Tuesday, 5/30: Copy Homework, YEE #6, Final Exam, Message to 6th Grade

Copy homework into planner. This is the last time for this!

YEE #6. Name:                      Date:                  Period:

1. Pearl Harbor Day (M, D, 4-digit Y):
2. Independence Day (M, D, 4-digit Y):
3. 10% of 350 = _________
4. 150/200 = ______% = ______(letter grade)
5. Well, a) _____________ at it again; b) __________ goes another one of c) __________strange cars.
6. Label each word with its part of speech.

Homer tripped very awkwardly, and hit his fat head on the door.


“AlternaYEE, 5/30.”

  1. “She” is a word that contains two personal pronouns: she and he. What five-letter word beginning with “U” contains four personal pronouns?
  2. Even if you give this to someone else, you still keep it. What is it?
  3. Which is more desirable, an old hundred dollar bill or a new one?
  4. A horse has a five foot rope tied to its neck. There is a bale of hay seven feet away. Without breaking the rope or any help, the horse was able to reach the hay. How?
  5. A hot dog vendor at a soccer game sells one half of his supply of hot dogs during the first half of the game. During intermission, he sells a total of five hot dogs. During the second half, he sells three eighths of his original supply. He is left with only four hot dogs. How many did he have to start with?



“Final Exam, 5/30”
If we were to try to sum up, in just one phrase, the theme of the majority of the books and stories we read this year, the best phrase would probably be… a) “Life sucks, and then you die.” b) “It’s hard being an outsider.” c) “Youth vs. age.” d) “Expectation vs. reality.” e) “Family is important.”

Partial List of Titles: The Outsiders, Midwife’s Apprentice, MAUS, The Giver, “Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” “A Sound of Thunder,” “Theme for English B,”  “Old Glory,”  “The Earth Men,” “The Third Expedition”

Instructions: As a group…
Choose the phrase. Come up with three books/stories that back up your choice.
On your sheet:

  • I/We chose…
  • Our three examples are…
    • First… (explain)
    • Second… (explain)
    • Third… (explain)


Message to 6th Grade. We are grading them live, in class on Friday.


  • StoryboardThat! Comic (10+ panels)
  • Prezi?
  • Web Site?
  • Google Slides (15+)
  • Quiz (20+ questions.)
  • ???

  • Three Expectations vs. Reality
  • Three Good Things About Laguna
  • Three Pieces of Advice
  • One Euphemism?
  • Upbeat and Funny
  • Proofread!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All Content Items (15)
  • Mechanics (20)
  • Effort (10)
  • Creativity (15)Total: 60