Thursday, 3/7: Vocab + Relay, Giver + Projects

Tomorrow’s Test:

  • Husker Du for your class (Study the appropriate test.)
  • Vocab. (Duh.)
  • Giver. Both book AND Movie

“Vocab, 3/7.” #11 is not a vocab word from this week. Fill the blank with any word that makes sense in the context of the sentence and paragraph. You will use each vocab word once only. #11 is extra credit.

I had a 1.____ in my judgement and got caught because I didn’t have anyone to help me with a(n)  2._____,  so my mom’s  3._____  escalated into her being really 4.______(ed). I 5.____(ed) out on my bed in my room, tried to find some  6.______(ity) and sighed. I felt the buzz of my phone in my pocket, but when I reached for it, it turned out to be a 7._____. Then I remembered Mom had taken my phone, and I felt another 8._____ of 9._____(ment) come over me. But as I lay there, I began to assess the situation more calmly, and I saw a 10._____ of hope. Maybe this incident was just the *11.____ I needed to change my ways.  But then I turned on the tv and watched some stupid comedy 12.____ for the rest of the afternoon.

Giver Projects. Due next Friday! No partners this time! New options!

Vocabulary Relay!

The Giver. What is up with that ending?

Here’s what Lois Lowry says about it:

Those of you who hoped that I would stand here tonight and reveal the
“true” ending, the “right” interpretation of the ending, will be disappointed.
There isn’t one. There’s a right one for each of us, and it depends on our own
beliefs, our own hopes.

Let me tell you a few endings which are the “right” endings for a few
children out of the many who have written to me.
From a sixth grader: “I think that when they were traveling they were
traveling in a circle. When they came to “Elsewhere” it was their old
community, but they had accepted the memories and all the feelings that go
along with it…”

From another: “…Jonas was kind of like Jesus because he took the pain
for everyone else in the community so they wouldn’t have to suffer. And, at the
very end of the book, when Jonas and Gabe reached the place that they knew
as Elsewhere, you described Elsewhere as if it were heaven.”

And one more: “A lot of people I know would hate that ending, but not
me. I loved it. Mainly because I got to make the book happy. I decided they
made it. They made it to the past. I decided the past was our world, and the
future was their world. It was parallel worlds.”

Finally, from one seventh grade boy: “I was really surprised that they
just died at the end. That was a bummer. You could of made them stay alive, I thought.”

Very few find it a bummer. Most of the young readers who have written to
me have perceived the magic of the circular journey. The truth that we go out
and come back, and that what we come back to is changed, and so are we.
Perhaps I have been traveling in a circle too. Things come together and
become complete


How can we connect “The Sneetches” and The Giver? How about “Old Glory” and The Giver?