stationary : _____
  2. “_____ is bliss.”
  3. painful : pleasurable :: together : _____
  4. option : requirement :: conflict : _____
  5. The reason we drop the last e from a word like store  before we add an ending like age,  is that… a) Store ends with a consonant sound.  b) The ending age  also ends with an e.  c) The ending age  begins with a consonant  d) The ending age  makes it an adjective.  e) The ending age  begins with a vowel.
  6. The reason we don’t drop the last e from a word like positive before we add an ending like -ly, is that…  a) Positive ends with a consonant sound.  b) The ending-ly ends with an y.  c) The ending -ly  begins with a consonant  d) The ending -ly  makes it an adjective.  e) NOTA


“Vocabulary 4/24.” *= SAW. (15)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____ (Bonus: How much did the world record pumpkin weigh? Within 200lbs.)
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. After working so hard, he wanted his reward to be something ______, not just a “Good job!”
  7. He hit a ______ home run. It was at least 500 feet long.
  8. Luck is ______; one day you have it all good, and the next it’s all bad.
  9. He made a(n) _____ effort, and his hard work paid off.
  10. His grade was in a _____ position; one more bad grade and he would be failing…
  11. (2) …He could not afford to be _____; he had to be _____. (Not wary.)
  12. * Mr. Coward’s ____ to teaching is a little different from most.
  13. * (2) During the brainstorming phase, it is ____ that nobody is ____ of any ideas. Save judgement for after.


Tom Sawyer, Chapter 13. 

  1. (5) Show me your map from last night! Not finished? D’oh!
  2. Give an example from Chapter 13 of Tom insisting on doing things “the hard way” or “by the book.”
  3. Why are the boys’ consciences bothering them at the end of chapter 13?
  4. Why does Mark Twain call the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates”? (Last line of Chapter 13.) “Because they are pirates who  ________   ________.”  (Hint: It also might be called ironic. Hint II: See your answer to the previous question.)
  5. (4) Translate: “The other pirates envied him this majestic vice, and secretly resolved to acquire it shortly.” (p93) (A vice is a bad habit.)

Tuesday, 4/23: Spelling, Vocab, Tom Sawyer!

“Spellling, 4/23.” DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR SPELLING LIST! Write the incorrectly spelled word correctly, or if they are all correct, write “all correct.” NOT COLLABORATIVE!

  1. a) revision  b) requirement  c) beleivable  d) all correct
  2. a) insurence  b) security  c) separately  d) all correct
  3. a) cooperation  b) moveable  c) ignorance  d) all correct
  4. a) maturity  b) narrative  c) creative  d) all correct
  5. What is the rule that this week’s spelling words follow?
  6. Bonus: Find the other spelling mistake in this warm up.


“Vocabulary, 4/23.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. We were very suspicious of the dark alley, so we were ______ when we approached it.
  6. A person who is _________ is probably not going to be a good friend, since he/she probably won’t be very reliable.
  7. The searchers _____(ed) the cave, looking for the lost hikers. (Bonus: What are cave explorers called?)
  8. The groovy little cabin was ______ and funky, but it wasn’t very comfortable.
  9. The teacher ______(ed) the use of notes on the test, so you better have studied.
  10. The root of this word means to touch. _____
  11. One reason that few people vote is because many are ______ about politics and government.
  12. Tom ______(ed) his body, looking for an ailment that might get him out of school.
  13. He ate a _____ number of hot dogs in the contest, so he won. (70 in 10 minutes. Including buns.)


Tom Sawyer.


Tom Sawyer Ch. 12, 4/23.” (7p)

  1. Tom finally stopped thinking about the murder for a while, because…?
  2. (2) Why did Aunt Polly start giving Tom all those treatments? She thought he was _____, but he was really ______.
  3. (2) Why did Aunt Polly think Tom had been taking the Painkiller all that time? What was he really doing with it?
  4. What does Tom do when Becky finally comes back to school?
  5. (Quote.) What’s her reaction?


Chapter 13! “A Pirate Bold to Be!”