Tuesday, 9/1/15: KBARR Check, Vocabulary, Outsiders

I will be checking KBARR while you warm up. Here are some more options for responding: 55 Ways.

“Warm Up, 9/1.” Read #6 and #7 together as one sentence. No need to copy anything; write the appropriate vocabulary word. You may use words more than once. Always be prepared to explain your reasoning.


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. ____
  5. At the party, he stood ______(ly) off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities.
  6. The paper said that the business man was a(n) ______ to society…
  7. …but _________(ly), he was secretly a gangster.
  8. common : elite :: cowardly : ______
  9. The gentleman _____(ly) opened the door for the ladies.
  10. gain : freedom :: _____ : capture
  11. It would be ironic if a poor hobo spent his last dollar on a lottery ticket, and won.  a) True   b) False


The Outsiders!

What does every story require in order to be a story?


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