Wednesday, 9/13: NVA, Vocab, Outsiders

“NVA, 9/13.” (9)

Homer hit his fat head on the corner of the table and fell with a loud thunk.



“Vocab, 9/13.” (12) No need to copy.

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____ (Hint: Why did he move?)
  5. “Johnny and I ______(ed) ourselves on barbecue sandwiches and banana splits.”
  6. lazy : dogged :: flattered : ______
  7. The jury ______(ed) him, so he was free to go.
  8. Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria.
  9. The team’s ____ defense is what kept them in the game. They never gave up.
  10. Pony was _____ when he thought of his parents, remembering how things used to be.

  11. * In Ponyboy’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is a ____ against greasers.
  12. * Cherry tells Pony that she thinks the real difference between greasers and Socs is their different _____(s) on life.


The Outsiders.

“Just don’t forget that some of us watch the sunset too.”

Who’s talking to whom?  What is he/she talking about? 


Chapter 4: Now our actual plot begins!

CHAPTER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!