Monday, 10/31: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #10, TMA

Outsiders Projects due TODAY!

Copy homework into assignment book.

No school Friday. Test is Thursday. Vocab will be all reruns from the first five lists.

“Warm Up, 10/31. SAWs +.”
fundamental, alter, conflicted, substitute, compound

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. Your excuse does not ____ the fact that you are guilty.
  4. At Laguna, ______ teachers are called guest teachers.
  5. Ponyboy was ______ about being a greaser.
  6. There used to be PSA commercials on tv that said “Reading is ____,” with the emphasis on the first three letters. Get it? It’s important and basic, and it’s enjoyable.
  7. A ____ sentence is made up of two or more sentences, properly connected.

  8. “I shouldn’t have done that,” he said with a ___ sigh.  a) savvy  b) rueful  c) infer  d) conform  e) fathom

  9. I was able to _____ the meaning of the word from the way it was used in the sentence. a) bleak  b) conform  c) rueful  d) gingerly  e) infer
  10. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me. a) wince  b) gallant  c) facade  d) factor  e) elude
  11. Dally spat on the ground ______(ly) when he thought of what the Socs did to Johnny.  a) contemptuous   b) incredulous  c) credible  d) ironic  e) aloof
  12. lazy : dogged :: flattered : _____ a) acquit  b) leery  c) bluff  d) indignant e) subside
  13. Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria.   a) indignant  b) dogged  c) conducive   d) wistful   e) gorge


Debrief Test #10.


The Midwife’s Apprentice