Tuesday, 1/22: Welcome to the Second Half! Research, Vladek.

Copy “homework” into planner.


Ok, let’s finish up this research thing. Follow the steps below, IN ORDER!

  1. Write your Conclusion:
    • Diabetes is a disease that… It can be treated with… Research for the future includes…
    • Tsunamis are huge, destructive waves that… In order to minimize their destruction…
    • A mechanical engineer helps… It takes… It’s a career that offers…
  2. EasyBib your Works Cited into the proper format.
  4. Make sure you have captioned and credited your graphics.
  5. Make sure your section titles are capitalized.
  6. PROOFREAD it one more time.
  7. Make sure your document has a title AND YOUR NAME!
  8. If you haven’t already shared with me, please do so.
  9. Use the Print Link to add the class printer to your Chromie. Check first! It might already have been added!
  10. Print, staple, and put your paper into the basket!


Time? Vladek!

Thursday, 2/15: Commas, Vocab + Relay, Vladek, Interviews

Tomorrow’s Test: Commas (bring your pink sheet), Vocab, Husker Du Clauses, Vladek

Checking SMYKs.

“Commas, 2/15.”  Insert commas, give reasons. Some need more than one comma for more than one reason.

  1. The wild llama in fact is a vicious predator.
  2. She wanted to tame the wild llama but it was too much for her.
  3. There was a very ancient ancestor to the llama which had giant razor-sharp claws.
  4. If you come to the party please don’t wear white people.
  5. I asked the llama my BFF about the party.
  6. I didn’t know whether he wanted a hamburger chicken or taco salad for lunch.

“Vocab, 2/15.” Write the ANSWER to #12.
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. “Are you _____(ing) that I’m a liar?”
  4. We ran out of the ingredients for the recipe, so we had to ______.
  5. The Nuremberg Laws ____(ed) Jews to second-rate status.
  6. Years of work were needed for the CIA agent to _____ himself into the terrorist organization.
  7. After three warnings, Joel was _____(ed) to the “naughty chair.”
  8. The students in the MP are far from _____ when it comes to cleaning up after themselves at break and lunch.  
  9. The annoying kids taunted the dog over the fence until he was _____(ed) enough to jump it. 
  10. Mr. Coward does not ____ the use of phones in class.
  11. Some people think that the Narnia series is a religious  _________, with Aslan the lion representing Christ.
  12. Which one is the allegory?  a) Using animals instead of people in Maus.  b) The early bird gets the worm.  c) “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”  d) He slept like a rock.  e) B and D.  f) All are allegories.  g) None are allegories.

Completed Interview due TOMORROW!
When you have finished (and proofread) your interview essay:

  1. Share your document with me. Make sure you also share with “anybody with a link,” so everyone else can read it too.
  2. Use the little grid my your picture in Chrome and open Google Classroom.
  3. Join this class by using this code: gp2xbt
  4. Click the Plus sign (+).
  5. Give your essay a groovy title and click on the Google docs icon and choose your finished essay.
  6. Go back to your document and print it.  PRINT LINK.
  7. Staple and put into the essay basket.
  8. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.



Wednesday, 2/14: Vocab, Commas, Interviews, Vladek

Checking: Definitions.

enhanced-buzz-12815-1361914747-3 (1)  

“Commas, 2/14.” Place commas in each sentence that needs them and give the reason/rule from the list. Some might need more than one comma for more than one reason. Some might be ok as is. For #9: Combine into one smooth sentence with proper punctuation.

  1. We waited in a long line to climb to the top of the giant wheel of cheese but it was a disappointment.
  2. Quiet little Johnny who wouldn’t hurt a living thing on purpose had taken a human life.
  3. This easy fun exercise will help you I believe with your llama woes.
  4. Eddie Baby please ask your dog to leave the cat alone.
  5. Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.
  6. Until I ate that doughnut I didn’t know happiness.
  7. I listened to the llama’s story and I was sad.
  8. I didn’t want to wake you up until I had to.
  9. You must report it. You are in a car accident. There is no damage.


“Vocab, 2/14.”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. He was a ______ opponent and very tough to outwit.
  6. The old photographs were all ______(ed) to the attic because nobody looked at them any more.
  7. Jean is very _____ about her silverware; she won’t eat at that restaurant because she thinks the forks aren’t clean enough.
  8. He tried to _____ himself into the “cool crowd” by hanging around them A LOT.
  9. Some people see boxing as legally ______(ed) violence.
  10. This word’s roots mean “to bend/lean inward.” ______
  11. Now that he had found religion, the former criminal wanted ______ for the things he had done.
  12. I didn’t like his ____(ion) that I wasn’t good enough to make the team.
  13. (2) He fooled his pursuers with a _____ trick that he ______(ed) on the spot.


Interviews!  When you have finished (and proofread) your interview essay:

  1. Share your document with me. Make sure you also share with “anybody with a link,” so everyone else can read it too.
  2. Use the little grid my your picture in  Chrome and open Google Classroom.
  3. Join this class by using this code: gp2xbt
  4. Click the Plus sign (+).
  5. Give your essay a groovy title and click on the Google docs icon and choose your finished essay.
  6. Go back to your document and print it.  PRINT LINK.
  7. Staple and put into the essay basket.
  8. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.



  1. How does Pavel try to show Artie what Auschwitz felt like?   
  2. What makes Art shrink down again on p207?
  3. What’s a barrack (aka: a block)?
  4. Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek? 
  5. What does Vladek do to change Yidl’s opinion?
  6. What was Appel?



Thursday, 2/8: Vocab, Interviews, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab + SAWs, S/CD/CX/Sentence Combo/Husker Du, Vladek

“Vocab, 2/8.”
 people-awash-cash-22947694 lrg  HT-Grumpy-Baby crisis-bankruptcy28A1981600000578-3080366-image-a-19_1431539677497fqqs3dvcnbsiyrkwnram
1. _____  2. _____  3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____  6. _____ 7. _____  (No, not hypochondria.)
8._______(ion) is another word for slavery.
9. Mrs. Krabapple on The Simpsons was a ______ who always thought she had the disease she was reading about or saw on tv
10. (2) The ______ customers needed someone to _____ for them to get their money back.
11. *Using a weapon in the _____ of a crime will increase your sentence.


a) S   b) CD   c) CX    Get 7 or more points for bonus credit!

  1. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but I watched tv instead.
  2. His doctor recommended buying a goat and going water-skiing.
  3. He thought he was OK until he wasn’t.
  4. Rudolpho was upset when his mom ate the cheeselog.
  5. Vladek and Mandelbaum were sold out by the smugglers, and they were caught.
  6. Though he knew it was a mistake, he ate the doughnut anyway.
  7. You must say, “Sir” when you say, “Mr. Coward.”
  8. The crew checked the llama and prepared it for the sea.
  9. We can wait here until Carlos calls us.



Work on Interview/Profile. (Last 20 minutes.)

Go get a Chromie! Begin Writing  Biographical Sketch/Profile. The final draft is due next Thursday, 2/15.

NOT PREPARED TODAY? Do extra credit vocab sentences in your notebook…except they aren’t extra creditDue tomorrow. 

  • Introduction: Setting. Description of scene/setting. How it was set up. Why you chose this person. Relationship to this person.
  • Description of person. Show, don’t tell.
    • Looks. (Details.)
    • Voice and choice of words. Delivery.
    • Personality. (Bitter? Enthusiastic? Happy? Lost in memories? Crabby?  What?)
  • The intro/description should be 350-400+ words.
  • Interview.
    • Questions you asked, followed by answers and follow up.
    • You may summarize their answers, but please include at least three good quotes (word for word, as close as you can get) that use the person’s actual words.
  • Conclusion: Discuss what you learned, most surprising info, most interesting, change in attitude toward older people, etc. About 75-100+ words.

Wednesday, 2/7: Clauses, Vocab, Interview, Vladek

Checking SMYKs.

“Vocab, 2/7.” (15)
mitcarbonreductionsavings wallow in self pity not new-years-resolutions 

  1. _____
  2.  _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The prefix of this word means under.  _____
  6. We were completely _____(ed) by the amazing acrobatic performance.
  7. Their argument probably would have become violent if the llama hadn’t _____(ed).
  8. The poor villagers needed someone to _______ on their behalf and help them to be treated fairly.
  9. Fifth period is often the scene of _____, and that is why they rarely get a “10” from a guest teacher.
  10. We held a carwash to help ______ the cost of the trip.
  11. (2) They separated all the people with _____ to an imaginary ______. (haha)
  12. * (3) Three of the five SAWs this week can be used either as a noun or a verb. Which three?


“Sentence Combining/Clauses, 2/7.”

  1. Mala finally left. She couldn’t deal with Vladek any more. She went to Florida. (CD/CX)
  2. He knew it was a mistake. He ate the doughnut. (CX)
  3. He had a llama. The llama had a leather jacket. The llama was part of his occupation. (CX)
  4. The doctor had recommendations. His first recommendation was water-skiing. He said the water-skiing should involve a llama. His other recommendation was to take more naps. (S!? Hint: -ed, with, and, -ing)



Interviews. Work on physical description and interview circumstances.


“Hello Papa. I was wondering if you had time to start the interview right now?” I sent the text to my Grandpa, whom I refer to as Papa. “Sure, that’ll be fine. I’ll get ready” he sent back. I grabbed my notebook and pencils, questions, and tape recorder and headed into the office room. We had set up a week ago to FaceTime; he said he would be glad to answer my questions. The window right next to the computer was making a lot of noise, so I shut it. I logged into FaceTime, and got a call from Papa a few minutes after.

He was FaceTiming me from his iPad camera, situated in the living room. He held the iPad at an upward angle, showing most of the top of his head. I started the recorder and we got started.

Papa has short, dark grey hair that is very soft and thin. He has a large bald spot on the top of his head, and the bald spot always looks shiny. He has yellow looking teeth and a smile that lights up the entire room. Papa’s eyes are a sky blue, protected by square glasses that catch every glimpse of light. His ears are big, so are his smile wrinkles and dimples.

Papa’s voice is deep but smooth, sometimes replaced by coughing. He has a very distinct scent that sticks to all of his clothes. Papa is 75 years old and lives near the sea in San Diego, California. He was originally born in Canada. Papa is fond of traveling to very different places and playing golf with his friends. He is very laid back and chill, and laughs with a smile you can see in his eyes. He is very intelligent and “tech savvy” as well. Papa enjoys to write letters to me, and I enjoy writing back.

Anne Bachmann is 74 years old, and is fit for her age. She swims every day at 5:30 AM for one hour at a swimming club close to her house. She looks like a very kind person, and she is. She has light brown hair that is thin and vibrant blue eyes. Her voice is very inviting and sweet, light but demanding. She has many wrinkles, because she smiles so much. Her smile is amazing. It could easily make anyones day. Her teeth aren’t quite white, but they definitely aren’t yellow.
    I chose this person because she does so much even at her age, and she’s a pretty awesome grandma. I asked her if she would like to do the interview at my great uncles, and she said she would love to, so we scheduled a phone call later the next day. This interview took place over phone. I’m in my room with my pencil, questions, and computer  at the ready. I pick up my phone and dial my grandpa’s and grandma’s home phone because my grandma doesn’t know how to use her Samsung Galaxy S6. I look at the questions and start to right down the first question. “Hi grandma.”
    “Hey there Joey!”
    “Are you ready to start the interview?”
    “Sure, what’s the first question?” And the interview began.


Wednesday, 1/31: Vocab, Clauses, Interview Questions, Vladek

Checking SMYKs and 1-1-1’s.

“Vocab,  1/31.”   (Bonus for #5: S/CD/CX?)
you futile441proverbs26_24_twofaced

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. There used to be a TV show called The ____ Gourmet which showed you how to eat well without spending a lot of money.
  6. Art Spiegelman once published magazines of ____ comics like “The Prisoner on the Hell Planet.”
  7. The diplomats rushed to ______ together a treaty before everyone changed his mind.
  8. Horror movies are sort of ________ for many people.
  9. “I never knew a person more _____ than myself. The fact that I say that shows what I say is true.”
  10. Artie says Richieu’s picture on the wall of his parents’ room was a sort of _____ to him, implying that Richieu would have been a better son than he is.
  11. (2) She tried to stay awake during math, but it was ______, and she finally ______(ed) to the sleepiness and nodded off.
  12. *J. K. Rowling has ____(ed) an entire fantasy world of magic.


“Clauses, 1/31.” Write the ANSWER.

  1. Words like  althoughbecause, whensince, and if at the beginning of a clause make that clause _____.  a) dependent  b) independent  c) a sentence  d) compound  e) NOTA
  2. And if a sentence has that kind of clause in it, it’s a _______ sentence.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  3. Since Zinny didn’t want to embarrass the llama, she didn’t act affectionate.   a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  4. Zora’s doctor recommended buying a goat and going water-skiing.   a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  5. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but Zeke watched tv instead.   a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  6. He didn’t want to embarrass the cat.  — Add an independent clause to make a COMPOUND sentence.
  7. I read the bulletin about llamas.  — Add a dependent clause to make a COMPLEX sentence.
  8. The goat went fishing.  — Add another subject and verb, BUT keep the sentence SIMPLE.


Check interview questions.   Meanwhile: In your notebook…
“Interview Tips, 1/31.”
List 5 things you think would be good to remember when you conduct your interview.








My Tips:

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Ask open-ended questions.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Don’t conduct an interview; have a conversation.
  5. Be interested in the answers.
  6. Have energy! Be enthusiastic.
  7. Ask before you record.
  8. Say thank you.




Vladek in his own words, p111.

Monday, 1/29: Homework, SAWs, Clauses, Debrief Test #20, Vladek

Copy homework into planner.

Interview questions and person are due Wednesday!

Completed interviews (rough draft: notes, physical description, setting, etc.) are due next Thursday, 2/8.




“SAWs, 1/29.” detect, benefit, (un)ethical, conceive, rationalize

  1. _____  2. _____  3. _____  4. _____  5. _____  6. _____
    7. The roots of this word mean “to take in” to the womb OR the mind.
    8. (3) People often try to ______ their ______ behavior, even though they know it’s wrong, by saying that there are _____(s) to acting that way..



“Clauses Again, 1/29.” This time just ID the subjects (S) and verbs (V) in each sentence.

  1. Joe waited for the llama to arrive, but she was late.
  2. Rudolpho was upset because his llama ate the last of the cheeselog.
  3. The crew checked the llama and prepared it for the sea.
  4. We can wait here until Carlos calls us.
  5. We must repair the dam, or the water will rush through.
  6. As part of his occupation, he had a llama with a leather jacket.


Go over Test #20. Guess what Husker Du is going to be this week?