Thursday, 8/27/15: Tomorrow’s Test, Vocab (duh), Outsiders!

Tomorrow’s Test
: Vocabulary, “Motto” and “Delinquent” and whatever else we’ve done in class this week. Here’s a preview:
“Warm Up 8/27/15.” Write the answer, not the letter.

  1. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world.  a) gingerly  b) savvy  c) infer  d) nonchalant  e) fathom
  2. Some people called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)___(ist).  a) sage  b) rueful  c) infer  d) conform  e) fathom
  3. The landscape of the moon is lifeless and very_____. a) sage  b) rueful  c) bliss  d) conform  e) bleak
  4. The old man was considered the ____ of the village because of all his experience and wisdom.  a) sage  b) rueful  c) nonchalant  d) bleak  e) fathom
  5. “I shouldn’t have done that,” he said with a ____ sigh.  a) savvy  b) rueful  c) infer  d) conform  e) blissful

  6. She speaks so softly that I can hardly hear her.  a) softly – adjective,  hardly – not  b) softly – not,  hardly – adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not
  7. I bowl pretty well; my ball has pretty flowers on it.  a) well – adjective,  pretty – not  b) well – not,  pretty – adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not

  8. In the poem “Delinquent,” who’s (the) delinquent?  a) Julie’s parents  b) Julie  c) society  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA (none of the above)
  9. What’s the message of the poem “Motto”?  a) YOLO  b) Enjoy the good things while you can.  c) Treat others how want to be treated.  d) “Dig it!”  e) NOTA
  10. 90% of 50 = _____  a) 5  b) 40  c) 45  d) 46  e) NOTA


Vocabulary Update. (Add to notebook.)
connotation (n): what a word makes you think about  (co- means together or with – the thought that goes with)
denotation (n): the dictionary definition of the word


The Outsiders by S E Hinton
Key Questions.

  • 1967?
  • Connotations of the word “outsider”?
  • What does it mean to say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?
  • What is a 1st person narrator? 2nd?  3rd? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • What is required to make a story? (Hint: it starts with a c.)
  • Who are the “outsiders”?
  • Begin reading.

Paul Newman?


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