Thursday, 1/30: Vocab + Relay, S/CD/CX, Interview Questions, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, S/CD/CX, Vladek.

“Vocab, 1/30.”
ominous, solace, permeate, languid, ubiquitous, dejected, meticulous, assuage, assimilate, petulant
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  1. _____ Pic of a lazy polar bear napping.
  2. _____ Cartoon of a guy in a robe on a pillow enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and smiling with his eyes closed.
  3. _____ Cartoon of a guy looking at his computer which says, “Oh no… Not another internet cartoon.”
  4. _____Pic of scary clouds that look like a monster.
  5. _____ Cartoon: Smell Wars: Office. Who will triumph? Bad perfume or burnt microwave popcorn?
  6. Towards the end of the book, Vladek gets very ____ and weak because of his health issues.
  7. It is taking us awhile to ______ the concepts of compound and complex sentences.
  8. Vladek is so ____, he spent four hours unpacking, refolding and then repacking their luggage.
  9. For awhile last year, fidget spinners were _____.
  10. He spoke in an _______ voice about the upcoming battle which they would probably lose.
  11. (2) When your sadness is _____(ed), your soul has found ___. (Awww.)



S/CD/CX/FRAG, 1/30″  (10p) The test will look like this!

  1. The llama thought he was OK until he wasn’t.
  2. The llama was being petulant, so his mom ate the cheeselog.
  3. His doctor recommended buying a llama and going water-skiing.
  4. Even though he knew it was a mistake, the llama ate the doughnut anyway.
  5. The crew checked the llama, and the captain prepared it for the sea.
  6. The llama climbed languidly up the very steep hill.
  7. When you use a dependent clause as a sentence.
  8. When you combine two INDEPENDENT CLAUSES, but forget to use your COMMA AND YOUR FANBOY, that mistake is called a _____
  9. (2) Combine the following SIMPLE sentences into a COMPLEX sentence and then a COMPOUND sentence.
    • The llama usually got seasick.
    • He lived on a houseboat.
  10. BONUS. Combine the following three sentences into ONE SIMPLE sentence
    • A girl rode her unicycle.
    • Down the street is where she went.
    • She had a llama-shaped balloon. 

Me: Checking Interview Questions.
You: Working on 600 words for next Tuesday  (today is 1/30) or Vocab EC.

Interview notes are due next Thursday, 2/6!

  • Questions and Answers to questions (summaries, several direct quotes)
  • Notes on who, how, where, when, why
  • Notes on physical description and attitude

Vladek.  On tomorrow’s test:

  1. How does Pavel try to show Artie what Auschwitz felt like?  
  2. What makes Art shrink down again on p207?
  3. What’s a barrack (aka a block)?
  4. Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek? 
  5. What does Vladek do to change Yidl’s opinion?
  6. What was Appel?
  7. Who helps Vladek establish and maintain contact with Anja?
  8. What was a Selektion?