Wednesday, 3/18: MOOOOOOOOODLE!

Oh Baby! Well then.

Things are obviously different now, but some things won’t change. We will still have KBARR, we will still have 600 Words, and we will still have Vocab. All these regular features however will have some changes:

Vocab: You will not be submitting, and I will not be checking, vocab definitions or SMYK’s. However, as we found before, there’s no way to practice the vocab without at least doing the definitions, so do your definitions in your notebook like always. Check the original homework page for the vocab list every Monday beginning Monday, March 23.

600 Words/Week: 600 starts over on Wednesday, and will now run Wednesday to Wednesday, and you must write something every school day.

KBARR: No KBARR chart. 20 minutes of reading/day. FIVE days/week. Daily response. Daily response to other people’s KBARR.


However, the biggest change will be in our day-to-day classwork. For that we will be moving over to a MOODLE! Moodle is a Course Management Application, that will let us do most of what we do in class virtually.

Here’s the link:

CLICK the Google Button to login, and then ENTER THE ENROLLMENT CODE FOR YOUR CLASS INTO THE SELF ENROL BOX. Make sure you use the code for your class!

Period 1: Period1!

Period 2: Period2!

Period 5: Period5!

Period 6: Period6!

Be sure to explore around the Moodle. Have fun in the Jibber Jabber Chat Room which is open NOW. Mess with your Profile and Avatar!

Talk to you tomorrow!