Tuesday, 5/22 (11): Theme for English B, YEE 4, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

Where I was last weekend.

“Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes. Yours is due Friday, June 1. Yep.

YEE #4. No need to panic…yet.

For those who have completed their YEE obligation, use a separate sheet of paper for your AlternaYEEs. Date it each time. Turn it in at the end for extra credit.

“AlternaYEE, 5/22.”  Anagrams! Each of the phrases below unscrambles into the name of a character from one of our books/stories. If the last name is given in the book, it is included in the anagram. Ignore any apostrophes, spaces or capitals. Use all the letters.

  1. Support A Disco
  2. Let Sin Rampage
  3. I Meet Greasers (It’s a trick!)
  4. Fun Biker Lyncher
  5. Fried Leech
  6. A Lilac Satin Wimp


“Vocab, 5/22.” Once each, including diverge/converge.


Tom Sawyer. Greatest Prank Evar!