Friday, 3/16: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #27

Prep sheet for Test #27:
Husker Du: ___/22       Vocab H/w:___/20      Vocab Practices: ___/11  ___/11  ___/15
Giver Quiz: ___/11
Other Extra Credit:


Mental Floss.

  1. Add, subtract, and then rearrange, to find the name of an animal:    MARMALADE + OIL – MAE = ________
  2.  You will be given clues for the two words. The second word is the first word with the first letter removed.
    a)  area between mountains –>   narrow passage between buildings
    b) spew out –>  leave out
    c) a shape –>  a number
  3. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme.  Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat
    a) unadorned necklace   b) Funny/Smart Cat   c) Unusual Rabbit   d) Wedding Limo (2)  e) Untamed Minor
  4. (Palindromes) a) He drank a bottle of __  __  __ as he tied the __  __  __ around the neck of the little __  __  __ so she wouldn’t spill her drink on her dress.
    b)  The pitcher tore the __ __ __ __ __ __  __ cuff in his shoulder, and won’t be able to play for at least two months.


Test #27  Husker Du:

Period One – Test #13. a) insomnia   b) metamorphosis   c) transfixed   d) scapegoat  e) inexplicable  f) idiosyncrasy  g) instill   h) optimistic  i) pessimistic  j) colloquial
27.  subside : ebb :: engrossed : _____
28. Since I hadn’t studied, I was ______ about my chances on the difficult test.
29. The hill with the M on it is known _____(ly) as Madonna Mountain, but its real name is Cerro San Luis.
30. “There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices…”  a) climax  b) theme  c) conflict  d) irony  e) point of view
31. “It’s a tree-lined, quiet residential American street…”  a) exposition  b) inciting action  c) resolution  d) rising action  e) theme
32. A vegetarian can be defined as someone who does not eat meat, fish, or other animal products, such as eggs or cheese; 20) _____, he or she eats vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds.  a) nevertheless b) instead  c) because  d) furthermore  e) consequently   f) in fact

Period Two – Test #21a) succumb  b) subsist  c) presumptuous  d) reproach  e) cathartic  f) frugal  g) cobble  h) futile  i) dissemble  j) ambivalent
27. The root of this word means “to clean out.” _____
28. Though he came from a very religious family, he was still ______ about organized religion.
29.  During the TV marathon, we _____(ed) for two days on chips and pizza.
30. The crew checked the llama and prepared it for the sea.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
31. Rudolpho was upset because his mom ate the last of the cheeselog.   a) S  b) CD  c) CX
32. We can wait here until Carlos calls us.   a) S  b) CD  c) CX


Period Three – Test #15a) paradigm   b) comprise  c) gender  d) adapt  e) conduct
27. The current ____ for education is more about collaboration than it used to be.
28. Please ______ yourself respectfully in the museum.

a) distraught  b) keen  c) aptitude  d) chastise  e) nurture  f) distinguish  g) disquieting  h) disposition,  i) empathy  j) civics

29. I didn’t sleep well because of a ______ dream I had.
30. His _______ eyesight allowed him…
31. …to _______ the numbers on the car’s license plate from far away.
32. You would talk colloquially to a judge in a courtroom. a) True b) False

Period Five – Test #11.
27. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me. a) elite b) elude c) conform d) reminisce e) fathom f) circumvent g) NOTA
28. It was very (in)____ to cheat on a test and then brag. a) reluctant b) bluff c) indignant d) aloof e) discreet  f) sage  g) NOTA
29. The quarterback ____(ed) every weakness in the defense and threw for 5 touchdowns. a) circumvent b) illicit c) acquit d) dumbfound e) elude f) exploit g) NOTA
30. Why won’t Alyce talk to Magister Reese at first? a) She thinks she won’t understand what he says. b) She thinks she’s unworthy. c) She doesn’t like him. d) He won’t talk to her. e) He seems mean. f) NOTA
31. Our main conflict is Alyce vs ______. a) the world b) the village c) herself d) the midwife e) NOTA
32. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane at the last minute, and then it crashed. a) True b) False


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