Wednesday, 1/29: Vocab, S/CD/CX, Vladek

Checking SMYK’s.

“Vocab, 1/29.” Each word will be used ONCE.
ominous, solace, permeate, languid, ubiquitous, dejected, meticulous, assuage, assimilate, petulant

  1. After he missed the tying field goal, the kicker was _____ for days.
  2. When the little girl gets tired, she gets ____, and pouts about everything.
  3. The light in the room didn’t seem to come from any one source; it just sort of ______(ed)  the walls, casting a soft glow.
  4. Since they were so tired, they walked at a very _____ pace.
  5. By definition, a meme is ______.
  6. When Anja died, Vladek expected Artie to give him _____, not the other way around.
  7. The root of this word means “omen.”
  8. The roots of this word mean “change to sweet.”
  9. The roots of this root mean “to be like.”
  10. The original root of this word meant “fear.” (As in fear of failure?)


“S/CD/CX, 1/29.” Write S, CD, CX, or Fragment for each.

  1. Because the llama forgot his wallet, he couldn’t buy broccoli.
  2. As part of his occupation, his partner was a llama with a leather jacket.
  3. He didn’t want to embarrass the llama, so he didn’t act affectionate.
  4. The llama ate his doctor-recommended doughnut for breakfast this morning.
  5. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but I watched the llamas instead.
  6. When the llamas get the chance.
  7. We can wait here until the llama calls us.
  8. If we don’t repair the dam, the llamas will rush through.
  9. You’ll know the llama’s intentions when she gets here.
  10. * The llama ate several hotdogs, went on a ride, and ate several more.
  11. BONUS: Name the FANBOYS. (+2 for all 7, +1 for 6/7.)
  12. BONUS II: The FANBOYS are all a type of _______. (noun, verb, etc…)



Interview Update. Questions are due tomorrow!  They count for 50 words toward your 600.

Here are a couple of examples of finished products. Notice the details she includes. Be sure to write down everything about how the interview goes down! Notes are due February 6th!

The Wise Words of Nana
98 Years of Memories


Vladek.  Read through p201.  Group Questions for p201:

  1. Why do you think Artie might have drawn himself atop a pile of Holocaust victims?
  2. Why might he be drawing himself with a mouse mask if he’s actually Jewish?


Book II, Chapter II: Auschwitz (Time Flies)