Friday, 3/13: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #26

Prep sheet for Test #26:
Giver Quizzes: ___/6 ___/10 ___/9 Husker Du: ___/20  KBARR: ___/35
Vocab Homework: ___/20 Vocab Practice: ___/12 ___/11 ___/11
Other Extra Credit:  Periods 5 and 6 get +3 for vocab relay!


Mental Floss.

  1. Add, subtract, and then rearrange, to find the name of an animal:    MARMALADE + OIL – MAE = ________
  2.  You will be given clues for the two words. The second word is the first word with the first letter removed.
    a)  area between mountains –>   narrow passage between buildings
    b) spew out –>  leave out
    c) a shape –>  a number
  3. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme.  Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat
    a) unadorned necklace   b) Funny/Smart Cat   c) Unusual Rabbit   d) Wedding Limo (2)   e) Untamed Minor
  4. (Palindromes) a) He drank a bottle of __  __  __ as he tied the __  __  __ around the neck of the little __  __  __ so she wouldn’t spill her drink on her dress.
    b)  The pitcher tore the __ __ __ __ __ __  __ cuff in his shoulder, and won’t be able to play for at least two months.
  5. Many people are standing in a line. Each can only see the person directly in front of him. The person at the front cannot see anyone. The person at the back of the line is married, while the one at the front is unmarried. Can a married person see an unmarried person?
  6. Wacky Wordy:



Test #26. Doodle Theme: Spring. All meanings!