Thursday, 10/11: Narrative Common Assessment – Tell Your Story

Bulletin! No KBAR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED! Three lines in your chart is all that is required tomorrow.

Instead: Go to Literacy Night at The LAMS Library tonight!

Tomorrow’s Test: Apostrophes, Vocab/SAWs, Husker Du, TMA. The link won’t work until Thursday afternoon.

Narrative Assessment Prompt:


You will have one class period to write this narrative.  Write in a way that shows all that you know about narrative writing. When you begin, think about how you want to organize your writing.

In your writing, make sure you include:

  • Effective opening and closing
  • Well-developed characters
  • Consistent point-of-view
  • Elaboration to help readers picture your story
  • Sensory details and narrative style choices
  • Effective narrative techniques (dialogue, plot devices, etc….)
  • Variety of transition words
  • Capitals, end marks, and other appropriate conventions

TIME: This will be a on-demand, timed writing. You will have one class period to complete this assessment.

Your essay will be scored using the following criteria:

  • Purpose and Organization: Is the main idea clearly communicated? Is the essay clearly focused? How well did your ideas thoughtfully flow from beginning to end using effective transitions? How effective was your introduction and your conclusion?
  • Elaboration/Evidence: How well did you integrate relevant and specific information from the sources? How well did you elaborate your ideas? How well did you clearly state ideas using precise language that is appropriate for your audience and purpose?
  • Conventions: How well did you follow the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling?

Save a few minutes at the end to proofread!

BE SURE TO SHARE YOUR GOOGLE DOC WITH ME (, and if you have time, please print it using the Print Link over on the right side of the web page.