Thursday, 3/12: HD, V, G x 2

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du for your Class, Vocab, Giver

“Husker Du, 3/12.” Period One – Test #7. Answer, not letter.

  1. As Dally drives to the hospital he says, “…you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…” (p147/p128) This is ironic because… a) Dally isn’t that tough. b) Dally tried to harden himself, but something touched him anyway. c) Johnny was tough, but got hurt anyway. d) Dally is a greaser. e) It isn’t ironic at all.
  2. When Johnny smiles before he dies, it’s because… a) he’s dying a hero. b) the greasers won the rumble. c) he wanted to die anyway. d) Dally was proud of him. e) he remembered a joke Pony made in the church. f) He knew it was worth dying for those kids. g) NOTA
  3. What is Pony’s main motivation for wanting to be in the rumble? a) Revenge for Johnny. b) He likes to fight. c) To prove himeself to Darry. d) Loyalty to the gang. e) All of the above. f) NOTA
  4. Cherry tells Pony why she liked Bob (p129/p113), and he realizes that Bob was a lot like…a) Darry b) Johnny c) Pony d) Soda e) Dally f) Steve
  5. Pony goes off on Cherry (p129/p113) because he thinks that she is _______(ing) him by trying to help the greasers before the rumble. a) savvy b) illicit c) discreet d) hysterical e) patronize f) exploit

“Husker Du, 3/12.” Periods Two and Six– Test #18. Answer, not letter.

  1. We ran out of the ingredients for the recipe, so we had to ______.  a) fastidious  b) insinuate  c) improvise  d) shrewd  e) allegory  f) absolution  g) NOTA
  2. Jean is very _____ about her silverware; she won’t eat at that restaurant because she thinks the forks aren’t clean enough. a) fastidious  b) insinuate  c) improvise  d) shrewd  e) allegory  f) absolution  g) NOTA
  3. Translate: meshuga  a) stupid  b) crazy  c) smart  d) lazy  e) rich  f) greedy  g) NOTA
  4. What is one reason Artie says he became an artist?  a) It was something he studied.  b) He always read comics as a kid.  c) So he wouldn’t have to compete with Vladek.  d) It paid well.  e) NOTA.
  5. The prefix of this word means again.  a) reverse  b) release  c) prohibit  d) advocate  e) contrary  f) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/12.” Period Five – Test #21. Answer, not letter.

  1. He soon found that studying for the test would have a _____ (positive) impact on his grade! OMG!  a) infringe  b) exasperate  c) unscrupulous  d) reprieve  e) profound  f) indolent  g) conspicuous  h) NOTA
  2. The crew checked the llama while the captain prepared her for the sea.  a) Simple  b) Compound  c) Complex  d) Fragment   e) Run-on
  3. Balancing a duck on his head, the llama climbed languidly up the very steep hill.  a) Simple  b) Compound  c) Complex  d) Fragment   e) Run-on
  4. What’s a barrack (aka a block)?   a) Another name for the gas chamber.  b) A workshop building.  c) A group of prisoners.  d) A building with the prisoners’ bunks.  e) NOTA
  5. Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek? a) Because Vladek is Jewish.   b) Because Vladek is Polish.  c) Because he thinks Vladek is a capitalist.  d) Because Vladek is too clever for him.  e) NOTA

“Vocab, 3/12.” Each word is used once except flourish which is used in both of its definitions. #3 is not disposition. #4 is not jovial. #6 is not conglomeration.




GIVER Quiz, 18-19. Answer, not letter.

  1. What memory changed Rosemary?
  2. Why did they change the rule about the Receiver asking for release?
  3. What idea of Jonas’s intrigues the Giver?
  4. The Giver does not think that Jonas should watch that morning’s release of the twin, because he thinks Jonas might not be able to handle it. a) True  b) False
  5. When The Giver asks to see the tape of the twin’s release, the attendant hesitates, because it’s such an unusual request.  a) True  b)False
  6. When Jonas starts to realize what’s going on, he asks The Giver to stop the tape.  a) True  b) False
  7. As Jonas watches the release of the twin, what other memory comes to him?  a) The broken leg on the sled  b) Gabriel’s smiling face.  c) The dying kid in the war scene.  d) Hunger.  e) His dad playing with Lily.  f) NOTA
  8. How long has Jonas been in training with The Giver?  a) a few weeks  b) a few months  c) about a year  d) a couple of years  e) There’s no way to tell.
  9. Starting with chapter 20, we are now truly entering  the _____ of the story. a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action  e) resolution  f) NOTA


The OTHER Giver. There WILL be a question or two or three on the TEST. For example:

What is very different about the EXPOSITION in the movie versus the book? How does that affect the story and how you perceive it?