Thursday, 9/8: Spelling/SAWs, Outsiders, Voibs!

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling, SAWs (all), Outsiders, Husker Du? (Please RELOAD the test page for the latest version.) Double-Feature Preview: “Verb!” and “Mr. Morton” “Warm Up, 9/8.” (17!) Write the answer only. Spelling or SAW (all 10). maturity, narrative, creative, believable, cooperation, movable, ignorance, requirement, revision, security, insurance, separately a) revision  b) requirement  c) beleivable  d) all correct young : mature :: stationary : _____ (2) His instructions […]

Wednesday, 9/7: Debrief Test #2, Spelling/SAWs, Outsiders, VERBS!

Double-Feature Preview: “Verb!” and “Mr. Morton” Debrief Test #2. Reruns for Friday: #15, 16, 21, 34, 35. 34, 35? Really? Again? “Warm Up, 9/7.” Copy 2-7! The answers will be spelling words or SAWs from this week. Write the answers for 8-10. a) insurance  b) security  c) seperately  d) all correct refusal : cooperation :: […]