Thursday, 9/15: NVA, Vocab, Plot, Outsiders

Tomorrow’s Test: NVAA, Vocab, Plot, Outsiders, Library, Husker Du.

“NVAA, 9/15.” (10p)

Homer stupidly hit his very fat head on the corner of the table with a loud thunk.



“Vocab, 9/15.” (Also SAWs; one previous one.)
CollegeGrads gorge mazeenglish-1-sep2012

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. fear : panic :: ask : _____
  6. Johnny persisted ____(ly) in asking about his parents.
  7. The students ____(ed) the teacher to go easy on them. “Please?” they begged.
  8. My parents were a little _____ about the crowd I was hanging out with.
  9. A good attitude is very ____ to doing well in school.
  10. “You’re hungry?” he said _____(ly), “I’m the one who hasn’t eaten all day!”
  11. A savvy person is usually more ____ than a credulous one.
  12. The jury voted to ______ because the evidence was not sufficient to find him guilty.


VOCABULARY RELAY! Can anyone beat Period Three?!


The Outsiders.

PLOT. Copy into your notebook!


  1. The 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) is usually given to us during the ______ of the story.
  2. “And they lived happily ever after,” would be the _____ of a fairy tale.
  3. The scene in the novel where Pony tells Cherry (and us) about Johnny getting jumped is in the ______ of the story…
  4. …and it also illustrates main ____ of the story.
  5. Johnny stabbing Bob would be the _______ of the story.
  6. We are now in the _____ of the story.

As we correct, write the answers on the diagram. You may use this cheat sheet on the test tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9/14: Vocab, NVA, Outsiders

“NVA, 9/14.” (8p)

The purple llama roared loudly in our scared faces as we screamed like little babies.


NEXT UP: Advoibs!

I’m coming to see your Show-Me-You-Knows.

“Vocab, 9/14.” (12p) No need to copy. Could (does)  include this week’s SAWs.

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. “Johnny and I ______(ed) ourselves on barbecue sandwiches and banana splits.”
  5. lazy : dogged :: flattered : ______
  6. The young actress _____(ed) herself extremely capably in her first film.
  7. (2) Much of what makes up a ______ are its _____(s).
  8. Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria.
  9. The team’s ____ defense is what kept them in the game.
  10. Pony was _____ when he thought of  his parents.
  11. As your vocabulary increases, you can read and understand writing of greater ______.


The Outsiders

“Just don’t forget that some of us watch the sunset too.” Who’s talking to whom?  What is he/she talking about? 

End of chapter 3: Now we have two conflicts going on. What is the second one?

Chapter 4: Now our actual plot begins!

Thursday, 9/8: Spelling/SAWs, Outsiders, Voibs!

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling, SAWs (all), Outsiders, Husker Du?
(Please RELOAD the test page for the latest version.)

Double-Feature Preview: “Verb!” and “Mr. Morton”

“Warm Up, 9/8.” (17!) Write the answer only. Spelling or SAW (all 10).
maturity, narrative, creative, believable, cooperation, movable,
ignorance, requirement, revision, security, insurance, separately

  1. a) revision  b) requirement  c) beleivable  d) all correct

  2. young : mature :: stationary : _____
  3. (2) His instructions were so ______ that everyone _______(ed) them differently.
  4. His loss in the race was _____ a pulled hamstring muscle.
  5. “_____ is bliss.”
  6. option : requirement :: conflict : _______
  7. (2) A first -person _______ is sometimes more _______ because we usually trust the narrator to tell his own story.

    List all the adjectives you find in each sentence.

  8. My pink llama swam smoothly across the calm seas to his hidden lair.
  9. I climbed Mt. Cheese only to find that the view was disappointing.

    List the verbs you find in each sentence.

  10. “I am wet!” she cried, with a frown on her face.
  11. Millie felt scared as she peeked around the corner.


Messy Room samples?

The Outsiders!

Wednesday, 9/7: Debrief Test #2, Spelling/SAWs, Outsiders, VERBS!

Double-Feature Preview: “Verb!” and “Mr. Morton”

Debrief Test #2. Reruns for Friday: #15, 16, 21, 34, 35.
34, 35? Really? Again?

“Warm Up, 9/7.” Copy 2-7! The answers will be spelling words or SAWs from this week. Write the answers for 8-10.

  1. a) insurance  b) security  c) seperately  d) all correct

  2. refusal : cooperation :: childishness : _____
  3. rewrite : revision :: story : ______ 
  4. purpose : function :: requirement : ______
  5. locker : storage :: _____ : security
  6. knowledgeable : ignorant :: young : _____
  7. soldier : obedient :: artist : _____

  8. The reason we drop the last e from a word like narrate  before we add an ending like ive,  is that… a) Narrate ends with a consonant sound.  b) The ending ive  also ends with an e.  c) The ending ive  begins with a consonant  d) The ending ive  makes it an adjective.  e) The ending ive  begins with a vowel.
  9. The reason we don’t drop the last e from a word like separate before we add an ending like -ly, is that… a) Separate ends with a consonant sound.  b) The ending -ly ends with an y.  c) The ending -ly  begins with a consonant  d) The ending -ly  makes it an adjective.  e) NOTA

  10. Based on the videos, copy and complete this sentence: “A verb is a word that…”


The Outsiders…