Thursday, 9/7: Vocab, Voibs, Outsiders

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, Verbs + Adjectives, Outsiders, Library, Husker Du.

Checking SMYKs.

“Verbs, 9/7.” Copy and finish #1, based on the video. For #2-#4, write the words that are used as verbs.

  1. A verb is a word that shows…

  2. “I am wet!” she cried, with a frown on her face.
  3. Millie felt scared as she peeked around the corner.
  4. I climbed Mt. Cheese only to find that the view was disappointing.


“Vocab, 9/7.” One word gets used twice. #8-#10 are reruns of previous vocab words.

  1. Since we were separated and without cell phone coverage, we didn’t know the ____ of the other group.
  2. The question was so _____, it was hard to choose the right answer.
  3. Doctors are worried about the new drug’s _____ side effects.
  4. You can always check the ____ of your grade on PowerCheese.
  5. Their bodies were ____, but they still behaved like children.
  6. KBARR has a large ____ on your grade…
  7. …so you should make sure you follow the ____ and do it correctly.

  8. Pony can’t understand why the Socs are so ______ of the greasers. “Why do they hate us so much?”
  9. Some people called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)______(ist).
  10. For Pony, the ____ of the word drop-out was someone like Dally, not someone like Soda.


“Messy Room”Demo II.


The Outsiders.