Monday, 4/15: Homework, SAWs, Gramma, TS

Short Week! No school Friday! That means vocab extra credit and test on THURSDAY!

Copy homework into planner. Note the change in the nightly reading!

“SAWs, 4/15.”
amend (verb) to change; to add to
equity (noun) equality; equal status
constitute (verb) to form; to create
resolve (verb) to solve a problem
legislate (verb) to create or control by making laws or rules

Three used twice.



“Gramma, 4/15.” (10)
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjection, conjunction

  1. The only kind of word that takes an article in front of it.
  2. Can be turned into an adverb by adding -ly.
  3. The possessive kind don’t need apostrophes.
  4. In the sentence, He ran there, the word there is a(n) ______.
  5. The main one in a sentence is also known as the predicate.
  6. The words am, is, are, was, were are all _____(s).
  7. In most languages other than English, this comes AFTER the noun instead of before, as in English
  8. (3) Use the word running in three different sentences: a) as a verb, b) as an adjective, and c) as a noun.


Debrief Test #28… You need to visit your gramma more often!

Tom Sawyer. Let’s see what happens to that tick! (Chapter 7.)