Tuesday, 5/29: YEE #8, Message to 6th Grade

Copy homework into planner… for the final time!

YEE #8.   Use your own paper. NDP in upper right corner.
Title: YEE #7. Use 4-digit dates for #1 and #2. Copy only the ones that say “Copy.”

    1. First Independence Day (M,D,Y):
    2. Pearl Harbor Day (M,D,Y):
    3. (Copy.) 10% of 250 = _________
    4. (Copy.) 24/40 = ______% = ______(letter grade)
    5. a) ______ books have been sitting b)_______ for a long time; I hope c)______ coming back soon.
    6. Choose a sentence below, copy it, and label each word with its part of speech.

Homer tripped very awkwardly, and hit his fat head on the door.
Beetle bravely endured their anger and cruel taunts in silence.
He was a very scary bear, and we beat a hasty retreat from his lair.

“AlternaYEE, 5/29.”

  1. Figure out the animals! (Example: hair control foam = moose.) The animal’s name must be spelled correctly.
    • a) run away or escape
    • b) first you get a parking ticket, then you get this
    • c) very exposed
  2. What one three-letter word can be placed in the blanks below to make four different words?
    ___less ___ure ___orse ___ing
  3. George Washington’s wife was sweeping when George Washington’s wife slipped and got wet. How many w’s (or W’s) in all?
  4. Which word in the English language, beginning with “P”, is singular until an “S” is added to the end and it becomes a plural, but reverts back to a singular word if another letter “S” is added to the end?
  5. What do all the words in this list have in common? Lead, Sow, Bass, Wind, Tear, Object
  6. What gets bigger the more you take away from it, but smaller the more you add to it?



Message to 6th Grade.  Singles or Partners (2x content) — NOT 3+.
Due by FRIDAY. It’s only homework if you don’t finish in class. We will grade them in class on Friday!


  • StoryboardThat! Comic (10+ panels)
  • Prezi?
  • Web Site?
  • Google Slides (15+)
  • Quiz (20+ questions.)
  • ???

  • Three Expectations vs. Reality
  • Three Good Things About Laguna
  • Three Pieces of Advice
  • One Euphemism.
  • Upbeat and Funny
  • Proofread!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All Content Items (15)
  • Mechanics (20)
  • Effort (10)
  • Creativity (15)
  • Total: 60

StoryboardThat! People:
If you have already used the site, log in with the account you already created. Just join this class too and save it there. If you are a Noob:

  1. Click the link below, and choose “I’m a new user.”
    Join StoryboardThat
  2. Click on the Google Button and sign in with your @student.slcusd.org username and password.
  3. Click I am a Student.
    a) The School is Laguna-MS.  b) The key is laguna. and  c) use your real first name and last initials.
  4. If there are two of you, make sure both partners know the username and password!
  5. Scroll down to “Manage my Classes.”
  6. Join the appropriate class that begins with 2018-.
  7. The password is “cheese.”
  8. Click Create Storyboard.

HERE are some photos of Laguna to use in your project.

HERE is an example from last year.